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Thursday, Feb 21, 2002

Battle On Broadway

From the event’s promoter:

World Champion Louis Neglia & Ray Longo present
Battle On Broadway
Saturday, February 23, 2002 – 8:00PM
Crowne Plaza Hotel
1605 Broadway
(49th ST. & Broadway)
Manhattan – NYC, NY

Pro Battle Of The Champions
Kick & USKBA World Championship

Luis Ruiz Vs. Kadir Kadri

Pro USKBA Lightweight World Championship
Marco Seis Vs. Tim Lane

Pro Lightweight Bout
Tommy Rodriguez Vs. Paul Gutierrez

Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts Exhibition
East Coast Championship

Steve Anshelewitz Vs. Pierre Guillet

Amateur Muay Thai Bout
Shennen Maceo Vs. Joe Sampieri

Muay Thai Bout
Oleg Vs. Terrance Connor

NYS Muay Thai Championship
Shawn Seagrave Vs. Steve Berkolayko

Women’s Muay Thai Bout
Jamie Lynn Vs. Kat Diaz

Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts Exhibition
Nardu Debrah Vs. Brad Daddis

Muay Thai Bout
Elvis Garcia Vs. Luke Cummo

Muay Thai Bout
Mark Lecroulant Vs. Lamont

Muay Thai Bout
James Wellington Vs. Nizar Balghiti

Muay Thai Bout
Alex Bessonov Vs. Willie Rivera

For tickets & information call:
(718)372-9089 – (516)294-6313 – (212)977-4000

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:

Quick Results from
"The Best"

Held February 22nd, 2002
At Korakuen Hall (Tokyo, Japan)

  • Eiji Mitsuoka def. Anthony Macias – Decision (3-0)
  • Kim Jong Wang def. Mammoth Sasaki – Choke 0:25 R1
  • Daijyu Takase def. Johil De Oliveira – Decision (3-0)
  • Giant Ochiai def. Souichi Nishida – KO (punch) 2:00 R1
  • Koh Soukun def. Amir – KO (punch) 1:19 R2
  • Yusuke Imamura def. Joe Son – Arm lock 0:30 R1

Quick Words with UFC Welterweight Champ
Matt Hughes
By Keith Mills

Matt Highes
Des Moines, IA — Matt Hughes is scheduled to fight Hayato "Mach" Sakurai for the Welterweight title at UFC36: When Worlds Collide in Vegas. I caught up with Matt before the last Extreme Challenge where I tried to get his perspective on his title defense.

FCF:   What do you think of Sakurai?
MH:     You got to respect him as a fighter. Very good standing and very good on the ground with decent takedowns so he’s really the very first all around fighter that I’ve fought. Carlos (Newton) has a weak stand-up game and everybody’s always been weak somewhere. Well, Sakurai’s not. It’ll be interesting.

FCF:   How many of Sakurai’s fights have you reviewed?
MH:     I’ve seen a lot of them. I’ve seen 2 or 3 of them live. With Trigg I saw that live. I have not seen the Anderson Silva fight yet so I’m interested in seeing that tape and I’ll look at the Trigg fight. Those are probably the only two I’ll look at real hard.

FCF:   Are you doing anything different to prepare for this one?
MH:     No. I’m not doing anything different right now, just getting my body ready. Working a lot of stand-up and a lot of grappling. When it gets within a couple of weeks we’ll start working a lot especially for Sakurai. Not to that point yet.

FCF:   Has your life changed since becoming the champion?
MH:     I train a lot harder. As far as having the belt, no.

FCF:   You don’t think you’re more recognizable? Do strangers stop you and say ‘hi’?
MH:     I’ve been a twin my whole life so I’ve always had a lot of publicity and stuff like that through wrestling. I really don’t think about that much.

FCF:   Any final words to the readers of Full contact Fighter?
MH:     Thanks to those guys because without people paying money to watch me fight I wouldn’t have an occupation right now.

From RITC writer/statistician John Petrilli:

Arizona Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling Tournament

Date: March 2, 2002
Mesa Centennial Center
263 North Center Street
Mesa, AZ 85201
Weigh-Ins: 10:00 AM
Fight Time: 12:00 Noon

For more information, please call Roland Sarria at 480-446-8127.

Convenient point-to-point driving directions can be easily obtained at the following Yahoo site http://maps.yahoo.com/py/ddResults.py

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