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Sunday, Sep 04, 2005

Ask The Tuf Fighters

Ask the TUF Fighters

Wonder why welterweight prospect Kenny Stevens came onto the series twenty pounds overweight? Or why heavyweight Eli Joslin went through a lengthy audition process only to fold on the first day of taping?

Full Contact Fighter gives you your chance to ask the The Ultimate Fighter 2 competitors what’s really on your mind. Each week, we’ll interview that episode’s ejected fighter, getting the answers to your burning questions.

Following each Monday night broadcast of TUF 2 on Spike TV, send your queries to loretta@fcfighter.com. If selected, your inquiries and the fighter’s answers will be posted on our site.

As Seen on The Ultimate Fighter
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From the event’s promoter:

MFC 5 ‘USA versus JAPAN’
Saturday, November 5th, 2005
Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City, NJ

Tickets are available now at www.ticketmaster.com / Keywords: Mixed Fighting Championship or by calling them at 1-800-736-1420.

MFC 5 poster
‘The MFC 5 scheduled for November in Atlantic City will be landmark event for the MFC!’ states MFC matchmaker Miguel Iturrate. ‘The ‘USA versus JAPAN’ theme is a first, and we are announcing the first ever bout in the ladies’ division! MMA veteran Tara Larosa takes on the tricky Amanda Buckner. Both girls finished 2nd and 3rd at this year’s ADCC World Championships in the Absolute division, both have fought oversees and both are definitely considered among the top women fighters in the world today. This should be a great fight!’

Team Japan will feature MFC veterans Daisuke ’13’ Hanazawa, Kazuki Okubo, Hiroyuki Abe who were here for MFC 3. In Eddie Alvarez, Kurt Pellegrino and Joe Lauzon respectively, they have signed up for tough, exciting fights.’

‘We have additional announcements, so we will be releasing much more information on this show in the coming days and weeks!’ concludes the matchmaker.

The current card appears below and is subject to final approval by the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board.

Current Card – (Subject To Change):

3 ROUNDS / 132 LBS (Ladies):
Tara Larosa (Team ROC, Fayetteville NC) v. Amanda Buckner (Academy of MMA, Portland, ME)

‘USA versus JAPAN’ – MMA (3 RDS of 5 MIN):

3 ROUNDS / 170 LBS:
Eddie Alvarez (Fight Factory, Philadelphia, PA) v. Daisuke ’13’ Hanazawa (MMA Dojo Cobra-kai, Osaka, Japan)

3 ROUNDS / 170 LBS:
Kurt Pellegrino (ATT, Ft Lauderdale, FL) v. Kazuki Okubo (U-File, Tokyo, Japan)

3 ROUNDS / 145 LBS:
Joe Lauzon (Reality Self Defense, Boston, MA) v. Hiroyuki Abe (AACC, Tokyo, Japan)

3 ROUNDS / 265 LBS:
Alex Roberts (#3 in Pancrase, Kuju-ken Kaikan / Justice Management, Tokyo, Japan) v. Jay White (Team Quest, Portland, OR)

3 ROUNDS / 215 LBS:
Mike Patt (Team Jorge Gurgel JJ, Dayton, OH) v. Yusuke Masuda (AACC, Tokyo, Japan)

3 ROUNDS / 130 LBS:
Chris Macgrath (Advanced Fighting Systems, Mahwah, NJ) v. ‘BJ’ (AACC, Tokyo, Japan)

3 ROUNDS / 185 LBS:
Jose Rodriguez (Pitt’s Pen, NJ) v. Yuichirou Tsuchida (Kuju-ken Kaikan, Osaka, Japan)

3 ROUNDS / 170 LBS:
Chris Ligouri (Pitt’s Pen, NJ) v. ‘Toraji’ (AACC, Tokyo, Japan)

3 ROUNDS / 170 LBS:
Stephen Haigh (Fight Factory, Philadelphia, PA) v. Yuji Miyazaki (MMA Dojo Cobra-kai, Osaka, Japan)


3 ROUNDS / 170 LBS:
Joey ‘KNOCKDOWN’ Brown (Team Renzo Gracie, NJ) v. TBD

3 ROUNDS / 170 LBS:
Bristol Marunde (ATT, Seattle, WA) v. Rich Attonito (Planet JJ, East Hanover, NJ)

3 ROUNDS / 170 LBS:
Thiago ‘Pitbull’ Alves (ATT, Ft Lauderdale, FL) v. Jay Jack (Academy of MMA, Portland, ME)

From Pancrase:

Pancrase Event Complete Result 9/4/05

Sunday,September 4,2005
Umeda Stella Hall (Osaka,Japan)
Doors Opened; 3:00PM
Amateur Bout#1 Started; 3:10PM
Live gate; 800-

Amateur Bout#1 Middleweight One Day 4-men Tournament 1st round 1×5 min round
MOTOKI EJIMA(MMA Musosenjutsu) def. ARITO KISHIMOTO(MMA Anglar) by referee stoppage TKO of standing punch at 3:42

Amateur Bout#2 Middleweight One Day 4-men Tournament 1st round 1×5 min round
HIDEMI MIHARA(MMA Dojo Cobrakai) def. MASAHIRO TORYU(P’s LAB Osaka) by 3-0-0 unanimous judges decision at 3:00 extra round after full time limit

Amateur Bout#3 Pancrase Gate rules Featherweight 2×5 min rounds
TOMOYUKI KODAMA(MMA Musosenjutsu) def. SHUNSUKE KIMURA(MMA Anglar) by front neck lock at 2R 4:12

Amateur Bout#4 Pancrase Gate rules Featherweight 2×5 min rounds
NOBUHIRO YAMAUCHI(MMA Dojo Cobrakai) drew with TAKASHI HASEGAWA(P’s LAB Osaka) at full time limit

Amateur Bout#5 Middleweight One Day Tournament final 1×5 min round
HIDEMI MIHARA(MMA Dojo Cobrakai) def. MOTOKI EJIMA(MMA Musosenjutsu) by 3-0-0 unanimous judges decision at full time limit
*HIDEMI MIHARA won the tournament.

Pro-Bout#1 Pancrase Athena Rules -53.5kg 3×3 min rounds
ASUKA ITO(Pancrase Inagakigumi) def. 15(unknown) by 3-0-0 unanimous
judges decision at full time limit

Pro-Bout#2 Lightweight 2×5 min rounds
YUJI MIYAZAKI(MMA Dojo Cobrakai) def. TOSHIAKI KITADA(TEAM JUNKiey) by 3-0-0 unanimous judges decision at full time limit

Pro-Bout#3 Welterweight 2×5 min rounds
TATSUNORI TANAKA(Wajutsu Keishukai Hyogo Hombu) def. DAIZO ISHIGE(Welterweight 10th ranked/ SK Absolute) by referee stoppage TKO of arm bar at 1R 2:07

Pro-Bout#4 Featherweight 2×5 min rounds
NAOJI FUJIMOTO(Pancrase Inagakigumi) def. KENTA NAKAMURA(Zendokai Hiroshima Dojo) by referee stoppage TKO of arm bar at 1R 3:10

Pro-Bout#5 Lightweight 2×5 min rounds
KENJI TAKESHIGE(Pancrase Inagakigumi) drew with YUICHI IKARI(Pancrase P’s LAB Tokyo) by 0-1-2 split judges decision at full time limit

Pro-Bout#6 Super heavyweight 2×5 min rounds
ANTHONY "TATSUJI" NETZLER(TEAM Boon!) def. ALEX ROBERTS(Super Heavyweight 3rd ranked/ Kujukenkaikan) by heel hook at 1R 1:53

Pro-Bout#7 Featherweight 3×5 min rounds
YOSHIRO MAEDA(Pancrase Inagakigumi) def. MIKI SHIDA(Pancrase P’s LAB Tokyo) by KO of standing punch at 3R 2:17

PANCRASE-Z Complete Result 9/3/05

"PANCRASE-Z in Kumamoto 2005"
Saturday,September 3,2005
Grand Messe Kumamoto(Kumamoto,Japan)
Doors Open; 4:00PM
Bouts Start; 5:00PM
Live gate: 4,000-

Amateur Bout#1 Pancrase Gate Rules Lightweight 2×5 min rounds
TATSUYA KAWANO(MMA Ogatadojo) def. TAKAYUKI NAKAZATO(Hybrid Wrestling Kagoshima) by arm bar at 1R 1:50

Amateur Bout#2 Pancrase Gate Rules Featherweight 2×5 min rounds
YUICHI MIYAGI(HYBRID WRESTLING MUGEN) def. TAISHI IKEDA(Hybrid Wrestling Kagoshima) by referee stoppage TKO of standing punch at 1R 1:47

Pro-Bout#1 Pancrase rules Welterweight 2×5 min rounds
HIDENOBU KOIKE(GRABAKA Gym) def. MOTOHIRO TAKENAWA(Master Plant) by triangle choke at 1R 0:55

Pro-Bout#2 Pancrase Athena rules -54kg 3×3 min rounds
SAYAKA(Girl Fight AACC) def. EMI KURODA(S-KEEP) by heel hook at 1R 0:41

Pro-Bout#3 Kickboxing rules -70kg 3×5 min rounds
KUNTAP WEERASAKRECK(Weerasakrec Fairtex Gym) def. NICK FIORDO(Wajutsu Keishukai Hombu Dojo) by punch KO at 3R 0:20

Pro-Bout#4 Pro-Wrestling rules 1×20 min round
MINORU SUZUKI(Pancrase MISSION) def. AZTECA(Pro-Wrestling KAGEKI) by sleeper hold at 15:03

Pro-Bout#5 Pancrase rules Featherweight 2×5 min rounds
MITSUHISA SUNABE(HYBRID WRESTLING MUGEN) def. MINORU TSUIKI(Pancrase P’s LAB Tokyo) by triangle choke at 1R 4:21

Pro-Bout#6 Pancrase rules Heavyweight 2×5 min rounds
YUJI SAKURAGI(Seikenkaikan) def. YUTA NAKAMURA(Wajutsu Keishukai Fukuoka Dojo) by 3-0-0 unanimous judges decision at full time limit

Semifinal Demonstration Sparring 1×3 min round
YUKI KONDO(3rd Light heavyweight K.O.P./ PANCRASEism) vs SATORU KITAOKA(Welterweight 1st ranked/ PANCRASEism)

Main Event Pancrase rules Open-weight 2×5 min rounds
HIKARU SATO(PANCRASEism) def. TENSHIN MATSUMOTO(SK Absolute) by sleeper hold at 1R 2:43

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