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Saturday, Apr 12, 2003

Bama’s Fightnight 20 – Wow!

BAMA’s FightNight 20 – Wow!
By Jim Genia

Chris Peschel tries to pass Carmine Zocchi's guard
Zocchi (left) vs. Peschel

      (April 12 — South Plainfield, New Jersey) They came to fight — all 34 of the warriors that took turns stepping into the ring — and the crowd that practically filled up the gymnasium at the South Plainfield Middle School came to cheer them on and see some action. And I don’t think anyone could’ve come away disappointed. Bayside Academy of Martial Arts’ Dan Miragliotta put on another BAMA Fight Night, and with two shootfighting belts on the line and some stellar performances by representatives of Fight Factory, Team BAMA and Pitt’s Penn, this twentieth incarnation had it all. Highlights of the night included:

  • A fierce shock-and-awe campaign waged by "Knockdown" Joey Brown and Chris Liguori that would’ve had lesser men running for their underground bunkers. These two dropped bombs – and had the crowd on their feet and screaming.
  • A pitched battle between Billy Craparo and Judah Ciervo that had Ciervo virtually out on his feet early, but the Fight Factory exponent rallied with some solid Thai skills. Craparo garnered the split decision.
  • The stunning knockout Carlos Moreno delivered to Eric Schneider. Moreno is the man with his heavy hands!
Judah Ciervo and Billy Craparo wage war
Ciervo & Craparo wage war

Results (note: no times were available)

Terrence Shourts (158lbs- Team Endgame) vs. Marc Perugini (150lbs- Toshikan)
Shourts via keylock from the mount.

Muay Thai
Dan James (150lbs- Varlaro’s) vs. Tony Sanchez (Team BAMA)
Sanchez via unanimous decision.

Nick Caggia (319lbs- David Adiv) vs. Rich Strehle (292lbs- Planet Jiu-jitsu)
Strehle via verbal submission due to strikes in overtime.

Joe Tabakhman (154lbs- Jay Lally’s) vs. Leandro Hernandez (173lbs- Alex Wilkie)
Hernandez via unanimous decision.

Barnes Reid (Team Endgame) vs. Mike Forte (201lbs- Alex Wilkie)
Forte via armbar.

Phil Mazzurco (183lbs- Alex Wilkie) vs. Mike Ciesnolevicz (213lbs- Team Korab)
Ciesnolevicz via guillotine choke.

Chris Scanlon (214lbs- Kioto) vs. Anderson Castro (Team Endgame)
Castro via heelhook.

Glenn Ortiz (158lbs- Team Endgame) vs. Anthony Bodine (165lbs- Fight Factory)
Ortiz by heelhook.

165-180lbs Tournament
Steve Haigh (180lbs- Fight Factory) vs. Avidd Nolasco (169lbs- freestyle)
Haigh via rear-naked choke.

Ray Santos (188lbs- Pitt’s Penn) vs. Dominick Piscicelli (177lbs- Team Endgame)
Santos via decision.

Steve Haigh (180lbs- Fight Factory) vs. Ray Santos (188lbs- Pitt’s Penn)
Haigh via anklelock. Haigh is now the Fight Night 165-180lbs Division Champ.

195-210lbs Championship
Carmine Zocchi (202lbs- Marcelo Mello/Combined MA) vs. Chris Peschel (206lbs- Second Nature)
Zocchi via heelhook. Zocchi is now the Fight Night 195-210lbs Division Champ.

Paxton Ryan (242lbs- Pitt’s Penn) vs. Richard Pauuliukonis (208lbs- Gene Fabrikant)
Pauuliukonis via neck crank.

Joey Brown (159lbs- Team Endgame) vs. Chris Liguori (178lbs- Pitt’s Penn)
Liguori via referee stoppage due to cut – a complete barnburner!

Ryan Kauffmann (155lbs- Pitt’s Penn) vs. Jay Isip (151lbs- Team BAMA)
Kauffmann via rear-naked choke – a very technical fight.

Mike Correa (163lbs- Team BAMA) vs. Joshua Key (161lbs- Perth Amboy’s Finest)
Key via KO (kick to the solar plexus) – this was a good fight.

Billy Craparo (180lbs- Team BAMA) vs. Judah Ciervo (175lbs- Fight Factory)
Craparo via split decision – another great fight with back-and-forth action!

Eric Schneider (Source Academy of Martial Arts) vs. Carlos Moreno (Team BAMA)
Moreno by a quick and crowd-pleasing KO. Don’t stand and trade with Carlos!

From the event’s promoter:

RITC 47 – Results
Andy Montana submits Aaron Brink

A near capacity crowd welcomed Rage in the Cage back to Celebrity Theatre and what an outstanding show it was. In a fight unlike any fight ever witnessed in RITC history, Andy Montana shocked the MMA world with a huge upset victory over UFC, WFA, 2H2H and Rings veteran Aaron Brink. Both fighters exchanged "bombs" in round 1 and Brink survived the round on heart alone. Halfway through round 2, Andy was able to secure an arm bar that forced Aaron to tap at the 1:40 mark. Andy Montana, of the Matt Asher Combat Academy, previously a local hero has now arrived on the national scene. Fighter of the Night (FOTN) honors unquestionably belong to Andy Montana. Other candidates for FOTN were Ed West, John Lansing, Robert Maldonado, Carlos Ortega, Rich Moss, Jesse Moreng, Roger Mejia, Cory Timmerman and Edwin Dewees.


Ed West (145 lbs), Hinzmann’s Martial Arts
won by submission (arm bar), 1:57 Rd 1
Joe Vigil (154 lbs), Team Phoenix

John Lansing (179 lbs), Team Brausa
won by submission (arm bar), 1:55 Rd 1
Melesio Perales (179 lbs), Freestyle

Robert Maldonado (179 lbs), Tucson Judo
won by submission (choke), 2:51 Rd 1
RJ Gamez (174 lbs), Asher Combat Academy

Thomas Gil (229 lbs), Freestyle
won by submission (strikes), 2:07 Rd 3
Mike Rainieri (205 lbs), Team Brausa

Carlos Ortega (154 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by submission (arm bar), 1:43 Rd 1
Ryan Stephans (158 lbs), Team Phoenix

Rich Moss (185 lbs), Team Brausa
won by submission (arm bar), :57 Rd 1
Michael Ptak (174 lbs), Team Brausa

Jack Austin (307 lbs), Leininger Dojo
won by ref stoppage (strikes), 1:17 Rd 2
Lemuel Vincent (305 lbs), Asher Combat Academy

Super Fights

Jesse Moreng (160 lbs), Team Brausa
won by decision (3 – 0)
Jamie Varner (160 lbs), Mahato Karate

Roger Mejia (205 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by submission (knee bar), 1:13 Rd 1
Mike Fettkether (190 lbs), Machado Jiu-Jitsu

Kauai Kupihea (304 lbs), Team Brausa
won by submission (strikes), 2:11 Rd 2
Robert Beraum (258 lbs), Dan Lowe’s JKD

Main Events

Cory Timmerman (308 lbs), Team Brausa
won by submission (choke), 1:34 Rd 1
Steve Sayegh (225 lbs), Leininger Dojo

Edwin Dewees (210 lbs), Team Brausa
won by ref stoppage (strikes), 1:41 Rd 1
John Sullivan (225 lbs), DTC-MMA

Super Main Event

Andy Montana (225 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by submission (arm bar), 1:40 Rd 2
Aaron Brink (228 lbs), Brink Academy

Upcoming Events:

RITC 48 – Let’s Do It Again
Saturday, May 3, 2003
Casa Grande

RITC 49 – Stare Down
Saturday, June 12, 2003
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

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