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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

All-New: What Matters To You?

MMA legend Pat Miletich

Pat Miletich and Full Contact Fighter’s Joel Gold talk climate change, corrupt politicians and the Benghazi scandal

Joel Gold: Global warming (climate change) — Is it real or just weather that has been been going on for thousands of years?

Pat Miletich: It’s obvious things are happening with the climate, but to say it is being caused by man is merely a way of (the government) collecting new taxes and making money off the hysteria.  The Washington Post had an article in 1929 that said coastal cities would be under water in a decade if we didn’t slow down man-made pollution.  These same words were uttered by scientists and by Al Gore decades later, and still nothing (happened).

I have dabbled in the waste and energy sector and have a basic understanding of carbon credits.  It’s a scam by those who have the loudest voices about global warming or, ahem, climate change.

JG:  As a fighter, what politician would you like to have 5 minutes in the cage with and why?

PM: The liberal progressives and the old guard of the GOP are all so beholden to the powers that be that any of them would suffice.

JG:  The unnecessary and sad deaths in Benghazi.  Will justice ever be served?

PM: The trend of arming militant Islamic groups in the Middle East to overthrow governments who are against the petro dollar is going to get us in serious trouble.  Most experts believe this is what was going on in Libya.  Governments do bad things for good purposes, but (in this case, it) seems to be bad things on behalf of bad people for what our government sees as a good cause.

JG: Your president of The United States of America.  What are the first changes you would like to make?

PM: Abolish the Federal Reserve, give tax breaks to businesses manufacturing (goods) in The United States, and put heavy tariffs on goods manufactured outside the U.S.  All of this combined would be great for the nation and would get any president assassinated.

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