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Wednesday, Aug 13, 2003

Bob Sapp: Make Way For The Beast

The big man talks about his upcoming K-1 debut in Las Vegas, his rapidly improving martial arts skills, and being one of the most sought after individuals.
Written by Michael Afromowitz – muaythaimes@aol.com

Bob Sapp vs. Ernesto Hoost in K-1.  Photo Courtesy of K-1
Catching up with K-1’s biggest celebrity is not an easy thing to do. From filming TV commercials to being courted by every major media outlet in Japan, Bob Sapp is constantly on the move and tough to keep track of.

On the brink of his United States fighting debut that will come on Friday, August 15th in the form of a three-round K-1 "Battle at the Bellagio" Superfight with the dangerous Kimo Leopoldo, the 6 foot 3 inch, 375-pound former NFL lineman is in even more demand than ever as the American media has caught Sapp fever and is anxious to get a piece of him.

After a few days of relentless searching, though, I was finally able to locate the big man and steal some time with him while he was tucked away in a Japanese hotel, seeking refuge from the masses that swarm him when he dare set foot on the streets there.

FCF:   So, how have things been going lately?
BS:     Pretty good. Just a little bit tired, you know. But, I’m making it work.

FCF:   How do you feel about this fight with Kimo?
BS:     I’m looking forward to, not only, debuting in the United States, but also to going against a great fighter and a great legend like Kimo. He’s definitely well-known in the United States for his superior fighting as well as for his tenacity in the ring. So, it’s an opportunity to go into the United States with, not only some flair that you often see in Las Vegas, but also an opportunity to present some flair and tenacity while going against Kimo.

FCF:   Have you seen any of his fights?
BS:     Yea, I’ve seen him on tape. I don’t know really how his stand-up’s gonna be, but I think it’s gonna be close to boxer’s style and I know that he’s got a pretty hard kick too.

FCF:   How do you feel you will match up with him?
BS:     I think we’ll match up pretty evenly. But, I think once my pressure overwhelms him that you’ll see me be able to squeak out a victory.

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Rumble On The Rock 3
Afook Chinen Civic Auditorium, Hilo, Hawaii
August 9, 2003
By Chris Onzuka – Chris@Onzuka.com

Ring card girl Malia
The third installment of Hawaii’s newest MMA event pitted the best of the big island versus all comers. A couple of matches that garnered a lot of attention beforehand were Golden Gloves boxer, Mark Moreno taking on one of HMC’s best kickboxers in Deshaun Johnson. Another match up of local strikers pitted John Naole, who had impressive KO in the opening seconds of his last fight at Kaos, taking on a kickboxer who has always been matched up against grapplers named Kaleo Padilla. And the Hilo boy called "Da Boss" stepped up his game to take on probably the most active MMA fighter in the game today, Shannon Ritch. Those fights were well matched, but some of the others mixed talent due to some of the last minute replacements. The replacements, some who had 5 hours notice, performed surprisingly well and the crowd loved the exchanges between fighters. This event has just completed, but the Rumble On The Rock promoters have a big show lined up and are working on releasing some huge match ups soon.

180lbs – 2 5-min rds.
Marshal Ng (Hilo, HI) def. Mike "The Pike" Flanigan (Straight Blast Gym, Dublin, Ireland)
TKO via referee stoppage due to strikes from the mount at 4:04 into R1.

300lbs – 2 5-min rds.
Scott Spencer (6’5", 314lbs, Nova Uniao, Hilo, HI) def. Patrick Fonohena (6’2", 240lbs, Fonohena Fight Team)
Disqualification due to holding the cage and not heeding the referee’s instructions at 0:48 into R2.

250lbs – 2 5-min rds.
Aladasin "Junior" Tuyo (6’2", 245lbs, Nova Uniao, Hilo, HI) def. Anthony Billianor (6’3", 263lbs, Maui Full Contact Fighting)
Verbal submission due to punches on the ground at 1:14 into R1.

155lbs – 2 5-min rds.
Kaynan "The Barbarian" Kaku (5’9", 155lbs, Nova Uniao, Hilo, HI) def. Michael Baker (5’10", 155lbs, Vendrell Martial Arts, Kona, HI)
TKO via doctor stoppage due to cut above eye at 2:24 into R1.

155lbs – 2 5-min rds.
Johnny "Gun" Sampaio (5’8", 155lbs, Nova Uniao, Hilo, HI) def. David Padilla (5’6", 155lbs, Jesus Is Lord, Honolulu, HI)
Submission via rear naked choke at 1:58 into R1.

155lbs – 2 5-min rds.
Mark Moreno (5’9", 168lbs, Bulls Pen) def. Deshawn Johnson (5’10", 165lbs, HMC)
TKO via doctor stoppage due to cut above eye at 2:38 into R2.

140lbs – 2 5-min rds.
Iwi Okano (5’9", 145lbs, Nova Uniao) def. Eric Devers (5’7", 145lbs, Kempo)
Submission via rear naked choke at 2:01into R1.

175lbs – 2 5-min rds.
Kaleo "The Pervert" Padilla (5’9", 155lbs, Westbrook Kickboxing, Kona, HI) def. John Naole (5’9", 155lbs, HMC, Honolulu, HI)
TKO, Naole could not continue after the end of Round 1 due to a possible dislocated or broken jaw.

170lbs – 2 5-min rds.
Royden "The Real McCoy" DeMotta (5’10", 175lbs, Nova Uniao, Hilo, HI) def. Kyle Brees (6’0", 175lbs, Team Phoenix, Chicago, IL)
Unanimous decision [(20-18), (20-18), (20-18)] after 2 rounds.

170lbs – 2 5-min rds.
Ross "Da Boss" Ebanez (5’10", 175lbs, Nova Uniao, Hilo, HI) def. Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch (5’9", 170lbs, Buel Fight Team)
TKO, Ritch could not continue after the end of Round 1 due to a possible broken rib.

170lbs – 2 5-min rds.
Renato "Charuto" Verissimo (6’0", 170lbs, Nova Uniao, Honolulu, HI) def. Ray Elbe (5’9", 170lbs, Savage Te Dawg Pound, Phoenix, AZ)
TKO due to referee stoppage due to strikes from the guard at 1:41 into R1.

290lbs – 3 5-min rds.
Wesley "Cabbage" Correira (6’2", 280lbs, Grappling Unlimited) vs. Steve Sayegh (5’9", 215lbs, Lenninger Dojo, Arizona)
TKO via referee stoppage due to strikes from the mount at 2:19 into R1.

Cabbage pounding on Sayegh
Cabbage punishing Sayegh

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