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Thursday, Aug 10, 2006

Anderson Silva Awarded Black Belt By Nogueiras

Anderson Silva Awarded Black Belt by Nogueiras
Report and photo by Marcelo Alonso

The newest star of the UFC, Anderson Silva has just received his much-awaited black belt from the Nogueira brothers, Rodrigo "Minotauro" and Rogério "Minotouro" of Brazilian Top Team. Silva made a lasting impression on American audiences at June 28’s Ultimate Fight Night 5, where he dismantled TUF 1 and Team Quest fighter Chris Leben with accurate punches and superior footwork.

"His jiu-jitsu skills improved a lot lately; Anderson has amazing sweeps and always plays to submit. He was giving a hard time to a couple of black belts so we decided to graduate him," says Rogério Minotouro of Silva’s burgeoning ground game.

Anderson Silva (center) is awarded his jiu-jitsu black belt by brothers Rodrigo and Rogerio Nogueira - Photo by Marcelo Alonso
Silva receives his black belt

Since he met the "Mino brothers" two years ago, Silva – who also earned a black belt in Curitiba from Penão (Carlson Gracie) – has often made the trip to Rio to train with the famous twins. "Rodrigo and Rogério are like brothers to me. It’s a great responsibility to receive the black belt from them, so I promise to train even more and to transfer their expectations in the Octagon," said Silva.

Training hard for his next UFC match, Silva makes no qualms that he is dreaming for the middleweight title, currently owned by Rich Franklin. "I’m very happy with this opportunity to fight in the UFC," he says. "I hope I can beat my next opponent and get the right to fight for the belt."

Making his predictions for the semifinal of September 10’s PRIDE Open-Weight Grand Prix, the ex-Chute Boxer says, "I believe Rodrigo will face the tougher opponents. Josh Barnett has very good wrestling and will give Rodrigo a hard time. I think Wanderlei [Silva] will beat ‘Cro Cop’ [Mirko Filipovic] and make it a Brazilian final."

Predador FC 2 Set to Go!

Report & photo by Eduardo Alonso

Predador FC: Referee Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua - Photo by Eduardo Alonso
Referee "Shogun" Rua

One more MMA show will grace Brazilian fans this Friday night, August 11th, as Predador FC 2 will take place at the Ibirapuera arena in Sao Paulo, a place that usually holds international Volley Ball contests, concerts, and held the famous first clash between Jorge "Macaco" Patino and Jose "Pele" Landi years ago at the Brazilian Vale Tudo Championship, as well as the last editions of ShowFight. This time Predador FC will bring a bit for every taste, with one fight in jiu-jitsu, as well as one fight in submission wrestling and Muay Thai. Not to mention, of course, the main attractions consisting in a nine fights MMA card, showing a clear improvement in the promotion level, bringing some interesting athletes, such as the MMA participation of local jiu-jitsu icon Eduardo Telles, one of the heads of TT jiu-jitsu academy, Fabio "Negao" trying to keep his young undefeated record intact against Cage Rage veteran Gabriel Santos, jiu-jitsu icon Marcio Corletta also competing in MMA, as well as Heat FC veteran Simar Rodrigo and Chute Boxe prospect Mauricio "Veio" also appearing in the MMA card.

With all those ingredients, and a bit more, Predador FC 2 had its weigh-ins and rules meetings this Thursday, August 10th, at the Novotel Hotel, where most of the fighters are staying and the show was able to present a very decent structure for the fighters and guests involved. Cage Rage champion Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro was expected to be one of the referees of the show, but due to a small health problem he wasn’t able to attend. The organization had a great cast of referees anyway, as Pride veterans Paulo Filho, Carlos Barreto and Mauricio "Shogun" Rua are all in charge of making the rules clear in the ring. Rules that consist in a mix of Pride and UFC rules, where footstomps and kicks to the head on the ground aren’t allowed, but knees in any position are legal, with no elbows to the face in any position. The rules meeting went smoothly and the only problems presented was the absence from the card of originally scheduled fighters Mauro "Xuxa" and Marcos "Wolverine," who were replaced by Rodrigo Ruiz and Ricardo Capoeira. Capoeira was courageous enough to take the fight in spite of an almost 15kg weight difference from his opponent Luis Artur.

Few, close to none, problems happened during the weigh-ins, as almost all the fighters made weight at the first attempt. An exception was experienced Gabriel "Gladiador" Santos, who firstly weighed 1kg above the limit of 83kg set for his fight, but was ready to weight again with no problems one hour later. With that, the stage is set for the show starting at 9 pm local time, with some famous guests such as the "Axe Murderer" Wanderlei Silva and his teammate Murilo "Ninja" Rua arriving tomorrow, and an expected crowd of around 5,000 spectators. FCF will be there bringing you all the action. Here is the complete fight card:

Predador FC 2:


"Big Mac" (BTT) vs. Gabriel Vella *

Submission Wrestling:

Eduardo Santoro (Cia Paulista) vs. Charles "Duende" (BTT)

Muay Thai:

Gilmar "China" (Combat Sports) vs. Henrique Costa (Never Shake)


Daniel Sarafian (BTT) vs. Jorge Michelan (Never Shake)

Luis Artur (Ryan Gracie) vs. Ricardo Capoeira (Uberlandia)

Ricardo Maximo (TT jiu-jitsu) vs. Ricardo "Rato" (Macaco Gold Team)

Rafael Mantega (Never Shake) vs. Mauricio "Veio" Amado (Chute boxe)

Rodrigo Ruiz (Never Shake) vs. Flavio Alvaro (Macaco Gold Team)

Silvio Santos (Never Shake) vs. Marcio Corleta (Winner jiu-jitsu)

Fabio "Negao" (Lotus) vs. Gabriel "Gladiador" Santos (BTT)

Cesar "Monstro" (BTT) vs. Silmar Rodrigo (TT jiu-jitsu)

Eduardo Telles (TT jiu-jitsu) vs. Rubens Macula (Never Shake)

* Gabriel Vella recently left his old team and is not representing any team.

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