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Monday, May 16, 2016

Caros Fodor: “It’s Awesome” Teammate Demetrious Johnson is “Finally Getting The Credit he Deserves”

Demetrious Johnson (photo via UFC)

By Kelsey Mowatt

For some time, the widespread credit and fame that should come with being one of the greatest fighters on the planet has avoided Demetrious Johnson. But, following his impressive stoppage win over Henry Cejudo at UFC 197, that might be changing, and his longtime teammate is extremely happy to see it.

Recently Caros Fodor appeared on Full Contact Fighter Radio to discuss his upcoming, July 30th bout with his brother, Ben Fodor. During the segment, Fodor was asked for his thoughts on the UFC flyweight champ’s most recent win, and the extensive praise that was sent his way.

“He took the guy out in the first round and it was just an awesome performance by him,” Fodor said about Johnson’s win, which marked the eighth time the AMC Pankration fighter has defended the 125 title. “He’s such a beast and there were other fights that were like slow, and went to decision, and then DJ comes out and f—in puts him down in the first round and just walks through him pretty much. That guy is really tough and DJ literally walked through him.”

Cejudo, who is a former Olympic Gold Medalist in wrestling, had won 10 straight fights before facing Johnson on April 23rd.

“It sucks he hasn’t been getting the praise in the past, because he’s been number one for a long time now, and it is awesome to see people are starting to catch on,” Fodor added, while referring to Johnson. “It’s so stupid with you know the weight, they put so much emphasis on the little guys aren’t exciting when really, the little guys are the most exciting. They have cardio for days, their technique is better than anybody else in the sport. So, it’s very nice to see that he’s finally getting the credit that he deserves.”

Fodor will take on his brother at WSOF 32, which will take place in Everett, Washington. To read his thoughts on the upcoming fight, head here.

Recently the UFC announced that the upcoming and 24th season of “The Ultimate Fighter” will feature flyweights, and that the winner will advance to challenge Johnson.

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