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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Csac Suspends Kyle For Wec Xx Episode Against Champion Olsen

CSAC Suspends Kyle for WEC XX Episode Against Champion Olsen
By Loretta Hunt – Photo by Daisy Rosas

Via a letter dated May 23, mixed martial artist Mike Kyle was informed that he had been temporarily suspended by the California State Athletic Commission for his behavior in a heavyweight title bout against defending champion Brian Olsen at May 5’s World Extreme Cagefighting XX, held at the Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino in Lemoore, California. Kyle’s name was also placed on a national suspension list pending further review of the incident.

"In reviewing the bout it is apparent that your conduct was not only a violation of the rules, but went against all sportsmanship," wrote CSAC Executive Officer wrote in the letter obtained by FCF. "You brutally beat an already downed and possibly unconscious opponent. You even struck him after the referee told you both verbally and physically to stop."

During the bout, Kyle had kicked a kneeling Olsen in the face, an infraction according to all MMA regulations’ versions currently utilized in the U.S. Olsen had been both verbally and physically instructed by referee Josh Rosenthal to halt the action at this time, but continued to strike Olsen until a second referee ascended the cage to assist Rosenthal in pulling Kyle off the now debilitated fighter.

Referee Josh Rosenthal tries in vain to pull Mike Kyle off of Brian Olsen
Rosenthal tries to pull Kyle off Olsen

Although the event was not held under the CSAC’s regulatory jurisdiction, public protest led Garcia to request and review a DVD of the bout. According to Garcia, Article 11, Statute 390 of California’s boxing regulations (of which MMA is not exempt) states that, "Any licensee who violates the laws of the State of California…or the rules of the Athletic Commission…who fails or refuses to comply with a valid order of a commission representative, or who conducts himself or herself at any time or place in a manner which is deemed by the commission to reflect discredit to boxing, may have his or her license revoked, or may be fined, suspended or otherwise disciplined in such manner as the commission may direct."

Kyle will have the right to request a hearing to appeal the ruling and must do so in writing within thirty days from the May 23 date.

MMA Expanding, Chiapparelli Pushes Grappling Event
L.A. Sub X Debuts Friday Night
By Derek Callahan

At the moment, Rico Chiapparelli is the guy leaving the party when everyone else is just showing up. On Friday, May 26, the first installment of Chiapparelli’s new Professional Submission League "L.A. Sub X" will play out at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. The show will be a series of one-on-one submission matches featuring many of today’s prominent mixed martial arts names.

UFC veterans Jeff Monson and Marcio "Pe de Pano" Cruz will be competing in separate matches; R1 staples Trigg and Matyushenko will also be on the card, as MMA representation is rounded out by welterweight Jake Shields. Familiar grappling circuit names like Ronald "Jacare" Souza and Marcelo Garcia have also been advertised to participate, with $35-$150 tickets available.

As MMA is exploding nationally more than it ever has in it’s 12-year history, Chiapparelli, owner of the R1 gym that has produced the likes of Trigg and Matyushenko, is shying away from MMA and keeping closer to his roots. "We’re trying to fit in where people don’t like the fighting but do like the competition," he says on why he chose to put on a grappling event instead of a fighting one.

Hoping that there is a big enough demographic in Southern California to make an event like this profitable, Chiapparelli is optimistic about going in a separate direction from the recent breakout of seemingly countless sanctioned MMA events in the state. "The grassroots have been huge forever [but] everybody is getting into the game now," he says. "There’s a huge over-saturation in the market."

One risk to the show will be that, in a culture where people seem to be looking for something more and more extreme, Chiapparelli is aiming to promote the tamer side of MMA. Still, the SoCal location is optimal: in a place where MMA is turning into the new prime activity, introducing where it came from may not be too outrageous an idea.

"Most people got into fighting through Brazilian jiu-jitsu and now wrestling," says Chiapparelli, who eventually plans to crown champions in his show. As of yet there are no weight classes, but where each competitor needs to be on the scales is, according to Chiapparelli, written out within their contract.

"Because of the increased awareness [of MMA] everyone should be profiting," says Chiapparelli. "There is a market for it, we just don’t know how big it is."

For Chiapparelli the event is the first of what he hopes will be many. For one thing, he now has the time to put forth the effort required to make a successful show.

"With the maturation of the fighters I can focus on other things," he says, noting that Matyushenko and Trigg now require "no guidance at all." As MMA gets bigger in California, Chiapparelli sees more doors opening for success in the market. "We’re trying to ride that wave," he says.

Tickets for L.A. Sub X can be purchased at www.ticketmaster.com.

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