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Tuesday, Mar 12, 2002

Brazilian Top Team Looking To Unload At Pride 20!

Brazilian Top Team looking to unload at PRIDE 20!
By Eduardo Alonso

Mario Sperry
      One of the world’s top fight teams, the Brazilian Top Team, is about to have the team’s biggest participation on a PRIDE event ever. At least three fighters from the team will be competing on the April PRIDE card, and it’s very likely that a fourth member will be fighting too. PRIDE Heavyweight champion Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira will be defending his title for the first time, and his opponent is likely to be Semmy Schilt. Although the fight isn’t signed yet, "Minotauro" is surely going to defend his title at the next PRIDE. Another Brazilian Top Team fighter who will be returning to the event is the "Zen Machine" Mario Sperry! Sperry last fought at PRIDE 17, beating Igor Vovchanchyn. FCF was told that Sperry will be fighting on the next card, and despite word of a fight between Ricardo Arona and Dan Henderson, the American wrestler will very likely be Mario’s opponent. Sperry is already weighing in the 205lb range, and from now on he will be competing in PRIDE’s middleweight division!
      Although Ricardo Arona’s fight against Dan Henderson was considered a done deal, Arona’s opponent is now likely to be Japanese star Sanae Kikuta. This fight isn’t signed yet, but with Sperry vs. Dan Henderson being a very likely scenario, Arona vs. Kikuta looks probable. Regardless of the identity of his opponent, FCF was told that Ricardo Arona is going to be fighting at PRIDE 20 anyway. With "Minotauro", Sperry and Arona all fighting at PRIDE 20, this could already be considered a great participation from the BTT on the card, but the next PRIDE card is very likely to be holding one more surprise! FCF was told that is very likely that Minotauro’s twin brother, Rogerio Nogueira — Fresh from his HOOKnSHOOT win, will be making his PRIDE debut in April! Chances are very high that both brothers will be fighting on the next PRIDE card, and the Brazilian Top Team will come to the event with their biggest number of fighters in the card ever.

Henderson Vs. Sperry?
It’s News to Hendo

Dan Henderson

FCF’s Aaron Crecy caught up with Dan Henderson on his way to train with Matt Lindland and Randy Couture.

When asked about being matched up against Mario Sperry at Pride 20, Dan replied, "I haven’t heard a thing about it, but I’d fight him."

From the event’s promoter:


In Bayonne, New Jersey on April 20-21, 2002 (Saturday-Sunday), Grapplers Quest, "The World’s Largest Submission Grappling Tournament," will feature The U.S. Nationals of Submission Grappling.

The event will feature 72 amateur submission grappling divisions for children, women, executives, masters, and Novice, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced men, plus the prestigious ‘Superfight Absolute’, which is shaping up to be the best division ever assembled on U.S. Soil.

Here is a quick run-down of the competitors already confirmed to participate:

  • Saulo Ribeiro, Abu Dhabi Champion and 5-Time Black Belt World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion, will be flying directly from Brazil to participate in this division.
  • Jeff Monson, (210 lbs.), Abu Dhabi Champion
  • David Terrell, representing Cesar Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in California. Terrell recently profoundly claimed the 2002 Grapplers Quest West Superfight Absolute Title by defeating Pride Veteran, Bobby Southworth, Todd Margolis, and previously un-submitted, Cameron Earle…by submission!
  • Marc Laimon, our inaugural Grapplers Quest Superfight Absolute Champion (GQ-West 2000), representing John Lewis’s J-Sect Academy, will be participating in the 2002 U.S. Nationals Superfight Absolute Division. Laimon had huge wins over Jeff Monson (Abu Dhabi Champion), Chris Brennan (former KOTC Champ, UFC veteran), and finally Dean Lister. He also was invited to Abu Dhabi after his Grapplers Quest championship.
  • Ricardo Almeida, Renzo Gracie Black Belt and an Abu Dhabi, UFC, and Pride veteran, plus Grapplers Quest Superfight Champion (April 1999), and Kimono Kombat Superfight Absolute Champion, enters the Grapplers Quest 2002 Superfight Absolute.
  • Alexandre ‘Xandre’ Ribeiro, 2002 Arnold Gracie Classic and Pan American BJJ Champion, will be entering the Absolute on the opposite side of the bracket of his brother, Saulo.
  • Rodolfo Amaro, representing Amaro Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of NYC (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Master Jorge Pina Barbosa and Master Jonas Oliveria). Rodolfo recently participated in the 2001 Grapplers Quest U.S. Nationals Superfight Absolute and was our Finalist losing to Flavio Almeida by advantage only. He defeated 2002 Grapplers Quest Alternate Champion and 2-Time IFC Battlegrounds Tournament Champion, Eddy Rolon, by points. Rolon narrowly escaped a flying armbar attempt by Amaro.
  • Dean ‘Boogeyman’ Lister, representing Fabio Santos Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in San Diego, California; Lister was the 2000 Grapplers Quest West Superfight Absolute Finalist, losing only to champion Marc Laimon. Lister went on to revenge the Laimon loss, by defeating him in the International Pro Ams only 2 months later in North Carolina by points, where he finished in 3rd Place. He also participated in Abu Dhabi in 2001 and won his first match and then lost to Renzo Gracie standout, Ricardo Almeida.
  • Todd Margolis, representing Tribe Jiu Jitsu Fightwear is a 3-Time Grapplers Quest Nationals Champion and his only losses have come from David Terrell (2002 GQ-West Absolute) and Flavio Almeida (2001 U.S. Nationals Superfight Absolute Champ). Margolis has defeated Alliance/Fabio Gurgel Black Belt, Roni Cardoso in the 2001 Superfight Absolute before pulling out due to injury. To enter the division, Margolis, mowed through his Advanced Division to qualify.
  • Kenny Kronenberg, Machado/Tai Kai Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt from Syracuse, New York and the 1999 Grapplers Quest Superfight Champion. He has defeated both Abu Dhabi veteran, Fabiano Capoine and Hammer House standout, Brandon Lee Hinkle in under a minute by submission in 2000.
  • Pablo Popovitch, Top Team/Carlson Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black Belt from Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a submission-wizard from down south that continues to mow down opponents in various submission grappling tournaments, including a major submission over GQ Superfighter and BJJ Black Belt, Francisco Neto at the Arnold Classic in 2001.

We are still looking for top quality fighters to add to this division. If you have any interested grapplers, please email me with a complete resume at: President@Grapplers.com

Grapplers Quest 2002 U.S. Nationals of Submission Grappling

DAY ONE: Saturday, April 20th: Children, Women, Executive (30-35 yrs.), Masters (36 yrs.+), Novice, Beginner, and Preliminary Rounds of Superfight Divisions

DAY TWO: Sunday April 21st, 2002: Intermediate, Advanced, Semi-Final and Final Matches of Superfight Absolute Division

Marist High School
1241 Kennedy Blvd.
Bayonne, New Jersey

Tickets: $15 Pre-Purchased (per day), $20 At-The-Door (per day)

For more information, visit the GQ official web site at: http://www.Grapplers.com/Nationals

Check out the new Men’s Weight Classes:
Flyweight: 139.9 lbs. and below
Featherweight: 140-149.9 lbs.
Lightweight: 150-159.9 lbs.
Welterweight: 160-169.9 lbs.
Middleweight: 170-179.9 lbs.
Cruiserweight: 180-189.9 lbs.
–>Light Heavyweight: 190-204.9 lbs.

–>Heavyweight: 205-224.9 lbs.
–>Superweight: 225 lbs. and over

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