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Monday, Jul 17, 2000


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From the event’s promoter:

Experience Pays Off In First RINGS USA

      OREM, Utah — In the first-ever RINGS event in the U.S., it didn’t come down to striking or submission ability. Instead, the edge appeared to go to the fighters with previous RINGS experience.
      Advancing to the finals of the RINGS USA Rising Stars tournament were Jeremy Horn and Chris Haseman in the 200-under division and Bobby Hoffman and Tsuyoshi Kosaka in the heavyweight bracket. They will be joined by the four winners at this Saturday’s "B Bracket" event in Honolulu.
      All four of the finalists have competed regularly in RINGS events in Japan.
      Horn qualified by beating former UFC fighter Keith Mielke, then getting a bye when local star Griffen Reynaud had to forfeit after suffering a broken hand.
      Haseman, of RINGS Australia, scored a pair of submission wins beating UFC vet Jermaine Andre in the second round.
      Hoffman continued his rampage with two more wins (he is 5-0 in RINGS), beating Aaron Brink in the second round.
      Kosaka (TK) made his first appearance since taking a lengthy rest by beating UFC vet Travis Fulton in the first round and surprising Greg Wikan in the semis.
      A very appreciative crowd of just under 1,000 seemed to like the RINGS rules, which feature quick standups when action slows on the ground. There were several standing ovations and the fans seemed to like the quick submission skills of Haseman and Kosaka.
      The four finalists from the "B Bracket" will join the "A Bracket" finialists in the RINGS USA Finals on Sept.30 in Moline, Ill.


200-under division
Jeremy Horn def. Keith Mielke, 1:47 TKO
Griffen Reynaud def. Trent Jenkins, 2:27 key lock
Jermaine Andre def. Clint Wiggins, :57 key lock
Chris Haseman def. Matt Frost, :30 arm-bar

Horn def. Griffen, injury default (broken hand)
Haseman def. Andre, 1:23 toe lock

Heavyweight division
Bobby Hoffman def. Victor Bertsev, 3:13 TKO
Aaron Bronk def. Harry Moskowitz, :47 TKO
Greg Wikan def. Craig Montgomery, 4:19 guillotine choke
Tsuyoshi Kosaka def. Travis Fulton, 15:00 OT decision

Hoffman def. Brink, 3:12 neck crank
Kosaka def. Wikan, 2:53 toe hold

From the event’s promoter:

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