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Tuesday, Aug 22, 2017

Conor McGregor’s Best Fights

The boxing world is ready to explode with one of the biggest fights in history just around the corner. Saturday the 26th of August will see one of the greatest boxers of all time go up against one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time, in a showdown that has pundits, fans and experts raving about either the end to a star-studded career for Mayweather or boxing’s greatest upset if McGregor can do the impossible.

UNdefeated Mayweather (left) and UFC star McGregor (photo via Independent.co.uk)

The 29 year old Irishman is an unknown entity going into the bout, with the fight being his first professional boxing match outside of a very successful career as a UFC and cage fighter. He couldn’t have picked a better first opponent either, with many calling Floyd Money Mayweather Junior the best pound-for-pound boxer of all time. Although he is at the very end of an incredible career, his 49-0 record is at stake with plucky upstart McGregor the only obstacle in his way before a very comfortable retirement beckons.

The build up to the fight has been one of the most vicious in boxing history, with public trash talking now an almost daily occurrence. McGregor certainly hasn’t held back, calling out Pretty Boy on everything from his age to his tax returns. Although he talks a big game at press conferences and in front of the cameras, McGregor can certainly follow it up, boasting 21 career wins against only 3 losses, with 18 of those victories won by knockout. He is one of the most popular MMA fighters ever too, fighting in 4 of the 6 most watched fights worldwide and no doubt bringing in a lot of revenue thanks to his charismatic personality and solid brand image.

Memorable Moments

Although he has come under scrutiny from sparring partner Pauli Malignaggi for being too dirty in the build up to the fight, McGregor is known for his ferocity in the Octagon and the ability to explode into action from the first minute. His 70 second knockout against American Marcus Brimage proves his ability to win in the earliest stages of a fight. He has even told the press that he expects to end the fight within the first 2 rounds.

His toughness and determination will certainly not come into question either, even if it seems he could be hiding any self-doubt with an all-out trash talking offensive. His fight against Max Holloway could have ended differently after sustaining an ACL tear, but Notorious changed his strategy by going to ground, winning the fight under extraordinary circumstances.

Although he was eventually choked out by nemesis Nate Diaz, UFC fans will remember McGregor’s over reliance on his devastating left hand, a move which has ended many of his previous opponents. UFC President Dana White, who knows a thing or two about boxing, recommends that this is where McGregor has the opportunity to end Floyd’s night.

McGregor (left) in UFC action (photo via Rolling Stone.com)

As McGregor’s game plan takes shape and the more pundits realise his tenacity and determination, the odds are changing drastically. As he’s such an unknown entity, many think that literally anything can happen on the night and that Floyd can’t afford to rely just on his skills and experience. 888casino’s broad blog post contains all the details you need to make your mind up on the favourite, it provides some interesting information on the fighter’s potential earnings, as well as suggesting that there could be plenty of value in those lengthy McGregor odds.

Could he do it?

Mayweather has been the favourite since the fight was first made official, but fans and boxing experts are now changing their tune following leaked sparring footage and a seeming edge that McGregor seems to have over Money. Based on the shock factor and fact that we love an underdog, we have to favour the Irishman and will be cheering him on!


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