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Sunday, Jul 24, 2005

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Check out what’s in the current issue of FCF…

Pride Critical Countdown: Middleweight Grand Prix action, live from Japan.

Ultimate Fight Night Preview: UFC’s reality show stars return to action.

BJ’s at it againPenn to take on yet another Gracie – Both BJ and Renzo speak with us on their pending battle.

Shogun rules in Japan. Mauricio Rua talks about the Pride Grand Prix.

Catching up with Bob Meyrowitz. FInd out what the former UFC owner has been up to and what he thinks of the latest incarnation of the promotion he helped to pioneer.

K-1 Hero’s K-1 legends Aerts and Sefo shine in their MMA debuts.

The Brazilian Tiger: Ricardo Arona talks about the Pride Grand Prix, his opponents and much, much more!

Storm Samurai 8: Muay Thai steals the show at Vale Tudo event.

Cage Rage 12: The Real Deal, live from Wembley Conference Center in London.

King Of The Cage: Villasenor defends middleweight belt, Kampman KOs Sequin in KOTC’s UK debut.

SportFight: Rumble at the Rose Garden.

FX3 ‘X’Plosion.

Kyle Maynardarmless, legless wrestler shows the world what it means to have "No Excuses."

Erin Toughill loses title bid against Ali, but will stick with boxing.

Paul Buentello BioFile.

Fight fans comment on current events in the MMA world.

In our monthly columns…

In Matt Hume‘s techniques, Frank Colcher & Zach Mukai demonstrate a Crooked Head Scissor to Armbar.

In the Punchers Corner, champion kickboxer Derek Panza presents Part 2 of Organizing Your Training For Mixed Martial Arts.

In Fightin’ Fit, Former AMC Pankration strength & conditioning coach Mark Ginther talks about Strength Training 101.

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SuperBrawl Icon
Held July 23, 2005
Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
By Chris Onzuka

SuperBrawl went almost head to head with Rumble On The Rock/K-1 which takes place the following week, so there were many questions as to both event’s attendance by splitting up Hawaii fight fans. SuperBrawl promoters were ecstatic with the attendance of a reported 6,500, which is one of their best ever! It could have been the drawing power of SuperBrawl champ Niko Vitale taking on an exciting fighter in Robbie Lawler or the grudge match between Hawaii’s heavy hitter, Mark Moreno taking on the Jason "Mayhem" Miller. Either way, this event mixed modified kickboxing rules (leg kicks allowed) with MMA action to bring the crowd to their feet. In my opinion, action-wise this turned out to be one of the best SuperBrawls ever due to some of the best fights all in one event.

The heavy hitters with a ton of heart came out as there were a lot of punches and kicks that ended many a fight. One of them was Kala Kolohe Hose’s come back win with one punch that brought the bloody warrior victory. Pride Auditions winner, KJ Noons looked extremely confident and sharp with a spectacular head kick KOing up and comer Bryson Kamaka.

The fight of the night had to be the absolute, drag out war between Ed Newalu and Mark Oshiro. This match went back and forth between Oshiro’s extremely close submission attempts to Newalu’s bombs thrown on the ground, back to Oshiro’s knees while standing leading to Newalu’s pick ups and slams. This fight was extremely close and could not be better, control of the fight literally changed hands throughout each round, which each fighter coming very close to ending the fight only to have the other fighter gut it out and make a comeback. In the end one judge saw it even and two of the three judges gave Newalu the nod and the first ever SuperBrawl Hawaii State Flyweight Champion.

A bloody and nearly beaten Ryan Diaz proved that there is always a chance if you stay in the fight when he stole a victory from Kolo Koka by way of a quick arm lock from the guard when Koka let up his defenses for one second. The grudge match that started in SuperBrawl 37 was on when Miller came out in sporting a Chinese outfit, a Hockey mask and Japanese samurai sword on his way to the ring. Miller definitely wanted to deliver some payback on Moreno and that he did. Controlling the match throughout and punishing Moreno on the ground up to about 15 seconds left in the first round, he performed what he called the "Shaka Arm Locka," by wrapping up Moreno’s arm and making the Shaka sign while pulling it back for the submission. Normally, the Hawaii crowd is adamantly behind the local boy, but because of Miller’s antics, coupled with his fighting ability, he has become a Hawaii fan favorite.

Jason Miller pounding on Mark Moreno
Miller pounding on Moreno

The main event was Niko Vitale’s first title defense and what a way to do it against Pat Miletich’s young stud Robbie Lawler. This was exactly what the crowd expected it to be an all out striking war. Both fighters exchanged bombs, rocking each other throughout the bout. In the end, both fighters were exhausted, but Lawler was able to land a knee and a couple of left hooks that sent Vitale to the canvas. The crowd was on their feet as these warriors battled it out. Right after the fight, two women stormed the ring and attacked Lawler and had to be pulled off of him. Once everything settled down in the ring, the always gracious Vitale, a champion even in defeat, placed the SuperBrawl World Middleweight Championship belt around Lawler’s waist and congratulated the new champion.

Kickboxing: 175-lb
Ben Rodriguez (Animal House, Ewa Beach) def. Kalani Ng (Jesus is Lord Gym, Waipahu)
TKO via referee stoppage at 0:30 into R1

MMA: 205-lb:
Kala Kolohe Hose (Bad Intention, Waianae) def. Corey Daniels (Team MMAD, Kailua)
TKO via referee stoppage at 2:58 into R2.

Kickboxing: 160-lb:
Ikaika Choy-Fu (Jesus is Lord Gym, Waipahu) def. Stoka Solla (Lee’s Shaolin Boxing, Honolulu)
TKO via referee stoppage at 0:12 into R3.

MMA: 185-lb:
Reese Andy (AMC Pankration, Kirkland, WA.) def. Trevor Garrett (Dayton, OH)
Submission via rear naked choke at 4:15 into R1.

Kickboxing: 135-lb:
Tyson Nam (Lee’s Shaolin Boxing, Honolulu) def. Frankie DeJesus (808 Fight Factory, Waipahu)
Unanimous decision [(30-27), (30-27), (30-27)] after 3 rounds.

Kickboxing: 155-lb:
Harris Sarmiento (808 Fight Factory, Waipahu) def. Alex Zarriello (Lee’s Shaolin Boxing, Honolulu)
Unanimous decision [(30-27), (30-27), (30-27)] after 3 rounds.

MMA: 185-lb:
Nick Ring (AMC Pankration, Kirkland, WA.) def. Kimo Woelfel (Kodenkan, Kaneohe)
Submission via rear choke at 2:06 into R1.

MMA: 160-lb:
K.J. Noons (City Boxing, San Diego) def. Bryson Kamaka (808 Fight Factory, Waipahu)
KO via kick to the head at 1:20 into R1.

MMA: 135-lb Hawaii State Flyweight Title Fight:
Ed Kelii Newalu (808 Fight Factory, Waipahu) def. Mark Oshiro (Bulls Pen, Honolulu)
Majority decision [(28-28), (29-28), (29-28)] after 3 rounds.
*Ed Kelii Newalu becomes the first SuperBrawl Hawaii State Flyweight Champion.

MMA: 162.5-lb:
Ryan Diaz (Gibson Pankration, British Columbia, Canada) def. Kolo Koka (M.M.A.D., Kailua)
Submission via armbar from the guard at 4:01 into R2.

MMA: 175-lb North American Welterweight Title Fight:
Jason "The Mayhem" Miller (Cobra Kai, Las Vegas) def. Mark Moreno (Bulls Pen, Honolulu)
Submission via armbar from the mount at 4:54 into R1.
*Jason Miller becomes the first SuperBrawl North American Welterweight Champion.

MMA: 185-lb World Middleweight Title Fight:
Robbie Lawler (Miletich Fighting System, Iowa) def. Falaniko Vitale (808 Fight Factory, Waipahu)
TKO via referee stoppage at 4:36 into R2.
*Robbie Lawler becomes the new SuperBrawl World Middleweight Champion.

Outdoor Fighting Spectacular
Held July 23, 2005
At the Stetson Bowl Fair Grounds
Cloverdale, British Columbia
By Mike Neva

Boxing Results

Lindsay Ball def. Andrea Humphries by unanimous decision after 3 2-minute rounds

Pat Mcdonald def. John Dobier by unanimous decision after 3 90-second rounds

Steve Conkin drew Darren Kenny after 4 3-minute rounds

Mike Dowsett def. Mike Heathfield by KO at 1:05 of R1

Jason Palmer def. Clint Collins by disqualification from illegal strikes to a downed fighter at 1:13 of R1

Kevin Reynolds def. Mathias Hughes by TKO corner threw in the towel at 1:13 of R2

Muay Thai Results

Sal Ram def. Ramin Assir Nik by unanimous decision after 3 90-second rounds.

Trevor Smandych def. Shawn Yacoubian by unanimous decision after 5 3-minute rounds

Trevor Smandych kicking Shawn Yacoubian
Smandych kicking Yacoubian

From the event’s promoter:

Modern Ringsport
Held July 23,2005
Clear Channel Metroplex
Little Rock, Arkansas

Amateur Card

  • Paul Fox def Ronnie Stephens (LDMA) – Split Decision
  • Clayton Misner def. Roger Jones – 0:37 of R1 Rear-Naked Choke
  • Matt Puckett (LDMA) def. Stephen Griggs 0:25 of R2 Rear-Naked Choke
  • Brandon Hawkins (LDMA ) def Nick Smith 1:58 of R2 Doctor Stoppage
  • Misha "BIG M" Novitzky (LDMA) def. Adam DeRossitte 0:39 of R2 Verbal Submission
  • Don Johnson (LDMA/Alliance) def. Shawn Fitzsimmons 1:02 R1 Rear-naked Choke

Pro Card

  • JC Pennington (Team Voodoo) def. Chad Gauldin (LDMA/Snyder’s TKD) Triangle 4:40 R1
  • Mark Wiggins (LDMA) def. Adam Silicio (Team Voodoo) Unanimous Decision
  • Roli "the crazy cuban" Delgado (LDMA) def. Aaron Williams (Dixon’s Dungeon) Split Decision
  • Sean Sallee def. Jory Malone (LDMA) 0:49 Seconds R1 Arm Bar
  • Seth "MASS DESTRUCTION" Kleinbeck (LDMA) def Ron "killing" Fields (Killing Fields Fighting) 2:04 R1 Doctor/Referree Stoppage

From the event’s promoter:

Lighty Prepares For K-1 Tournament Debut

His skills are unquestionable and he’s proven that he’s got the resolve to match. Now, it will be up to 26-year-old Scott Lighty to assert himself with some of the world’s most dangerous strikers when he makes his debut in the main draw of a K-1 Grand Prix tournament at Las Vegas, Nevada’s Mirage Hotel and Casino on Saturday, August 13th.

"There’s gonna be a rude awakening in Vegas," said the confident Lighty, a winner of both K-1 tournament reserve bouts in which he has taken part. On both occasions, Lighty’s success landed him in the semifinal round of the cards’ single-elimination main event after an original member of the draw was unable to continue due to injury sustained in a previous tournament bout. "I think I’ve paid my dues. This is something I’ve been looking forward to ever since I started doing this seven years ago, so it’s an honor."

The quarterfinal round of the "Mayhem At The Mirage" tournament pits Lighty opposite 29-year-old Japanese Karate stylist, Tatsufumi Tomihira. Touted as his country’s top martial arts fighting prospect, the 6 foot 1 inch, 200 pound Tomihira has also been dubbed "Mr. Yellow Card" for his routine, blatant misconduct in the squared circle. "He looks good and he’s fast, but he’s beatable," said Lighty. "His wildness doesn’t mean a thing. The same thing’s gonna happen no matter what. We’re gonna get in there and fight and I’m going for the knockout."

Lighty’s success amongst the ranks of the promotion’s reserve roster began during his K-1 debut last August when he scored a second round stoppage of fellow Muay Thai stylist, Frank Cota, during the "Battle at Bellagio III" card in Las Vegas. On April 30th, he returned to Sin City and secured a three-round, unanimous decision over a previously undefeated Patrick Barry.

Unfortunately for the California-bred talent, his reserve bout triumphs did not carry over to tournament play. After his win over Cota sent him into single-elimination action, it was eventual "Battle at Bellagio III" tournament winner, "Mighty Mo" Siligia, who brought about Lighty’s downfall with a vicious overhand right. On April 30th, it was "Big Daddy" Gary Goodridge who pelted him with repeated leg kicks and dropped Lighty twice in the opening round of their meeting, bringing about a referee stoppage due to K-1’s two-knockdown rule that mandates a bout be stopped if a fighter suffers two knockdowns in a single round. Lighty is confident that things will play out differently on August 13th.

"I just need to be more focused and a little more careful," he explained. "(Last time), I took a lot of leg kicks. But, this time I’m going in a lot smarter and I’m going to be a little more patient and pick my shots."

Lighty certainly has the appropriate kind of training under his belt. A former student of San Francisco’s Fairtex Combat Sports Camp, he has found a home at The Pit, the gym that also serves as training ground to mixed martial arts champion, Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell.

The August 13th single-elimination affair will also mark the return of three-time K-1 tournament champion, Michael McDonald. A pair of featured Superfights during the card will see Siligia square off with former world boxing champion, Francois "The White Buffalo" Botha, and K-1 Max (154 pound limit) contender and world Muay Thai champion, Duane "Bang" Ludwig, take on three-time French Muay Thai champion, Remy Bonnel, respectively.

Tickets for K-1 "Mayhem At The Mirage" are on sale on K-1 North America’s official website, www.k-1usa.net, and are priced at $300, $200, $100, and $50, respectively.

From the event’s promoter:

WKA US Event To Air On CSS TV

Number of pre-registered tournament fighters at an all-time high

The 2005 World Kickboxing Association (WKA) USA amateur nationals tournament series and its accompanying Combat Sports Challenge 9 professional fight card, both of which will take place over the course of this weekend at Sterling, Virginia’s Dulles Sports Plex, will also air on Comcast Sports Southeast (CSS) network two weeks after their occurrence.

A deal for the television coverage was struck between Combat Sports 2000, the outfit producing the professional fight card, and representatives from the television network that reaches approximately 4.5 million homes in 11 states. A one-hour program on CSS will showcase the professional fight card as well as highlight footage from the amateur events.

The professional card’s main event, which has been changed, will see Minnesota’s Nat McIntyre square off with Pennsylvania’s Rami Ibrahim with the vacant WKA US Lightweight Pro Muay Thai Championship at stake. The remainder of the WKA US-sanctioned professional fight card will be as follows: Saul Mitchell vs. Edson Diniz , Mixed Martial Arts rules), Sean Hines vs. Jeff Perry (Muay Thai rules), and David Derby vs. Andre Soares (Mixed Martial Arts rules).

As of July 16th, a total of 138 competitors representing 11 states and 37 different martial arts schools were pre-registered for the three-day WKA US amateur tournament series that will kick off Friday with a single-elimination, mixed martial arts rules tournament. The numbered of pre-registered competitors represents an all-time high for the organization and a considerable improvement over the118 fighters who were pre-registered last year with the same duration of time remaining before the event.

On Saturday, its kickboxing rules tournament will be contested under the WKA’s three traditional sets of rules – Full Contact (above the waist kicks), Kickboxing (low kick), and modified Muay Thai. Competitors can register for either the "open" or "novice" division, depending on the competitive experience of each athlete. Both novice as well as open tournament fighters will be separated into 11 different weight classes and will engage in bouts consisting of three, two-minute rounds. The victor of each weight class in the open division will be crowned the United States champion in that class and be named to the United States national squad.

The final day of competition will consist of the Submission Grappling tournament that is open to all experience levels. Brazilian Black Belt Leo Dalla will oversee this affair to which "No Gi" rules will apply. All submission grappling tournament competitors will be registered into the new WKA US ranking system.

Amateur fighters interested in competing in one or more of the WKA US tournaments may pre-register for competition by completing an application that can be found on the WKA US’s official website, www.wkausa.com. Tickets for CSC 9 Pro Muay Thai and MMA and WKA US Finals can be purchased at www.CombatSportsChallenge.com.

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