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Sunday, Jul 28, 2002

Brazilian Top Team Defines Its Policy: Nobody Will Be Allowed Back

Brazilian Top Team Defines its policy:
Nobody Will be Allowed Back

By Eduardo Alonso

After all the speculation regarding the ever likely comeback of athletes like Vitor Belfort, Ricardo Arona and Allan Goes to one of the most successful fighting teams in the world, the Brazilian Top Team, the team decided to establish some guidelines for the future. It was finally decided that from now, once a member leaves the team, he won’t ever be accepted back. Today Murilo Bustamante explained to FCF that this wasn’t an easy decision to make by any means, and the team members discussed this for quite a long period of time before this was finally decided and agreed by all. This situation started when some fighters left the team after some differences regarding the payment of a percentage of purses to the trainers. Among the fighters who left the team, some ended up returning — like Carlos Barreto and Paulo Filho, however as the team needs to define a professional behavior, some decisions need to be made. As Murilo explained to FCF, "We always worked hard to establish a professional atmosphere here at the Brazilian Top Team, and we need to make sure everybody here is treated the same and has all the tools to develop their skills in a professional environment. Therefore, after a lot of talk we came to this decision, and since it’s the team’s decision, it’ll be respected and followed from now on. Now, if a fighter leaves the team, it doesn’t matter if it’s a big name or a beginner, he won’t be allowed back ever. We can’t make exceptions, since here everybody is treated the same" Bustamante also explained that nobody was kicked out of the team, and all of the fighters who left chose to do so, but they all remain friends. On a side note, the UFC Middleweight champion also informed us that SHOOTO Champion Alexandre "Pequeno" Nogueira, and Marcio "Cromado" Barbosa are no longer part of the Brazilian Top Team, they both left around June. Keep checking our news page, because with several fights coming up featuring Top Team members, we will continue to follow the team’s activities as well as the preparation for the upcoming fights.

From Josh Hedges/Zuffa:


Hello everyone,

I am going on vacation, so I just wanted to get the word out to all of you before I leave. I am sure you have all seen the commercials on Fox. MMA Fans, our sport has arrived! Like I said before, a year and a half ago, did you ever think that the UFC would be back on pay per view? Did you think it would ever be sanctioned in Nevada, New Jersey, etc… playing in huge venues like the MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Continental Airlines Arena, and the Taj Mahal?

Now, we had the first ever fight on a real TV network on the “Best Damn Sports Show, Period!” All the hardcore fans got behind us and showed their support, and we did the second best ratings the show has ever done. Then, the UFC does our first show in Europe. So, we go to London and sell out the most prestigious venue. The fights were great, the fans were awesome, and all the political powers in the UK realized this is a real sport! Then, we come home to the BDSSP calling us again asking for more footage and a fighter to appear. So, we pull it together in a couple of days again. Huge exposure for MMA!


Fox will be airing two UFC shows on Sunday Night Fights on Sunday, August 4th and Sunday August 11th. The first show is done and the second is close to being done.

I know many of you have been recruiting friends and family members for years. This is the perfect opportunity to bring in new fans. For as short time as we had to put these shows together, I think they are perfect for creating new fans. Tell everyone you know to watch on Sunday Night Fights on August 4th and 11th!!

Fighters and fans, all your hard work and dedication to this sport have finally paid off, so enjoy! Thank you all very much.

Dana White – UFC President

From the event’s promoter:

Sylvia Stays Perfect,
Roberts Upset In Extreme Challenge 48

      TAMA, Iowa — Heavyweight Tim Sylvia improved his record to 15-0 with a TKO victory over Jeff Gerlick in the main event of Extreme Challenge 48 at the Meskwaki Casino & Hotel.
      Sylvia, a 6-foot-8, 270-pounder representing the Team Extreme and the Miletich Martial Arts Center, earlier this year won seven bouts en route to claiming the "Return of the Heavyweights" tournament championship. He has signed to make his UFC debut in September.
      In a feature bout, Maurice Walker of Cincinnati made his pro debut a memorable one with an upset victory over UFC veteran Tyrone Roberts. Walker was in trouble most of the first round, but survived despite being mounted for almost three minutes. In the second round, Roberts began to tire and Walker landed some solid blows standing and broke Roberts’ nose. Roberts survived the second round, but the doctor halted the fight during the break.
      Walker trains at New Generation Fitness under Jorge Gurgel in Middletown, Ohio. He is a training partner of Kerry "Meat Truck" Schall. Walker took the fight only an hour before the event started when Roberts’ original opponent, William Hill, failed to show up. Roberts brought an 18-1-1 record into the fight, but admitted to being "about 25 pounds overweight."
      In the other pro bout, Derick Perez of Winnipeg, Manitoba, defeated hometown favorite Vern Jefferson with a triangle choke. Perez trains with Joe Doerksen.
      In the Extreme Trials competition, there were two sets of co-champions in the five weight divisions. At 150-under, Cleve Tuttle and Marty Perez, who both train at Miletich Martial Arts, shared the title, while at 170-under it was John Alexander and Kyle Jensen of Minneapolis who shared the crown.
      At 190-under, Jon Fitch claimed the title, while Lasha Dalakishuili won at 210-under and J.D. Patterson of Miletich Martial Arts won at heavyweight.

      Complete results:

Main Event
Tim Sylvia def. Jeff Gerlick, TKO at 3:17

Feature bouts
Maurice Walker def. Tyrone Roberts, injury default at 10:00
Derick Perez def. Vern Jefferson, triangle choke at 3:35

150-under: Billy Rush def. Joe Pearson, TKO at 6:10, Cleve Tuttle def. Randy Erhman, tap from strikes at 8:25; Marty Perez def. Rush, guillotine at 2:56, Tuttle def. John Yim, TKO at 6:46. Tuttle & Perez are co-champions.

170-under: Eric Gwaltney def. Steve Hartkopf, keylock at 2:35, Tom Hartkopf def. Sam Welch, rear choke at :27; Kyle Jensen def. Gwaltney, tapout at 3:43, John Alexander def. T. Hartkopf, choke at 3:44. Jensen & Alexander are co-champions.

190-under: Jon Fitch def. Mark Smolinski, guillotine choke at 5:16; Final: Fitch def. Ben Uker, injury default at 5:37.

210-under: Kurt Moberg def. Mike Mettler, keylock at 3:32, Lasha Dalakishuili def. Justin Duden, neck crank at 1:48; Moberg def. Doug Sauer, rear choke at 3:58; Final: Dalakishuili wins by forfeit (Moberg is injured).

Heavyweight: J.D. Patterson def. Adrian Hoag, tap from strikes at 3:29, Jacob Dahn def. Matt Bear, keylock at 7:39; Final: Patterson def. Dahn, tap from strikes at 2:06.

From RITC Writer/Statistician John Petrilli:

RITC 37 – Results
Remco Doesn’t Fight (illness)

A near capacity crowd of 2,500 fans showed up for RITC 37.

At the 5PM pre-fight physical Remco Pardoel complained of food poisoning type symptoms and had a blood pressure reading of 180/118. He retired to his dressing room hoping to "recover" for his 10PM Main Event fight.

At fight time, Christophe Leininger, a protege of Remco, announced to the crowd that Remco was unable to fight due to illness.

The 12 fights up to this point had been fantastic but understandably the crowd was disappointed with this turn of events.

Promoter Roland Sarria apologized to the crowd. He pointed out that he had done everything within his power to make this fight happen. He had signed fighter contracts and the fighter’s purses had been turned over to the Commission. He just couldn’t control the illness suffered by Remco. I learned from the Leininger camp after the show that Remco was at a local emergency room receiving medical treatment.

Cory Timmerman, a 19 year old wrestler, stepped up admirably to take on Homer Moore. In an excellent "replacement" Main Event, Homer pounded out a unanimous decision over the "gutsy" Timmerman.

#3 John Lansing, a wrestler turned jiu-jitsu specialist, posted a unanimous decision victory over #2 Gabe Casillas. This impressive win earned Fighter of the Night (FOTN) honors for John. Other candidates for FOTN were James Attwood, Shannon Ritch, Puna Maiava and Adam Durant.

Congratulations to Matt Asher’s Combat Academy for posting a 5-0 record for the evening. There was a large contingent of fans from Casa Grande on hand to support their school.


Fight #1
RJ Gamez (175 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by decision (3 – 0)
Daniel Betzold (158 lbs), Brausa Academy

Fight #2
Michael Kline (153 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by ref stoppage (arm bar), :54 Rd 1
Adam Alvarez (137 lbs), Wolverine Fighting Systems

Fight #3
James Attwood (147 lbs), Brausa Academy
won by submission (arm bar), 2:21 Rd 1
Steve Morris (166 lbs), Team Quest

Fight #4
Shannon Ritch (176 lbs), Freestyle
won by ref stoppage (strikes), 1:02 Rd 1
Jeff Rogers (179 lbs), Farnsworth Jiu-Jitsu

Fight #5
Puna Maiava (195 lbs), Brausa Academy
won by submission (arm bar), 1:43 Rd 2
Robert Maldonado (180 lbs), Tiger Wrestling

Fight #6
Roger Mejia (202 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by TKO, 3:00 Rd 1
Heath Perry (210 lbs), Brausa Academy

Fight #7 (Super Fight)
Edwin Dewees (195 lbs), Brausa Academy
won by submission (strikes), :21 Rd 1
Joey Vigueria (240 lbs), J&J Submission Fighting

Fight #8 (Super Fight)
Adam Durant (150 lbs), Wrestling
won by submission (choke), :42 Rd 2
Santino Defranco (154 lbs), Brausa Academy

Fight #9 (Super Fight)
John Lansing (164 lbs), Brausa Academy
won by decision (3 – 0)
Gabe Casillas (170 lbs), Debrazil Academy

Fight #10 (Super Fight)
Larry Robertson (191 lbs), Team Quest
won by submission (choke), 2:03 Rd 1
Mike Rainieri (192 lbs), Brausa Academy

Fight #11
Andy Montana (227 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by submission (strikes), :43 Rd 1
Anthony Stevens (241 lbs), Brausa Academy

Fight #12
Vince Lucero (262 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by ref stoppage (strikes), 2:45 Rd 2
Robert Beraum (242 lbs), Dan Lowe’s JKD

Fight #13 (Main Event)
Homer Moore (212 lbs), Team Bang
won by decision (3 – 0)
Cory Timmerman (300 lbs), Brausa Academy

Next Event:
RITC 38 – "Let’s Roll"
Saturday, September 7, 2002

Tickets for RITC available at the Celebrity Theatre Box Office (602-267-1600) or at Ticketmaster (480-784-4444). For additional information, please call 480-446-8127 or visit www.rageinthecage.com.

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