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Sunday, Aug 20, 2000

Battle By The Bay Ii

From the event’s promoter:

Wiseman Productions & the U.F.C.F. present:
Battle By the Bay II
August 19, 2000

  • Middle Weight Pankration Tournament Bracket #1:
    Joey Gaul (AMC) vs. Corey Ripatoe (Woodwards TKD Acad)
    A well-balanced attack by Gaul on the feet and controlling mounts on the mat.
    Winner: Gaul by split decision

  • Middle Weight Pankration Tournament Bracket #2:
    Randy Corley (Pearson’s BBA) vs. Scott Flemming (Oak Harbor Martial Arts)
    A quick left hook 12 seconds after the bell quickly ends the match.
    Winner: Corley by KO (3:12)

  • Submission Wrestling
    Ivan Salaverry (AMC) vs. Derek Tisdale (Oakanagon JiuJitsu, BC)
    Salaverry’s superior skills were clearly evident as he easily dispatched his Canadian opponent.
    Winner: Salaverry by submission (1:18 Chicken wing)

  • Exhibition Kickboxing

    Jacob Harder (AMC) vs. Anthony Hamlet (AMC)
    [first kickboxing bout for both competitors]
    Winner: draw (exhibition)

  • Novice Class Pankration

    Joey Holt (Pearson’s BBA) vs. Steven Bedecarrax (Anacortes MA)
    Fantastic fight with lots of action highlighting the outstanding techniques of the 14 year old Holt. The first round saw Holt attempting arm bars and triangles. The second round was mostly fought standing as Holt punished Bedecarrax with leg and head kicks.
    Winner: Holt by submission (5:50 armbar)

  • Novice Class Pankration
    Rocky Rockwell (Pearson’s BBA) vs. Mike Demopoulos (Anacortes MA)
    Rockwell took away the takedown with front head locks; spinning behind for the choke, Demopoulos went to the guard where Rocky would pound his opponent’s ribs.
    Winner: Rockwell by unanimous decision

  • Class "A" Pankration
    Pat Parsons (Pearson’s BBA) vs. Kevin Willett (Houston, TX)
    The competitor from Texas surprised the crowd with two side kicks to Parson’s side, then jumped and kicked him in the head. After aggressive ground fighting by both competitors had both men going under the ropes four times. Parson’s was unable to answer the bell to start the second round as he had sustained a broken finger.
    Winner: Willett by injury default (3:00)

  • Kickboxing
    Nick Saysonay (AMC) vs. Brian Johnston (CCMA)
    If only the first round was the indicator, Saysonay looked as if he was going to win the fight. Unfortunately, he was out of gas going into the rest of the rounds and Johnston mounted a precision low leg and punching attack that frustrated Nick and resulted in an easy win.
    Winner: Johnston by unanimous decision

  • Class "A" Pankration
    Jason Dickson (Pearson’s BBA) vs. Randy Kennedy (No.Whidbey MA)
    To start the first round, Kennedy charges across the ring for the takedown.
    To start the second round, Kennedy charges across the ring and takes a right hand from Dickson that ends the fight.

    Winner: Dickson by KO (3:20)

  • Class "A" Pankration
    Eric Eylander (Pearson’s BBA) vs. Trevor Fleming (Oak Harbor MA)
    Big fighters: 6′ 2" 205 pound Eylander vs. 6′ 8" 212 pound Fleming with outstanding techniques and aggressive activity are one of the evenings best fights. Both fighters show stand-up and ground skills.
    Winner: Fleming by submission (5:44 ankle lock)

  • Class "A" Pankration
    Bill Olson (Pearson’s BBA) vs. Jeremy Norton (Oak Harbor MA)
    More heavyweight action with explosive, crowd pleasing techniques: Norton opens the fight with a devestating leg kick immediately followed by a spinning back heel kick that catches Olson on the chin. In the 2nd round Norton falls after doing a back kick. Olson quickly capitalizes on the off-balance competitor and gains control.

    Winner: Olson by submission (2:15 entangled arm)

  • Kickboxing
    Jeremy Engle (Travis Kickboxing) vs. Jeremy Pidgeon (CCMC)
    This bout is all Pidgeon as the Everett fighter presses the fight and attacks Engle for 3 rounds. Featuring a solid 1-2 punch, Pidgeon’s right hand punishes Engle all fight long.
    Winner: Pidgeon by unanimous decision

  • Class "A" Pankration
    Landon Showalter (Pearson’s BBA) vs. Drew Goodson (Anacortes MA)
    Goodson comes out early and catches Showalter with a couple of stiff right hands. Showalter neutralizes the punches by clinching in the 2nd round and delivering devastating knees to the body. In the 3rd round Goodson tries to escape the clinch by going down to the mat with the guard. Showalter passes the guard, mounts and slams Goodson’s head against the canvas with his chest.
    Winner: Showalter by submission
    (7:44 tap out after repeated slams from the mount)

  • Middle Weight Pankration Tournament Championship:

    Joey Guel (AMC) 190lbs 4-0-1 vs. Randy Corely (Pearson’s BBA) 185lbs 3-3
    Guel gives a technique clinic with outstanding ground skills. He passed Corley’s guard at will, achieved traps with side and reverse control positions.
    Winner: Guel by unanimous decision

Pictures and complete tournament results and event information at:


AMC Kickboxing & Pankration
427 6th Street South
Kirkland, Washington 98033 (USA)

Phone: (425) 822-9656
Email: AMC@pankration.com


Vacation Week Features Recent Highlights
by Eddie Goldman

Since I will be on vacation from August 21 to 28, there will be archived programming of some of our most popular recent shows this week. I will return to the eYada studios in New York live on Tuesday, August 29, after having visited New Orleans and Tokyo.

"No Holds Barred" can be heard every Monday through Friday, 3 to 6 PM New
York time (Eastern Time – U.S.), only on eYada.com (http://www.eyada.com).

Go get 'em Eddie
Monday, August 21 — The show from Wednesday, August 2 — Renzo, Renzo, Renzo! It’s Renzomania again at eYada, as Renzo Gracie joins us in the studio, along with his brother and fellow fighter Ryan Gracie, and their boxing coach, Claudio Coelho. We also will get a full report from Joao Pedro Tinoco of Gracie Magazine about the Mundial, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships.

Tuesday, August 22 — The show from Thursday, August 3 — The Smith Brothers, Paul and Maurice, join us. Well, they’re not really brothers, but both have a lot to say about the fight game. Paul Smith of the IFC lets us know about the expanded schedule for IFC shows, and Maurice Smith talks about his plans, including a return to the Octagon at UFC XXVII on September 22. We also get a surprise announcement from Bob Meyrowitz, CEO of UFC’s parent group SEG, and also CEO of eYada.com. Also, although he is not a Smith, Doug Fischer of Houseofboxing.com joins us in the studio to help us keep up with the Roy Joneses of the world and all the latest from the world of boxing.

Wednesday, August 23 — The show from Friday, August 4 — Ken Shamrock joins us to tell of his preparations for his upcoming fight in Pride on August 27, and Bob Shamrock also joins us to talk about his recent move to the San Diego area to help run the Lions Den. Also, Bruce Buffer had the announcing duties at the July 24 Heroes show, the debut NHB event put on by Carlson Gracie in Brazil. Today Bruce takes us behind the scenes.

Thursday, August 24 — The show from Wednesday, July 26 — Mark Coleman has gone from being an Olympic wrestler to being considered by many as the number one heavyweight mixed martial arts fighter in the world. Today we learn from the man himself just what his plans are. Cesar Gracie also updates us both on how fighters from his jiu-jitsu school in California have been doing, and to discuss his own plans involving future grappling and fighting events.

Friday, August 25 — he show from Wednesday, August 9 — Jerry Bohlander of he Lions Den will be returning to action at the King of the Cage 5 on September 16, and today he talks with us about his plans. We also speak to journalist Michelle Chihara whose article "Total Kombat" on the Rhode Island Vale Tudo and the grassroots mixed martial arts events appeared in the August 3 edition of the Boston Phoenix. Also, Mike Chapman of the International Wrestling Institute and Museum recently submitted a series of questions to Greco-Roman wrestling legend Alexander Karelin, and got a lengthy reply. Today Mike shares with us what the three-time Olympic gold medalist Russian wrestler had to say about his own plans, and when he may retire.

Monday, August 28 — The show from Friday, August 11 — UFC middleweight champion Tito Ortiz plans to defend his title on September 22 at UFC XXVII, as he recovers from a horrible traffic accident he and his wife were in during their recent honeymoon. Today Tito joins us and keeps us up-to-date on the progress of his recovery, and his plans and goals. We also begin to take a look at the issues behind the many protests that will take place at the 2000 Olympics in September in Sydney, Australia.

Live programming returns on Tuesday, August 29, including reports from the fight shows I will have attended in person, WVF Cage Brawl in Chalmette, Louisiana, on August 19, and Pride 10 in Tokyo, Japan, on August 27.

From the event’s promoter:


On Halloween weekend The Danger Zone will be putting on another action packed no holds barred fighting event at the Lynchburg City Armory in Lynchburg, VA. The show will start at 7:30 pm, with Dan "The Beast" Severn fighting in the main event against Aaron Keeney out of Belleville, IL. Aaron is 14-4 in the sport of no holds barred.

The Danger Zone is looking to bring a enhanced version of the sport to the state of Virginia in adding the exhibition bouts to the show.

There will be 5 exhibition bouts and 7 amateur tournaments on this night of full contact fighting. Be sure to go to our web site for fighter application and information www.the-dangerzone.com

Some of the exhibition bouts taking place:
Jeff Wales (5-2) out of WV vs. Joey Roberts (4-2) out of TN
Aitor Canup NC (7-1) vs. Brian Guidry MO (4-0)
Tim Heidenreich IN vs. TBA
Rick McCoy VA vs. TBA
The fight card is in it’s infant stages right now, and is subject to change.

Lloyd Irvin will be in attendance cornering fighters from his school.

All amateurs in the area that are interested in fighting please go to our web site and fill out an application.
Tickets are available through 1-800-JAN-TANA. Ticket prices will be $35 Ringside, $22 Gen. Reserve, and $15 GA.

Dan Severn-Becky Levi
The Danger Zone Inc.

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