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Tuesday, Sep 13, 2005

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TUF Talk:
Marcus Davis

Marcus Davis
Maine native and former pro boxer Marcus Davis became the third welterweight to meet his untimely demise on this week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter 2 after he tapped out to Joe Stevenson’s strikes from half guard in the first round of their elimination bout.

Fans sent in their questions for Davis. Here are the answers.

  • Do you regret selecting Joe Stevenson as your opponent?
    MD: That’s the question I get asked the most, even from my family and friends. At the time, strategically for me, I think it was the right choice at the time and this is the reason why. I think that no matter what, we would have ended up meeting at some point. I would have rather it been on my terms where I felt as though at that time Joe wasn’t training as hard as I was. I thought that rather than give him a chance to decide to pick me and train hard physically for me I’d take him by surprise by picking him as my first fight. I think I was going to have an edge that way. It was a choice that I had to make. Was I going to take Joe now when I feel pretty good about it or am I going to wait until later where I could possibly be injured and have to deal with it?

  • If you could do it over again, would you still select Stevenson? Who would you select otherwise and why?
    MD: I think that if I had to do it all over again, of course, it’s in hindsight. Yeah, obviously if I could go back and pick someone that I know that I was able to beat I would have done that. This is the way I felt. I felt as though everybody else on the show I was going to beat, and everybody else knew that. Jorge Gurgel, who is a very good friend of mine, he even made this statement on the show: Marcus is the best stand-up fighter here. Then he said Joe Stevenson is the best ground fighter. I worked out with everybody else and nobody was taking me down, and I was literally picking guys apart standing up. That’s why they had me spar with the heavyweights a lot.

  • Did Marcus expect to be taken down at some point or did he expect to keep it standing?
    MD: My plan was to feel Joe out a little bit and to slowly close the distance where I could start landing shots. I honestly thought that if I could just make it through the first round of Joe trying to take me down, Joe would be tired and then I could just start picking him apart. I thought that possibly Joe could get me to the ground and I worked mostly on leg defense because Joe tended to stick everybody by leg lock while we were all training on the show. Joe was just a phenomenal leg finisher. His leg locks are absolutely incredible.

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