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Saturday, Dec 14, 2002

Bama’s Fight Night 19crowns A Welterweight Champ

BAMA’s Fight Night 19
Crowns A Welterweight Champ

By Jim Genia

      (December 14th) The Bayside Academy of Martial Arts’ (BAMA) Fight Night 19 took place at its usual spot at the South Plainfield Middle School in New Jersey, and the few hundred fans that filled the gymnasium were treated to an all-out war as four tough competitors vied for the belt in a welterweight tournament. Rounding out the action: bouts of Muay Thai, shootfighting, and mixed martial arts, featuring a wide range of local talent. Congrats to promoter Dan Miragliotta for another good event. Highlights of the night included:

Isip works for an armbar
Isip works for an armbar

  • Elmera’s showboating "kung fu" antics that had the crowd cheering.
  • LaValle and Isip’s quick but technical grappling battle.
  • Tabakhman’s sudden jumping rear naked choke that would’ve made Rumina Sato proud.
  • The groundfighting showdown between Isip and Ortiz for the Welterweight belt — which was a rematch of their previous encounter at the last Fight Night.
Jay Beckett about to throw a Capooeira Kick at Mark Papadimitriou
Beckett about to throw a
Capoeira kick

The Results:

Leonard Elmera def. Robert Gaurino – armbar from the guard at 6:39

Shootfighting Tournament – Semi-final
Glenn Ortiz def. Paul DiAndrea – heelhook at 0:42

Muay Thai Bout
Tom Dowd def. Anthony Valero – decision

Shootfighting Tournament – Semi-final
Jay Isip def. Peter Lavalle – guillotine at 1:34

Mark Papadimitriou def. Jay Beckett – tap out due to strikes at 1:19

Mike Winkler def. Eric Colon – armbar at 4:20

Muay Thai Bout
Shawn Kenny def. Mike Alfano – decision


Carmine Zocchi def. Jerry Fatjo – triangle choke at 2:01

Judah Ciervo def. Michael Correa – Kimura armlock from the guard at 3:21

Chris Alvarez def. John Calvano – keylock from the mount at 5:37

Jay Beckett def. James Williams – neck crank at 7:03

Joe Tabakhman def. Art Ravenell – rear-naked choke at 2:14

Shootfighting Tournament – Final
Jay Islip def. Glenn Ortiz – decision – Isip is now the BAMA Fight Night Welterweight Champ

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STORM Once Again Delivers Fierce Muay Thai Action in Curitiba!
By Eduardo Alonso
STORM Muay Thai

      On December 8, 2002 the city of Curitiba was once again the stage for another edition of the now famous STORM Muay Thai event. The beautiful Opera de Arame, one of Curitiba`s most important landmarks, held the 18 Muay Thai fights fighting card and received almost a packed house to witness the local fighters battle against each other. Organized by the Chute Boxe team, the event counted with the presence of several Chute Boxe fighters both inside and outside of the ring. With names like Vanderlei Silva, Murilo Ninja, Anderson Silva, Rafael Cordeiro and master Rudimar Fedrigo among those on hand for the event, the resposibility of the fighters inside the ring grew and there was always the demand for lots of guts and huge determination, in the most traditional Chute Boxe style. The "Axe Murderer", Vanderlei Silva, himself worked as a referee in the event, as also did Murilo Ninja and Chute Boxe K-1 winner Nilson de Castro, among others. One of the most important attractions of the event were the participation of MECA veterans Marcelao and Paulo Bueno, as well as IVC and MECA veteran Silvio Urutum who fought in the event as well. STORM veterans Marlon Matias, Mauricio Veio, Nelson and Fabio Pelezinho also returned to event to continue their roll of victories on their young but promising careers.

Urutum blasts Urso
Urutum lands overhand right on Urso

      As Muay Thai fights are usually about excitment and lots of aggression, this had to be the case when Chute Boxe fighters are involved as well. One of the most important fights of the night, and also one of the most intriguing, was Chute Boxe fighter Marlon Matias vs. Rodrigo Bueno. Rodrigo is Paulo Bueno`s brother and Marlon came in as a late replacement! The future K-1 fighter was attending the event as a guest but was called on the spot to replace a injured fighter by his master Rafael Cordeiro, and he ended up fighting on the card! Without any special preparation Marlon was smart enough to save his energy and controlled the fight using his superior technique against a game opponent in Rodrigo, and earned a fair judges’ decision. With this win Marlon continued his way into K-1 in 2003, and will be a tough fight for anyone in his weight when he gets on proper shape. Another Chute Boxe fighter and also a MECA veteran that did well on STORM was Daniel Lima. Daniel showed an aggressive style and pursuited the fight with strong punching combinations, scoring knockdowns on the first round and making his opponent give up between the first and the second round. Mauricio Veio, a Chute Boxe fighter with international experience, also did a good job in his fight against Anderson Macaco. Mauricio started the fight feeling tense, but soon got back to his usual game and started punishing Anderson’s legs, to later score a nice knockout on the second round using his punches, showing that he is also on the right track.
      Another MECA veteran that performed on the night was Marcelao. Marcelao, who is 2-0 at MECA, fought in his usual aggressive style and ended up winning by doctor stoppage in the first round after his opponent suffered a severe cut on his face. Chute Boxe fighter Silvio Urutum came back to the fighting scene after MECA 7 scoring a solid win on STORM. Facing a tough opponent in Urso, Urutum took advantage of his strong hands and punched his way to a judges’ decision scoring several knockdowns on the process, and showing that he is still a tough fighter with a lot of fuel in his tank. In one of the most wild and exciting fights of the night Nilson de Castro student Bruno Serafini won his fight by knockout with only 8 seconds remaining on the fight! Bruno took a severe beating on the first two rounds, even suffering some knockdowns but manage to fight his way back with a lot of guts and no fear at all! The crowd went nuts with the fight and Nilson seemed even more tired than his student after it! The most technical fight of the night was a draw between Chute Boxe`s future star Fabio Pelezinho and MECA veteran Paulo Bueno. The two fighters showcased a lot of skilss using all sorts of kicks, punches, knees and blocks, with Pelezinho getting the better of the exchanges in the beggining of the fight and Bueno coming back strong in the final round. In the last fight of the night STORM veteran Nelson scored yet another win against Silvio, getting a judges’ decision in a well deserved win.
      After all it was great to see that Muay Thai, and fighting in general, are still strong in Brazil and around 2.000 people paid to see a local Muay Thai event that showcased the future of fighting sports, since lots of fighters that appeared on the show will be headlining NHB events in the future. Names like Anderson Silva, Mauricio Shogun Rua, and others fought in STORM before they made their way into NHB competition, so pay attention to some of those names, as Full Contact Fighter is always bringing you the action on the spot, no matter where or when it happens!

Urutum wins
Urutum wins

STORM Complete results:

  1. Sarion Adams defeated Jeferson Cascao by DQ in the second round.
  2. Felipe defeated Dalsin by forfeit between the 1st and the 2nd round.
  3. Guilherme defeated Sadi by judges’ decision after 3 rounds.
  4. Levir drew with Japa by decision after 3 rounds.
  5. Murilo defeated Sandro by judges’ decision after 3 rounds.
  6. Eduardo "Du" defeated Lauro Ramirez by knockout in the 2nd round.
  7. Andre "Duda" defeated Marcos Zangado by knockout in the 1st round.
  8. Marlon Matias defeated Rodrigo Bueno by judges’ decision after 3 rounds.
  9. Daniel Lima defeated Fernando "Fefe" by forfeit between the 1st and the 2nd round.
  10. Manoel defeated Peterson Pimentel by knockout in the first round.
  11. Pedroso defeated Luis Jr. by judges’ decision after 3 rounds.
  12. Fabio Pelezinho drew with Paulo Bueno by judges’ decision after 3 rounds.
  13. Mauricio Veio defeated Anderson Macaco by knockout in the second round.
  14. Marcelao defeated Vitor by doctor stoppage in the first round.
  15. Silvio Urutum defeated Urso by judges’ decision after 3 rounds.
  16. Dilo drew with Felipe by judges’ decision after 3 rounds.
  17. Bruno Serafini defeated Jardel by knockout in the 3rd round.
  18. Nelson Pereira defeated Silvio by judges’ decision after 3 rounds.

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