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Thursday, Jun 30, 2005

Cali Mma Regs Still Under Gov Review;

Cali MMA Regs Still Under Gov Review;
CSAC Anticipates September 28th Go-Ahead Approval At Earliest
By Loretta Hunt

Mixed martial arts regulations continue to make their way through California’s government for final approval, and a California State Athletic Commission meeting held earlier this week apprised the MMA community that protocol is moving as fast as it can.

"We are hopeful that by September 28th, assuming everyone uses their maximum review time, that we would have word then as to if they were approved or not," says Assistant Chief Inspector Sal Barrajas Jr. regarding the regulations that were passed by the CSAC with a 4-1 vote on February 22nd but still await further approval from numerous governmental agencies. Barrajas Jr. clarified that the proposed date does not refer to the timeline in which an MMA event might actually take place in the Golden State, and stressed that promoters and other interested parties continue to check the Commission’s website (www.dca.ca.gov/csac/) for updates. Barrajas Jr. did not give an estimation on when the first sanctioned MMA event in California might kick-off.

On Monday’s agenda, the CSAC also reviewed its proposed process for the recruitment of ringside physicians, inspectors, and officials, a formidable partaking the sanctioning body hopes to get underway prior to the proposed September 28th approval date.

Also on the agenda, PRIDE promoters Dream Stage Entertainment were scheduled to present their request for revisions to the already CSAC-passed regulations, but did not speak that day. Topics for this presentation included the use of a ring (current CSAC regs call for a caged area only), a 10-5-5 round format, the use of wrestling shoes and gis in competition, and the utilization of kicks and knees to the head on the ground.

FCF has confirmed with a PRIDE rep that DSE had requested a postponement of their presentation when the originally scheduled June 20th meeting was moved to the 27th. The second round of their Grand Prix tournament, held the night before in Japan, had prevented PRIDE delegates from attending the reassigned date. PRIDE will make its formal presentation at the next meeting tentatively planned for August 2nd.

From the event’s promoter:

RITC 71 – Results
Wren named Fighter of Night with Spectacular KO

A mid-week short card edition of RITC at Graham Central Station in Tempe, Arizona was the latest endeavor for this popular mixed martial arts promotion. Danny Wren’s spectacular first round knock out earned him Fighter of the Night (FOTN) honors. Other candidates for FOTN honors were Nick Hedrick, Bob Calnin, Jamie Schmitt and Jamie Varner.


Nick Hedrick (142), AMAC
won by submission (choke), 1:36 Rd 1
Brandon Oliver (139), Team Brausa

Bob Calnin (177), Freestyle
won by TKO, 1:22 Rd 1
Ray O’Brien, Attitude First

Jamie Schmitt (178), ACMMA
won by submission (choke), :45 Rd 1
Derek Kram (174), Freestyle

Super Fight
Danny Wren (174), ACMMA
won by KO, 1:00 Rd 1
Brandon Kress (161), Freestyle

Main Event
Jamie Varner (170), ACS
won by submission (strikes), 2:03 Rd 1
Paul arroyo (180), Team Brausa

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