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Sunday, Apr 14, 2002

Chute Boxe Teamlooking To Take Over K-1!

Chute Boxe Team
Looking to Take Over K-1!

Text & Photos by Eduardo Alonso

Nilson de Castro
      With the huge success achieved by the Chute Boxe Academy athletes in NHB over the years, with Vanderlei Silva, Pele Landi, Murilo Ninja, Anderson Silva, among others winning fights and titles in the world’s most important events, many could have wondered why a Chute Boxe fighter was yet to step into the K-1 ring. The Chute Boxe team is originally a Muay Thai team, and K-1 is the biggest stand-up fighting event in the martial arts world, so it was natural that many Chute Boxe fighters would have the desire to compete and test their skills in K-1. Finally the chance has materialized, and just one week before PRIDE 20, K-1 will host the debut of a Chute Boxe fighter in the event. The man selected for the job is Nilson de Castro [pictured]. A Chute Boxe fighter who got his black belt on the same day that Vanderlei Silva got his, and has already fought some tough NHB battles. Nilson is an IVC veteran, and he was away from the ring for a while. However, after some incentive from his teammates Nilson decided to come back to the hardcore training at the academy, and resume his fighting career! The decision proved to be the right one, and Nilson de Castro came back with an impressive win at MECA 6 in January, and he is now welcoming his chance in K-1, hoping to open the doors to his teammates at the event and possibly start an NHB career in Japan as well, much like his long-time friend Vanderlei Silva. FCF had the chance to catch-up with Chute Boxe coach Rudimar Fedrigo, and the man himself, Nilson de Castro, just before they left for Japan!

FCF:   You have been dedicating yourself to NHB again, and even won at the last MECA. Did this opportunity to fight in K-1 surprise you?

Nilson:   To tell you the truth I was expecting an invitation from PRIDE, but since the K-1 invitation appeared, it was great! It’s every Muay Thai fighter’s dream to fight in K-1! I welcomed this opportunity very much, and it was a surprise — a very good surprise. I was expecting an invitation, but it was a surprise that it came from K-1!

FCF:   Since you have been dedicating yourself to NHB, how long have you been away from stand-up only fights?

Nilson:   Well, to be honest with you I fight standing up every day! [Laughs]

FCF:   [Laughs] Of course, but I meant not counting the Chute Boxe academy training!

Nilson:   [Laughs] I know! In terms of official fights, well, I believe I haven’t competed in Muay Thai since 1998, or 1999. I have been doing only NHB lately.

FCF:   Finally a Chute Boxe fighter will be fighting in K-1. This could be considered the realization of another Chute Boxe academy’s dream…

Rudimar:   Without a doubt, Nilson’s fight will be very important to us! This is something that we have been waiting for a long time and he’s very happy to be fighting at the biggest "Muay Thai" event in the world.

FCF:   Considering that the Chute Boxe team is originally a Muay Thai team, was it an old dream for the academy to have someone fighting in K-1?

Rudimar:   Yes, this was an old dream of the academy!

FCF:   How did this invitation for Nilson to fight in K-1 come about? Was Nilson the first fighter that the promoters invited to fight at the event?

Rudimar:   Well, what happened was the product of a group of things: The success of the Chute Boxe fighters in Japan, Vanderlei Silva’s good performances there, and also Nilson’s excellent fight at the last MECA. All those things lead to the invitation for Nilson to fight in K-1, and I think it’s going to be excellent!

FCF:   But Nilson, how did you get the news about this fight? Do you remember how it was?

Nilson:   Oh Yeah! I was training and the master came up to me and said, "You were invited to fight in K-1!" Man! It was really something you know. It was a huge happiness! I mean, I got very happy!

FCF:   Was it tough to prepare a fighter to compete in K-1, and at the same time prepare other fighters to fight at PRIDE?

Rudimar:   No, we didn’t have any extra difficulty because of it. We were always working a more specific Muay Thai training with Nilson, and he is feeling very well. He is prepared for this fight, and I’m sure it’ll be a great fight!

FCF:   How was the preparation for this fight? Did you train only Muay Thai?

Nilson:   Of course, I train exclusively Muay Thai for this fight.

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