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Monday, Jun 20, 2005

Chute Boxe And Btt Ready For Pride Battle, Rizzo Looking For A Ko, Storm Samurai Results, And Barreto’s Knee Update!

Chute Boxe and BTT ready for Pride battle, Rizzo looking for a KO, Storm Samurai results, and Barreto’s knee update!

The Brazilian Beat:
      As we’re hitting middle June, anticipation and anxiety are in the air as few days are now apart from MMA fighting fans and the Pride Middleweight GP second round. This is maybe the most awaited show in recent years, with intriguing match ups such as Mauricio Shogun against Rogerio Minotoro lined up, giving us the Brazilian Top Team versus Chute Boxe rivalry once again, after a big hiatus in that grudge. Of course, with so much on the line, FCF and the Brazilian Beat couldn’t leave the tidbits regarding this event out of our space, and here we come with some information on what’s going on in Brazil, as everything seems to be on fire here, as we approach the Brazilian winter. There’s also much more, as Rizzo is about to make his MMA comeback, Storm Samurai just put another edition to its history, fighter’s are recovering, other’s preparing and life goes on as always in the Brazilian MMA scene. With this reporter turning older this Friday, let’s rush up the talk and go straight to the news, as you’ll have to forgive me but it’s time t party! As FCF brings the Beat, giving the sound and the voice to the news and much more, enjoy!

  • Brazilian Top Team heavyweight Carlos Barreto is still recovering from the knee injury suffered at the last Jungle Fight, in the early moments of his bout against Vladimir Matyushenko. The extent of the injury is still unknown at that point, as Barreto’s left knee has just started to show some improvement, therefore the UFC and Pride veteran will finally be able to do proper exams this next Monday, to decided when he can resume training. It is still unclear if he will be able to compete in September at the next Jungle Fight, likely in a rematch against Vladdy, but there is still hope. FCF will keep you posted.
  • Speaking of the Brazilian Top Team, Mario Sperry got back from Korea after the Gladiators FC 2 odd postponement. Ready to fight, Sperry told FCF he was surprised by the show being cancelled during the weigh-ins by some Korea immigration officials, as the fighters appeared to have only tourists visas and therefore couldn’t compete in a professional show. However, the "Zen Machine" told us he was fairly treated by the show, and the organization promises to have Gladiators FC 3 in a future date to be set.
  • Always busy, Sperry departed this past June 15th to Japan, where the Brazilian Top Team crew will finish their fighters’ preparation for the Pride GP 2nd round show, this coming June 26th. Joining Sperry and the fighters, Ricardo Arona, Rogerio Minotoro and Rodrigo Minotauro, are Muay Thai trainer Luis Alvez, Boxing trainer Luis Dorea, BTT trainer Bebeo Duarte, teammate Fabiano Capoane and there’s a chance Anderson Silva and Roan Carneiro will be joining the crew in Japan soon, to help out the last minute details on the preparation.

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