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Tuesday, Nov 26, 2002

Bitetti Combat Nordesteready To Start A Fire In Natal!

Bitetti Combat Nordeste
Ready to Start a Fire in Natal!

By Eduardo Alonso

      The newest NHB event in Brazil is finally ready and set to go this Thursday, November 28th! Bitetti Combat Nordeste is just around the corner and the heat is getting to the boiling point in the beautiful city of Natal in Brazil’s Northeast. As the event is just hours away, all the fighters and their teams are already in Natal and it’s interesting to see that the old rivalry spirit still exists in this area of the country, with fighters showcasing lots of hot blood towards one another and several staredowns being seen around the hotel lobby! Reports indicate that the city is anxious and curious about the event, therefore a crowd of at least 7,000 spectators is expected to take the Machadinho Gymnasium stands at 9pm tomorrow. The weigh-ins were held today at the astonishing Piramedi Palace Hotel and all fighters were able to make weight despite some small problems here and there at first. The Brazilian Top Team members are undoubtedly the biggest attraction of the event and experienced fighter Jorge Navalhada seems as ready as ever to perform. Among the Brazilian Top Team members in Natal are Bebeo Duarte, Carlos Barreto and Rogerio "Minotouro" Nogueira; UFC Middleweight Champion Murilo Bustamante is expected to arrive today. All the Brazilian NHB press is here and promoters Amaury Bitetti and Conrado really took care of all the details to put on this event, receiving no complaints from the fighters or the press and showing that they are really ready to promote more and bigger events in the future! Amaury Bitetti referee the fights along with Carlos Barreto. Now we have to just wait till the fights begin, so once again let’s recap the card: