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Saturday, Jun 08, 2002

Coleman Speaks On The Scare, Future In Mma

Coleman Speaks on the Scare, Future in MMA
By Joe Hall

Mark Coleman:  He WILL be back soon
FCF:   First off, are you OK?
MC:     Yeah, I think everything is going to be fine here in the end. Pretty scary moment for me — total paralysis for about ten minutes or so. I have almost all my feeling back now. I still have some numbness in my hands. There’s still a lot of soreness, stiffness in the neck. As we do this interview right now, I’m still on painkillers.

FCF:   What exactly happened?
MC:     I’ve had a bad neck for quite some time. Actually, it had been going very well for me for a long time. It was sort of a freakish incident where me and my partner Kevin Randleman were going about three-quarters-go, and he had gotten me up in the air using a wrestling throw. His feet kind of slipped out from underneath him, and I pretty much absorbed his weight and mine right on the top of my head. [The fall] snapped my neck back, and I lost feeling in my body.

FCF:   Obviously, that was a frightening moment. What thoughts were going through your head at that time?
MC:     I was laying there mostly thinking about my two kids. Who was going to take care of my children? After a while, I even got a little bit selfish, and I was wondering who was going to take care of me.

FCF:   I imagine someone called 911?
MC:     Yeah, they had to call the paramedics in. The ambulance came in, and I got carted away on a stretcher — that’s the first time that’s ever happened to me in my life. [It’s] just not a good feeling being driven away to the hospital and the uncertainty of what exactly was wrong. They took initial x-rays, and they showed a couple fractures on the neck. That was a scary situation, but when I got the MRI, there were no fractures. I do have some bone spurs in the neck.

FCF:   So, there wasn’t much question that the fight against Don Frye would have to be cancelled?
MC:     I would have to say it was over right from the get-go. I was just hoping to be able to get the feeling back, be able to walk, and be able to take care of my children.

FCF:   How many days were you in the hospital?
MC:     I spent three days in the hospital.

FCF:   You mentioned the doctors told you that you had a few bone spurs. What else did they say? And how has your future in fighting been affected?
MC:     I have some bone spurs. I have a little bulge in there. Surgery is an option, but I’ve already talked to some neurologists who have told me it’s not necessary. I do plan on avoiding [surgery] and just really strengthening the area and being more careful. I feel like it was a freakish incident, something I can avoid in a real fight.

I have to think about my kids and consider if I want to risk this. As we talk, my answer is definitely. This is what I do. I’m not going to deny it; there is a lot of fear involved. But as every day passes, I’m confident the fear will leave. I’m just going to work hard, and I still plan on coming back. I feel absolutely horrible to the Pride organization, the fans out there and Don Frye himself. He really deserved this rematch, and I was really looking forward to putting on a good show. I feel like I’ve let a lot of people down. But I’ve been down before, and I’m not the type of person that stays down.

FCF:   How long do you estimate it will be before you can get back to training or even step back into the ring?
MC:     I hope to be back as soon as possible. I’m letting things heal up here a little bit. It feels better daily. My range of motion is pretty well all the way back. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor who’s assured me that I can live to fight another day. It’s really up to me. At this point, I owe way too many people another fight. Especially the Pride organization, who have been so good to me. I really hope they’ll give me the opportunity to fight again. If they don’t, well, I don’t blame them, but if they don’t, I’ll be back in the UFC. I have to fight again.

FCF:   Is there anything else you’d like to say?
MC:     If this was the stock market, I could see a lot of people selling off [my] stock, but I can promise those who hold onto the stock, the value is going to go way back up. I am going to rise back to the top, and I will be on the champion platform again. I guarantee that.

Warriors Quest 5: New Blood
Held June 7, 2002
at the Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
By Chris Onzuka – Chris@Onzuka.com

Jon Weidler vs. Dave Yueng
As with a lot of events that feature new or upcoming fighters, someimes you get a night of action-packed fights and sometimes the fights are duds. This night had a mix of both. Some of the notable matches including the impressive KO from new comer, Mark Moreno, the 44-second submission by Malcolm Ahlo and Bozo Paling’s inspiring performance of being knocked out on his feet (or on his back in this case), surviving the last 10 seconds of round 1 and coming back and arm locking a tough Mike Haltom.

Welterweight 70.0kg Class B
Jim Kikuchi (808 Fight Factory, 5’7", 69.4kg)
Justin "Mercs" Mercado (Grappling Unlimited, 5’7", 67.85kg)
Majority decision after 2 rounds [(20-18), (19-19), (20-19)].

Light Heavyweight 83.0kg Class B
Kolo Koka (Grappling Unlimited, Kaneohe, 5’7", 76.55kg)
Aki Tago (Team Assassin, 5’7", 77.55kg)
Submission via rear naked choke at 1:19 into round 1.

Welterweight 70.0kg Class B
Jacob Vela (Koden Kan, Kaneohe)
Robert "The Piranha" Ilae (Professional Training Center, Waianae, 69.65kg)
Submission via guillotine neck crank at 55 seconds into round 1.

Welterweight 70.0kg Class B
David Padilla (Gamebred, Waipahu, 5’6", 69.2kg, 1-1)
Ed Newalu (Koden Kan, Kaneohe, 69.3kg)
Unanimous decision after 2 rounds.

Welterweight 70.0kg Class B
Abe Rodriques (Grappling Unlimited, Honolulu, 5’8", 69.9kg, 5-1)
Roland Fabre (Team Renzo, Long Island, New York, originally from France, 69.5kg)
Unanimous decision after 2 rounds.

Light Heavyweight 83.0kg Class B
Mark Moreno (Bulls Pen, Waipahu, 5’10", 79.4kg, Hawaii 3x Golden Glove Champion)
Bob Ostovich (Jesus Is Lord, Nanakuli, 5’10", 81.65kg)
KO at 2:14 into round 1.

Super Heavyweight Class B

Malcolm Ahlo vs. Maloka Sasa

Malcolm Ahlo (Professional Training Center, Ewa Beach, 5’9", 145.5kg)
Maloka Sasa (HMC, Kalihi, 5’9", 111.5kg)
Submission via Americana key lock at 44 seconds into round 1.

Welterweight 70.0kg Class B
Jon Weidler (Team Hybrid, New York, 5’7", 69.75 kg, 5-1)
Dave Yueng (HMC, Honolulu, 5’7", 69.60 kg, Warriors Quest #2 Rank)
Unanimous decision after 2 rounds.

Main Event
Lightweight 65.0kg Class A
Stephen "Bozo" Paling (Jesus Is Lord, Nanakuli, 5’5", 64.45 kg, Warriors Quest Champion)
Mike Haltom (Team Meyers, Indiana, 5’6", 64.45 kg, 20-2, 18 K.O.’s)
Submission via arm lock at 1:00 into round 2.

From the event’s promoter:

Pro Lineup Set for Extreme Challenge 48

      TAMA, Iowa — The lineup for the professional portion of Extreme Challenge 48 has been finalized and there’s no shortage of heavyweights.
      The pro/amateur event is scheduled for July 27 at the Meskwaki Casino * Hotel in Tama, Iowa.
      Tim Sylvia, 6-foot-8 and 260 pounds, returns to the ring fresh off his victory at the "Return of the Heavyweights" 16-man tourney in Hawaii. He will face former bodybuilder and hard-hitting Jeff Gerlick, 6-3 and 285, of Charleston, Ill., in the main event.
      Also, three-time Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran Andre "The Chief" Roberts returns to the sport after taking more than a year off to try pro boxing. Roberts, 6-2 and 335, was 5-1 in boxing and sports an 11-1 record in mixed martial arts. He’ll face heavy-handed undefeated (9-0) Nathan Sanches, 6-1 and 310, of Houma, La.
      Tyrone Roberts, also a UFC veteran, will compete in a heavyweight bout. The younger Roberts, 5-11 and 220, sports a 17-1-1 record and will face newcomer William Hill, 6-2, 240, of Aurora, Ill.
      In another pro bout, Vern Jefferson will face Kurt McKinnon.
      Besides the professional bouts, an Extreme Trials amateur competition will be held. Fighters can compete in five weight divisions — 150-under, 170-under, 190-under, 210-under and heavyweight — with the winners earning a berth into the 2002 MMA Nationals at the end of the year.
      For more information, contact Monte Cox at 563 332-2075 or email at Fiteiowa@aol.com.

The lineup:

Tim Sylvia (14-0)
6-8, 260
Bettendorf, Iowa
Jeff Gerlick (1-0)
6-3, 285
Charleston, Ill.

Andre Roberts (10-1)
6-2, 335
Tama, Iowa
Nathan Sanchez (9-0)
6-1, 310
Houma, Louisiana

Tyrone Roberts (17-1-1)
5-11, 220
Tama, Iowa
William Hill (0-1)
6-2, 240
Aurora, Illinois

Vern Jefferson (0-3)
5-7, 170
Tama, Iowa
Kurt McKinnon (1-0)
5-9, 170
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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