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Sunday, Feb 15, 2004

Belfort News:a Glimmer Of Hope For The Family

Belfort News:
A glimmer of hope for the family

By Eduardo Alonso

      It has been more than a month since Priscila Vieira Belfort, UFC Light Heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort’s sister, disappeared in the city of Rio de Janeiro when she was leaving work and no news about her were heard ever since. Vitor went on to win the UFC belt while living the drama of trying to find his sister, and after he came back to Brazil he couldn’t even celebrate as the family continued to suffer and struggle doing endless claims of help in national TV trough the country, in the effort to finally find any information about Priscila and finally get their lives back to normal. Now, finally at least a possible clue of where his sister is right now, and if she’s alive or not, came to the scene as hope is again a reality for the Belfort family.
      This past Friday a filming crew was able to film some youngsters who were riding on top of a train in the state of Sao Paulo, in what’s called “Train Surfing” in Brazil, a very dangerous and illegal practice. Among the three people involved in the act, there was a girl who looked very similar to Priscila Belfort, in what surprised the filming crew that decided to bring the tape to the Brazilian police to check it. The tape became public today, as it was also broadcast in a TV show in Brazil, with Vitor Belfort and his father, as well as his wife Joana Prado, being able to watch it closely. The girl who can be Priscila looked like she was on drugs, and also looked a bit fatter than “The Phenom’s” sister, however her face looked like Priscila’s face and that caused surprise in Vitor himself. Police is already studying the tape as well as searching for clues and witnesses to try to find out if the girl is really Priscila herself or just a look a like. The scientific police is going to try to study the sound of the tape, as the girl that can be Priscila Belfort talks briefly during it, to try to identify her voice. Even with this being far from something certain, due to the fact that this kids were filmed very far from Rio de Janeiro and the behavior was totally unlikely for Vitor’s older sister, as well as the fact she was chubbier, this is the only solid clue that was found out since the police started to search for her, and needless to say brought some hope that she may indeed be alive and can finally mean some light for this never ending drama. FCF will keep you posted on the developments and will keep hoping that all will end well for the family. Once again, if you live in Brazil and have any information on Priscila Belfort, please don’t hesitate and call the police to provide your information.

Results from Cage Rage 5
Held February 15, 2004 – London, UK
By David West

  1. Danny Fletcher def. Steve Cunningham by Arm Bar – 1:36 R1
  2. Colin Lingwood def. Stuart Grant by TKO – 2:55 R1
  3. Dave Lee def. Chris Hipkiss by Rear Naked Choke – 4:10 R2
  4. Carla O’Sullivan def. Ruth Darbyshire by Arm Bar – 2:57 R1
  5. Ian Butlin def. Chin Weerasinghe by TKO – 4:35 R3
  6. Ricky Moore def. Benoit Derot by Kimura – 2:30 R2
  7. Ronaldo Campos def. Michael Johnson by Arm Bar – 4:10 R1
  8. Sammy Schiavo def. Paul Sutherland by Tap Out from Strikes – R1
  9. Mark Epstein def. Lance King by KO – 1:53 R3 – Epstein wins Heavyweight Title
  10. Paul Jenkins DRAW Suley Mahmoud after 3 rounds – Jenkins retains Middlewight Title
  11. Xavier Foupa-Pokam def. Paulo Coelho by Verbal Tap Out – R2
  12. Jean Silva def. Leigh Remedios by KO – R2

AFC 5 Results
Held February 14, 2004
James Campbell High School Gym
Ewa Beach, Hawaii
By Michael Onzuka

  • 160 lb and under – 4-Man Tournament Semi-Final #1
    Robert Villapando (808 Fight Factory) vs. Clayson Kealoha (Hard Knocks)
    Villapando by decision (30-27) (30-27) (30-28)

  • 160 lb and under – 4-Man Tournament Semi-Final #2
    Chaian Alesna (808 Fight Factory) vs. Sal Hernandez (Jesus is Lord)
    Alesna by knockout in Round 1

  • 160 lb and under – 4-Man Tournament Final
    Robert Villapando (808 Fight Factory) vs. Chaian Alesna (808 Fight Factory)
    Villapando by decision (29-28) (29-28) (29-28)

  • 161 – 200 lb – 6-Man Tournament Quarter Final #1
    Alexander Stevenson (808 Fight Factory) vs. Billy Saio (Freelance)
    Stevenson by decision (30-27) (30-27) (30-27)

  • 161 – 200 lb – 6-Man Tournament Quarter Final #2
    Chris Slavens (Academia Casca Grossa de Jiu-Jitsu) vs. Feleipo Toelau (Freelance)
    Slavens by decision (30-28) (29-28) (29-28)

  • 161 – 200 lb – 6-Man Tournament Semi-Final #1
    Bryson Monterde (808 Fight Factory) vs. Anson Ahsing (Ewa Beach Fight Club)
    Draw in regulation (29-29) (29-28) (28-29)
    Monterde by decision in overtime (10-9) (10-9) (10-9)

  • 161 – 200 lb – 6-Man Tournament Semi-Final #2
    Chris Slavens (Academia Casca Grossa de Jiu-Jitsu) vs. Alexander Stevenson (808 Fight Factory)
    Stevenson by decision (30-26) (30-26) (30-26)

  • 161 – 200 lb – 6-Man Tournament Final
    Alexander Stevenson (808 Fight Factory) vs. Bryson Monterde (808 Fight Factory)
    Draw in regulation (30-30) (29-29) (29-29)
    Stevenson by decision in overtime (10-9) (10-9) (10-9)

  • 201 lb and over – 4-Man Tournament Semi-Final #1
    Deutson Puu (Freelance) vs. Peter Sefo (808 Fight Factory)
    Puu by decision (30-26) (30-26) (30-28)

  • 201 lb and over – 4-Man Tournament Semi-Final #2
    Reed Young (Jesus is Lord) vs. Joe Mayo (Team Bad Intentions)
    Young by knockout in round 1

  • 201 lb and over – 4-Man Tournament Final
    Deutson Puu (Freelance) vs. Reed Young (Jesus is Lord)
    Reed by decision (30-30) (29-29) (30-29)

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