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Monday, Sep 19, 2005

Bout Order Announced Forbushido Tournament

From DSE/Pride:

Bushido 'The Tournament' Logo

TOKYO, Japan — The bout order has been announced for PRIDE FIGHTING’S BUSHIDO "The Tournament. " Starting out the event will be the welterweight bouts followed by the lightweights:

1st Match Ryuta Sakurai vs. Paulo Filho
2nd Match Akihiro Gono vs. Daniel Acacio
3rd Match Ryo Chonan vs. Dan Henderson
4th Match Ikuhisa Minowa vs. Phil Baroni
5th Match Masanori Suda vs. Murilo Bustamante
6th Match D. Mishima vs. Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett
7th Match Hayato "Mach" Sakurai vs. Jens Pulver
8th Match Joachim Hansen vs. Yves Edwards
9th Match Takanori Gomi vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri
10th Match Naoyuki Kotani vs. Luiz Azeredo
11th Match Winner of #2 vs. Winner of #3
12th Match Winner of #4 vs. Winner of #5
13th Match Winner of #7 vs. Winner of #8
14th Match Winner of #9 vs. Winner of #10

(Fight Card Subject to Change)

BUSHIDO THE TOURNAMENT will take place from the Ariake Coliseum in Japan and is scheduled to debut on North American pay per view via DIRECTV, DISH NETWORK, UrbanXtra, TVN1, VU!, Viewer’s Choice Canada, and iNDEMAND.

Due to the volume of fights on the fight card, BUSHIDO THE TOURNAMENT will be a four-hour pay per view event and available at a reduced price of $24.95.

North American Pay Per View Schedule:

DIRECTV, DISH Network, TVN, Viewer’s Choice, and VU!:
PPV Premiere Date: Sunday, September 25th, 2005
Premiere Time: 9:00 pm EST, 6:00 pm PST

PPV Premiere Date: Friday, November 25th, 2005
Premiere Time: 10:00pm EST, 7:00pm PST

For additional replay times, please contact your pay per view provider.

KOTC Indiana Results
By Keith Mills

KOTC: Xtreme Edge
Held September 17, 2005
The Edge Sports Complex
Central Indiana Volleyball Center
Indianapolis, IN

Amateur Bouts:

  • Cory Mahon def. Zach Kidd by unanimous decision
  • Matt Jaggers def. Sam Bechtall 1:53 R2 by TKO
  • Adam Bass def. Justin Herbst 0:47 R2 by TKO
  • Anthony Wilson def. Jason Lines 1:14 R1 by rear choke
  • Tim Bradley def. Ramy Haddad by unanimous decision

Pro Bouts:

  • Billy Kidd def. Tom Logsdon 2:24 R2 by guillotine choke
  • Jimmy Boyd def. Tyler Combs by unanimous decision
  • Terrence "Cobra" Crumpton def. Brandon Quigley 0:26 R1 by submission (injury from slam)
  • Tommy Lee def. David Love by unanimous decision
  • Ron Fields def. Robin Johnson 2:49 R1 by triangle choke
  • Jason Reinhardt def. Brad Cottrell 1:37 R1 by TKO
  • Geno Roderick def. Sesshoumaru Tamashii 1:38 R1 by TKO
  • Clay Guida def. Dave Cochran 2:26 R1 by rear choke
  • Antoine Skinner def. Chris Higi 2:48 R2 by TKO
  • Jeremy Bolt def. Christian Nielson 1:58 R1 by guillotine choke
  • Gideon Ray def. Trevor Garett 2:17 R1 by rear choke
  • Robbie Lawler def. Jeremy Brown 2:48 R1 by armbar

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