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Monday, Oct 09, 2017

Boxing Bet Types You Should Know About

Several novice sports bettors think that the only way they can bet on boxing matches is by predicting who’ll win. Although this is the most commonly placed boxing bet, there are many other options you can utilize to increase your profit and entertainment potential. Whilst you might be more of a MMA fan (hence why you are on this site) there is a lot of fun to be had with boxing betting!

Let’s take you through some of the commonly known boxing betting options:

Money Line Bets

One of the most popular and obvious bet type, especially in combat sports, is punting on who’ll win the fight. Bookies may set all kinds of money lines depending on the style and talent level of the boxers. The lopsided fights may see the favourites’ odds set in the range of something like -1000 ($ 100 to win from every $ 1000 bet). The underdogs on the other hand may go at +1000s ($ 1000 to win from every $ 100 bet). Sports bettors should ideally stick to the fighters who aren’t vulnerable to knockouts. Often, underdogs capable of landing nice knockout punches are exciting prospects.


All boxing matches normally have a certain pre-specified number of rounds, usually in the range of 10 to 12. Bookies set their over/under odds accordingly and the punters can bet whether the fight will go over or under the mark set by the bookmaker. For instance, if a bookie sets the line at 7, and the fight ends at any time between round 1 and 6, it would be considered an under. If the fight goes beyond the 7th round, it would be an over.


Apart from providing money line bets, a large number of sports books allow punters to bet on the possibility of a draw. Please note, draws are a pretty rare occurrence in boxing. In case there’s no knockout in the match, the decision is passed on to the judges, who then give their corresponding scores. Those scores are totalled up to decide the winner. But in certain cases, one of the judges may score it a draw and if another one goes with that decision as well, the fight indeed ends up as a draw. As draws are very rare in boxing, the pay outs on such bets can be pretty high.


A sports bettor is free to place a multiple bet involving more than one boxers, in which case, the bet wins only if every boxer included in the bet wins too. The most popular way in which parlays are used in boxing is for alleviating the juice. If a sports bettor is sure that 3 different fighters are going to win at odds of -650, -575 and -410, he can easily parlay all of them together and get a much higher pay out (in case all of them do win).


Some big and highly anticipated boxing matches feature various proposition bets as well, wherein the sports bettors can bet on all sorts of possibilities including the exact number of rounds, the possibility of a knockout, the number of punches thrown, and more.

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