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Saturday, Sep 30, 2006

Combat In The Cage Iii: Marked Territory

Combat in the Cage III: Marked Territory
Report by Jim Genia – Photos by Tom DeFazio

(September 30th, Lincroft, New Jersey) The Collins Arena at Brookdale College was rocking tonight, as some of the best fighters in the North East threw down and fans and family alike cheered them on. Promoter Ed Hsu’s Combat in the Cage III had a roster filled with almost every local favorite, and it was a sure-fire recipe for success. There were submissions and strikes, wars and upsets — and before it was all over, three champs were crowned. Highlights of the night included:

  • Jersey Shore BJJ superstar Greg Soto, who faced his toughest and most skilled opponent yet in Dave Church. But Soto pounded out the win – and looked impressive as hell while doing it.
  • The return of Rhino Fight Team’s Jose Rodriguez, who faced a game Tenyeh Dixon. Okay, who taught the hard-hitting slugger that leg scissor-takedown/heelhook combo?
  • John Doyle, who survived the more-experience Todd Going’s submission onslaught to muscle out the win. This was Doyle’s first pro fight (after two amateur bouts), and he showed a ton of grit and determination en route to snagging the light-heavyweight belt. Respect!

Combat in the Cage 3: Dante Rivera pounding his way to a TKO victory over Eric Tavares - Photo by Tom DeFazio
Rivera pounding his way to a TKO victory


Combat in the Cage 3: Chris Ligouri wins the welterweight title - Photo by Tom DeFazio
  • Anthony Montenaro (Pitts Penn-152lbs) vs. Khristian Geraci (Pittsburgh Fight Club-153lbs)
    Montenaro via tap out at 1:04 of R2 – Geraci injured his foot (possibly from throwing a kick)

  • Branden Bice (PA Posse-231lbs) vs. Glen Sandull (Cornerstone MA-224lbs)
    Sandull via tap out due to exhaustion at 1:53 of R3.

  • Tom Pursell (ProPain-182lbs) vs. Sergio Vignare (Team Renzo/Almeida-182lbs)
    Vignare via tap out due to strikes at 1:57 of R1.

  • George Sullivan (Rhino Fight Team-170lbs) vs. Marc Stevens (TaiKai-172lbs)
    Stevens via rear choke at 2:58 of R3.

  • Dave Church (Team PKA-168lbs) vs. Greg Soto (Jersey Shore BJJ-167lbs)
    Soto via TKO – Church was unable to answer the bell for the second round.

  • Jay Coleman (Rhino Fight Team-169lbs) vs. Dave Drago (166lbs)
    Coleman via tap out due to strikes at 2:12 of R1 – total domination.

  • Andre Soares (ATT/IM Sports-135lbs) vs. Matt McCabe (Jorge Gurgel-134lbs)
    Soares via armbar at 1:09 of R1.

  • Tom Galechio (Rhino Fight Team-170lbs) vs. Jose Sulsona (Ultimate Dragon MMA-175lbs)
    Galechio via rear choke at 3:41 – a complete, one-sided beating.

  • Eddy Rolon (Team Endgame-182lbs) vs. Jerry Spiegel (Team Lionkill-185lbs)
    Rolon via armbar/triangle combo at 3:14 of R2.

  • Jim Miller (Planet JJ-154lbs) vs. Binky Jones (Ground Control-154lbs)
    Miller via triangle at 1:55 of R2 – an outstanding performance by Miller.

  • Jerome Smith (freestyle-265lbs) vs. Jon Murphy (Shamrock Submission Team-242lbs)
    Murphy via ref stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 1:20 of R2 – Murphy looked great, and Smith deserves a ton of credit for taking this fight on less than 24 hours notice.

  • Jose Rodriguez (Rhino Fight Team-180lbs) vs. Tenyeh Dixon (Ground Control-184lbs)
    Rodriguez via heelhook at 1:19 of R1.

  • Combat in the Cage Light-Heavweight Championship
    John Doyle (Sparta Athlima-203lbs) vs. Todd Going
    Doyle via guillotine at 1:36 of R1 – the upset of the night! Doyle is now the light-heavyweight champ.

  • Combat in the Cage Welterweight Championship
    Chris Ligouri (Rhino Fight Team-169lbs) vs. Matt Brown (Jorge Gurgel-170lbs)
    Ligouri via rear choke at 0:42 of R2 – Ligouri is the new welterweight champ.

  • USKBA Cruiserweight Title Fight
    Eric Tavares (ATT/IM Sports-184lbs) vs. Dante Rivera (Team Renzo/Almeida-189lbs)
    Rivera via ref stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 4:44 of the R1. Rivera is the new USKBA Cruiserweight Champ.

Cage Rage 18: Battleground
Held Sep. 30, 2006 – Wembley Arena, London, England
By David West

Before a packed house of 8,000 people, Ian "The Machine" Freeman took the British Light-Heavyweight title from Mark "The Beast" Epstein by outwrestling his opponent and roughing him up on the floor. Freeman survived a knockdown early in the first round, when Epstein’s left hook found the mark, and thereafter he chose to keep the fight on the canvas for the remainder of the match, grinding out the win over a frustrated Epstein who clearly would have preferred to stand and duke it out.

Mark "The Wizard" Weir and Murilo "Ninja" Rua delivered plenty of drama in their clash, with Weir twice escaping two arm triangles in the first round before blasting a tiring Rua at the start of the second. Weir’s fast high kicks staggered Rua and a knee to the face had him reeling, but the Brazilian managed to score a takedown and his third arm triangle of the match finally sunk in tight, forcing Weir to tap out moments after he had been on the verge of knocking his man out.

British heavyweight champ Rob Broughton looked nervous coming down the ramp to make his first title defence against Robert "Buzz" Berry and when Berry came out swinging, Broughton initially looked unsure how to respond. However, he quickly found his confidence when he started getting the better of Berry as they traded haymaker for haymaker, until Broughton drove Berry to the fence and blasted him out cold with a barrage of huge punches. Broughton’s star continues to rise and he has become a favourite of the London crowd.

Cage Rage 18: Vitor 'Shaolin' Ribeiro victorious over Adbul Mohamed - Photo by David West

Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro completed his first defense of his World Lightweight crown with another jujitsu clinic. After exchanging punches with Adbul Mohamed, Ribeiro took him down and passed to mount. When Mohamed tried to escape, Ribeiro smoothly slipped around for a Kimura and Mohamed had nowhere to turn after 4:27 of round one.

Tony Fryklund took Alex Reid down after some energetic milling in the clinch and when Fryklund dropped back for a heel hook, Reid kicked him twice in the face whilst they were both on the floor – a flagrant foul and an interesting one since at the rules meeting the day before Reid had specifically asked about the legality of kicking to the face in that situation. An enraged Fryklund cranked furiously on the heel hook leaving Reid no choice but to tap after 1:32.

Paul Daley confirmed his place at the top of the UK Welterweights knocking out Sol Gilbert to keep his British title in the second round with a display of brutal ground and pound, while Robbie Olivier totally dominated Brad "One Punch" Pickett to take the British Featherweight title in a devastating performance. Olivier scored numerous takedowns and punished Pickett on the floor, giving him a huge black eye by the third round. Pickett never stopped trying to turn the fight around, but Olivier was relentless and when he took Pickett’s back in the third round he sunk in the choke that ended the fight and gave Olivier the title he had so fervently hungered for.

Cage Rage 18: James Evans-Nicolle (left) kicks as Zelg Galesic punches - Photo by David West
Evans-Nicolle (left) vs. Galesic

Full Results

Zelg Galesic def. James Evans-Nicolle – TKO (ref stoppage – strikes) 2:02 R1

Xavier Foupa-Pokam def. Alex Cook – Armbar 4:45 R1

Robbie Olivier def. Brad Pickett – Rear-naked choke 3:03 R3

Paul Daley def. Sol Gilbert – KO 2:58 R2

Alexandru Lungu def. Mark Buchanan – Key lock 1:5 R1

Mustapha Al-Turk def. Henry Miller – TKO (ref stoppage – strikes) 0:56 R1

Tony Fryklund def. Alex Reid – Heel hook 1:32 R1

Vitor Ribeiro def. Abdul Mohamed – Kimura 4:27 R1

Rob Broughton def. Robert Berry – KO 3:33 R1

Dave Legeno def. Kimo Leopoldo – Guillotine 3:21 R1

Murilo Rua def. Mark Weir – Arm triangle 1:15 R2

Ian Freeman def. Mark Epstein – Unanimous decision

Elite Fighting 2: The Ultimate Decision
Held Sep. 29, 2006 – PNE Agrodome
Vancouver, British Columbia
By Mike Neva

"I turned the triangle into an arm bar and I was taking that arm home with me," said an excited Blake Fredrickson following his submission victory at the second edition of Elite Fighting. Fredrickson battled Posener Pankration stand-out, George Kassimatis, for the honor of being the first Elite Fighting 155 lb world champion. Although Kassimatis did leave the ring with all limbs in tact, Fredrickson did take home a shinny belt and the title of Elite Fighting champion. After a brief feeling out period in which neither fighter was able to land any telling blows, Fredrickson rushed for bodylock and dumped Kassimatis to his back landing in the half guard. Fredrickson picked away with punches until backing out of the guard and bringing the fight back to the standing position. Following a number of back and forth exchanges it was Kassimatis that took Fredrickson to the mat. From his back the newest member of Team Revolution, Fredrickson, stayed patient and methodically slid his leg up for a triangle switching off to an arm bar for the tap out late in the first round.

"I sucked – pretty much, to be honest," said Fredrickson. "I’m a slow starter, I usually get beat up in the first round and need to get hit to know I’m in a fight. But hey, I’m the Elite Fighting 155 pound world champion."

Elite Fighting 2: Blake Fredrickson finishing off George Kassimatis with an armbar - Photo by Mike Neva
Fredrickson finishing off Kassimatis

In other action, Vernon White took on late replacement Victor Valimaki in what turned out to a slow paced the main event. The first round looked like a scene out of Dan Severn vs. Ken Shamrock 2, with neither man willing to engage, and as the round commenced the Vancouver crowd showed their displeasure with chorus of boos. Mercifully, Valimaki turned up the heat in the second round with multiple takedowns and some solid ground and pound, which lumped up the crafty White. During the third round it seemed that White had little to counter Valimaki’s continued ground assault. As time ticked away White’s cornerman, Kit Cope, pleaded with the Lion’s Den fighter to do anything, but White seemed to have nothing left in the gas tank as the final bell sounded. Ultimately it was Valimaki who took the unanimous decision victory.


Logan Boucher def. Pete Adamcik by TKO doctor stoppage from a cut at 2:28 of R3
Len Tam def. Bryan Edge by unanaimous decision after R3
Anthony Vagay def. Mike Grant by guillotine choke at 1:52 of R1
Marcus Vinicios def. Dave Pogson by arm bar at 1:40 of R1
Tim Thurston def. Gump Pheuneuth by headlock choke at 4:02 of R1
Liz Posener def. Karen Oliver by TKO referee stoppage from punches at 4:13 of R1
Asia Balliet def. Marcus Kicks by TKO doctor stoppage from a cut at 2:55 of R1
Adam Laporte def. Hardeep Singh by Kimura at 3:42 of R2
Blake Lirette vs. Jerry Elliot was a no contest due to an inadvertent poke to the eye at :23 of R1
Cesar Narita def. Sean Fewer by arm bar at 0:39 of R1
Chris Ade def. Leonard Carter by TKO referee stoppage from punches at 0:11 of R1
Garret Davis def. Myles Merola by unanaimous decision after R3
Blake Fredrickson def. George Kassimatis by arm bar at 4:46 of R1
Victor Valimaki def. Vernon White by unanimous decision after R3

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