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Tuesday, Jul 02, 2002

Chris Haseman Replaces Vladimir Matyushenko

From Josh Hedges/Zuffa:

UFC Logo
Chris Haseman replaces Vladimir Matyushenko

Due to a cut above his eye requiring 9 stitches, Vladimir Matyushenko has been forced to withdraw from his UFC 38 bout against Evan Tanner. Replacing Matyushenko will be Australian fighter Chris Haseman, a veteran of many MMA and RINGS competitions around the world.

Debi Purcell
Debi Purcell makes quick work of Amy Pitan for the Ultimate Wrestling Women’s World Championship
By Keith Mills

It was technique winning out over strength as 2-0 Ultimate Wrestling and HOOKnSHOOT vet Debi Purcell quickly dispatched 1-0 Ultimate Wrestling vet Amy Pitan to capture the UW Women’s World Championship belt last Saturday night. Debi took the early psychological advantage, striding to the ring with fellow HOOKnSHOOT Revolution vets Olga Bakalopolous and Tara LaRosa, both of which have been standing out in the grappling world with Olga recently receiving her purple belt and Tara taking first in her weight division in the Copa Atlantica BJJ Championships last month. Debi normally fights around 135 out of Ruas Vale Tudo while power lifter Amy was originally billed as 165 but as she told FCF actually weighs 190. Unlike many promotion’s female bouts these two both knew how to strike as they proved when they tore in to each other with straight and powerful head shots in the opening seconds. Amy seemed to get the worse of it as she tried to force Purcell into a neutral corner but Purcell responded with a double leg takedown into full mount. After maneuvering into her corner where Marco Ruas himself waited Debi broke Amy’s hold around her neck and went for an armbar. Debi later said she felt Amy’s elbow pop but Amy refused to tap so Debi, still in the armbar position, fired off a couple clubbing shots to Amy’s unprotected face. Amy still didn’t tap so Debi sat up and while isolating Amy’s arm with her left arm pounded on her face with her right until the ref stopped the action.

After the fight it was confirmed that Debi will be fighting in IFC’s July 12th show outside Porterville, CA. According to Debi, "as far as women in the sport are concerned. I feel the all women’s HOOKnSHOOT show has opened many doors for us, I have received many new names on my site (http://www.fightergirls.com/) and have spoken with numerous promoters who are now interested in putting females on their cards, we are here to stay so get used to it."

From the event’s promoter:


Warriors Quest 6: "Best of the Best"
Main Event Announced

Ray "Bradda" Cooper (Jesus Is Lord)
Warriors Quest Champion
Dennis "Superman" Hallman
UFC veteran

Hawaii’s phenom Ray Cooper will be facing the biggest fight of his career as he faces UFC veteran Dennis Hallman. Hallman, is best known for beating UFC Champion Matt Hughes twice in under minute and is also known for his battles with former UFC Champions Dave Menne and Jens Pulver. Hallman is also a ADCC veteran. Will Hallman submit yet another top fighter or will Cooper use his knock out power to punch his way to victory! Be there on August 3, 2002 at the Neal Blaisdell Arena in Hawaii to find out.

Niko Vitale Injured!!!

Vitale, who was suppose to face off with #4 ranked KOTC fighter Brian Foster, had to pull out due to an injury. Vitale got injured during a professional arena football game where he plays for the Hawaiian Islanders. Vitale injured his knee in the game this weekend. So stepping up is Waianae’s Hawaiian Warriors, Augie Padeken (brother of Cheyenne Padeken).

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:

First Match Announced

DSE announced has first match up of "MMA THE BEST Vol.2" on July 20th as follows:

Daiju Takase (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) vs Nino "Elvis" Schembri (Gracie Barra)

Koh Soukun (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) vs Bob "Terrible" Schreiber

Giant Ochiai (Monster Kingdom) vs Tomohiko Hashimoto(DDT prowrestling)

DATE: July 20th, 2002
OPEN: 16:00 PM START 17:00 PM
PLACE: Differ Ariake (TOKYO , Japan)

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:

K-1 World GP 2002 in Fukuoka
Match-ups Announced

K-1 has announced match up of "K-1 World GP 2002 in Fukuoka" on July 14th as follows:

K-1 WORLD GP 2002 in Fukuoka – July 14th(Sun) –
—- K-1 vs PRIDE —-
DATE: July 14th, 2002
OPEN: 13:30 PM START 15:00 PM
PLACE: Marine Messe Fukuoka (Fukuoka pref, JAPAN)

6th Match: Ray Sefo (American Present Boxing Gym, New Zealand) vs. Gilbert Yvel (Golden Glory, Holland)
5th Match: Peter Aerts (Mejiro Gym, Holland) vs. Alexey Ignashov (Chinuk Gym,Belarus)
4th Match: Mirko Cro Cop (Cro Cop Squad Gym, Croatia) vs. Remy Bonjasky (Mejiro Gym, Holland)
3rd Match: Musashi (Seido Kaikan,Japan) vs. Jossie Dempsey (ZERO-ONE & La Boxing ,USA)
2nd Match: Glaube Feitosa (Kyokushin Kaikan, Brazil) vs. Tra Telligman (Lions Den, USA) * Still in negotiation
1st Match: Cyril Abidi (Challenge Boxing,France) vs. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (Team Punishment,USA)

Opening fight
2nd Match: Nobu Hayashi (Dojo Chakuriki, Japan) vs. Masaaki Miyamoto (Seido Kaikan,Japan)
1st Match: Yusuke Fujimoto (Monster Factory, Japan) vs. Ryo Takigawa (Nisshinn Kaikan, Japan)
(All fights are K-1 rules)

From the event’s promoter:

Sunday, July 7, 2002 – Yokohama Akarenga

CONTENDERS 5 min 2 rounds rule

-90 kg
KEI Yamamiya (Pancrase ism) vs Masutatsu Yano (RJW/Central)

-77 kg

Satoru Kitaoka (Pancrase ism) vs Hiroyuki Kojima (Free)

-65 kg
Masakazu Imanari (Team Roken) vs Hideo Tokoro (POD)

-68 kg
Koji Komuro (RJJ) vs Takumi Yano (Ugo kai)

-70 kg
Eiki Kadowaki (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) vs Naoyuki Kotani (Rodeo Style)

-68 kg
Katsuya Toida (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) vs Koichi Kuwabara (Tokyo Yellowmans)

(15 min a match in which the two to submitte is the winner)

Mitsuyoshi Sato (Pancrase GRABAKA) and Yuki Sasaki (Pancrase GRABAKA)

Caol Uno (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) and Eiji Mitsuoka (RJW/central)

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