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Monday, Mar 29, 2004

Carson Daly Among The Star Power Shining At Ufc 47

Carson Daly Among the Star Power Shining at UFC 47
By Loretta Hunt

Zuffa has one more seat to reserve in its growing VIP section at UFC 47. Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell’s recent appearances on Carson Daly’s late night talk show Last Call have convinced the MTV icon to make the April 2nd trip out to Las Vegas to check out the action for himself. Daly, who first featured the outspoken Ortiz on his show back in September, took great pains to have Liddell and Ortiz featured heavily on a recent edition of Last Call, where the two traded trash talk on route to their long-awaited showdown.

Now, Daly, a growing MMA fan, is traveling the extra mile to see how it all plays out. "I’m just a fan," Daly commented recently to FCF on his interest in the sport. "It’s nice to have something in my life outside of what I do for a living that I get excited about. I’m not going there to do anything other than be a fan and watch a sport that I really enjoy on a personal level. There’s no hidden agenda."

With the insight Daly has recently gained on the Ortiz-Liddell fight, it’d be only fair to ask for his take on the now infamous grudge match between the former friends and light-heavyweight contenders for champion Vitor Belfort’s belt. "These are famous last words, right?," Carson joked from his New York office. "You know, my heart’s really going with Chuck because he’s just the underdog that I think…," he trails off in his answer. "I just worry because he lost his last two fights. I think Tito handled Randy better and I’m going to use Randy Couture as the barometer of who’s going to win this fight, so I think Tito’s going to end up winning this fight. That would be my prediction. Certainly, I would love it if Chuck would win the fight too."

As for the rest of the card, Daly says he has his eyes on the other championship bout being offered for the fan’s approval. "I’ll tell you what I’m looking forward to is Tim Sylvia versus Andrei Arlovski. I just don’t think Tim Sylvia can lose. I don’t think he’ll ever lose. I mean, I don’t know who can beat that monster. I watch Andrei fight and I think that if there’s anybody out there right now that could do it, I think it’s him. I’m really looking forward to that fight."

To catch more of Daly’s thoughts on MMA, as well as the details on his own training and the fighters he thinks rule the cage, check out his exclusive interview in the next issue of Full Contact Fighter.

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Super Brawl 34 Results
Held March 29, 2004
Maui War Memorial Gymnasium – Wailuku, Hawaii
By Mike Onzuka

  • 3RD – 3 Min – 180lbs
    Corey Daniels (Niko Vitale) def. Eddie Ferreira (Maui Full Contact)
    Unanimous decision [(29-28), (29-28), (29-28)] after three rounds

  • 3RD – 3 Min – 185lbs
    Tony Espitia (Kona Boxing) def. Bryson Monterde (808 Fight Factory)
    Submission via forearm choke at 2:54 into R2

  • 3RD – 5 Min – 145lbs
    Justin Mercado (GU, 4-2) def. Adam Alverez (Phoenix, AZ)
    Submission due to punches from the mount at 1:28 into R1

  • 3RD – 3 Min – 150lbs
    Ed Kelii Newalu (808 FF, 1-0) def. Jason Walther (Hilo, HI)
    Submission via forearm choke at 2:55 into R2

  • 3RD – 5 Min – 185lbs
    Kendall Groves (Maui Full Contact) def. Kaipo Kalama (GU, 2-2-1)
    Groves by rear-naked choke at 3:16 into R2

  • 3RD – 5 Min – 160lbs
    Kolo Koka (Grappling Unlimited 7-5) def. Tyson Coloma-Na’hooikaika (Heredia Jiu-Jitsu, 3-2)
    TKO via referee stoppage due to punches from the mount at 1:48 into R1

  • 3RD – 5 Min – 155lbs
    Harris Sarmiento (808 Fight Factory, 10-7) def. Ed West (Phoenix, AZ, 4-0)
    TKO via referee stoppage due to strikes at 2:08 into R1

    3RD – 5 Min – 195lbs

    Falaniko Vitale (#1 Contender, 16-3) def. Keith Winters (Phoenix, AZ 4-2)
    Submission via toehold at 1:24 into R1

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