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Wednesday, Oct 31, 2001

Cutting Weight For Ufc 34

Cutting Weight for UFC 34
By Jim Genia

Randy Couture at UFC 34 weigh-in
      The weigh-ins for the Ultimate Fighting Championship 34 took place at the MGM Grand today, and though fans had an easy time meeting the UFC’s top stars, some of the fighters had a tougher time cutting weight. One fighter in particular, Homer Moore, had to be re-weighed — after taking full advantage of the hour grace period permitted under Nevada State Athletic Commission rules.
      Cutting weight, which is a fact of life in nearly any sport with weight classes, played no small role in today’s event. In the 155 to 169.9 pound welterweight division, both challenger and champion were cautiously optimistic before stepping on the scale.
      Challenger Matt Hughes was 177 pounds back in Iowa, but when he got to Vegas, he found himself at 185. "No big deal," he said, as fans began to file in and clamor for autographs. "It’s my fault, but I should be fine." He later made weight, coming in at 169.9 pounds.
      Welterweight champ Carlos Newton, who usually walks around at 185 to 190, was 171 pounds just prior to the official weigh-ins. He was 169 when it counted. "I feel great," he said afterwards. "Very genki." "Genki," when translated from Japanese, means "healthy" or "peppy" — which was an accurate description of the champ as his trainers led him off to the buffet.
      In the light-heavyweight division, Evan Tanner came in at 199 pounds. His opponent, Homer Moore, did not make weight at that time, as he was a pound and a half over the 205-pound limit. As per Nevada rules, Homer was given time to work it off. He returned to the scale at 202 pounds. Present at the second weigh-in were Homer’s cornermen, and Zuffa official Lisa Faircloth and owner Lorenza Fertitta. Evan was not present, although it was done with his consent — and videotaped.
      None of the heavyweights seemed to have weight-cutting worries – heavyweight champ Randy Couture weighed in at 225 pounds, while challenger Pedro Rizzo was 235 pounds. Pete Williams and Ricco Rodriguez weighed in at 230 and 240 pounds, respectively. Josh Barnett was 245, while Bobby Hoffman tipped the scales at 254 – the heaviest competitor on the card. Newcomer Frank Mir was 247, which raised the eyebrows of his opponent, Roberto Traven. Roberto was only 214 pounds himself.
      Lightweights Caol Uno and BJ Penn were 153 and 154 pounds.
      In the middleweight division, "New York Bad-Ass" Phil Baroni was 184.5 pounds. Olympian Matt Lindland was only a half-pound less, weighing in at 184.
Tito Ortiz with Brian Sobie filming for the Full Contact Fighter TV show
      Present for autograph signing were light-heavyweight champ Tito Ortiz, middleweight champ Dave Menne, and lightweight champ Jens Pulver. Rounding out the roster were fighters Chuck Liddell and Gil Castillo, and former Playboy model Angelica Bridges. Not present were the fans who had flocked to the weigh-ins for UFC 33, as the turnout seemed to be slightly less than before. Still, the atmosphere was one of anticipation. Will this show be more exciting than the last? Will the judges end up deciding all the fights? We’ll know tomorrow night.

Angelica Bridges filming for the Full Contact Fighter TV show... Which head is the cameraman thinking with?  Is he about to bring out the boom microphone?

Matt Lindland:
UFC 34 Pre-fight Interview

By Aaron Crecy

Matt Lindland and Phil Baroni at UFC 34 weigh-in
Matt Lindland will make his third appearance in the Octagon when he puts his unbeaten MMA record on the line versus the outspoken Phil Baroni at UFC 34. A 2000 Olympic silver medallist in Greco-Roman wrestling, Lindland’s last fight ended by disqualification when Ricardo Almeida received a third foul for illegal kicks to the face. However, Lindland was well ahead on all three judges’ card prior to the DQ, which came with approximately forty seconds remaining in the bout.

Lindland is a member of Team Quest, along with Randy Couture and Dan Henderson. He lives and trains in Gresham, Oregon, where he and his two business partners own a thriving used car dealership. Matt took some time to answer some questions earlier this week, speaking candidly about his opponent, his training, and his fight with Almeida.

FCF:   If Phil Baroni’s punches are as big as his mouth, you might be in trouble. What is your opinion on his pre-fight trash talking?
ML:     Phil Baroni? Is that the guy I’m fighting?

FCF:   With the Greco-Roman World Championships in December, how much of your training is devoted to MMA as compared to wrestling? Is there a crossover between the two types of training? I imagine it helps with cardio.
ML:     I’ve been training only for MMA. After this fight I will start thinking about the Worlds. I always use Greco-Roman as part of my MMA training, although I have been concentrating on my striking

FCF:   This fight promises to be a match-up of two ground and pounders — do you have the advantage, considering that Baroni’s has never faced someone with your elite wrestling skills? As a Greco-Roman wrestler who focuses on upper body attacks, do you have trouble defending leg attacks?
ML:     I was actually a pretty decent freestyle and collegiate wrestler. I won two national freestyle titles and was a Pan Am freestyle champion. I train with some high level wrestlers and the only guy I have trouble stopping any takedowns against is Randy. If Phil was a decent wrestler I think I would have heard of him.

FCF:   What have you done to improve your striking and submission skills since your last appearance in the Octagon, a win by DQ over Ricardo Almeida in UFC 31? Who have you been training with other than Randy?
ML:     Dan, of course. I think he is great at subs and the stuff he uses and shows me works right into my style. I also work with a lot of other good submission guys, not just wrestlers. I also trained with Maurice Smith.

FCF:   With Dan Henderson in Japan and Couture preparing for the main event, who will be in your corner at UFC 34? Give us your thoughts on the difficulty of having the UFC and Pride on the same weekend — and given the time change, the same day.
ML:     Dan would be my first choice to corner — he did a great job last time. I will have Chael Sonnen in my corner. Dan worked with Chael and got him ready to corner. I would like Randy to come out for the fight but that’s up to him

FCF:   You took some criticism after your last UFC appearance — although you were winning decisively before Almeida was DQ’d with about forty seconds remaining in the fight, some Internet fans complained that it was boring. What are your thoughts?
ML:     WWF. That’s what I say to those fans — watch the WWF. Almeida is a world class submission fighter. I fought a smart fight and did what I had to do to get the win. Sure it would be great to be the most exciting fighter and I hope to become more exciting, but this is a sport and I’m out there to win. I train to win, and I think that’s exciting

FCF:   What feedback did Dana White and Joe Silva give you? Did the fan backlash have something to do with the UFC passing you over for a fight with Dave Menne for the then-vacant middleweight belt, or did your plans to compete in the World Championships prevent the match-up?
ML:     I was supposed to compete in the worlds that same weekend and that’s why I didn’t fight Dave. The worlds were cancelled and I could have fought but it was to late.

FCF:   Is it difficult balancing your training with your car dealership (USA Auto Wholesale)? How much time do you dedicate to training?
ML:     No. My business partners are great about picking up my slack when I’m training. They are very supportive and huge fans of the sport. So, I work hard when I’m not training and when it’s time to train that’s all I do.

FCF:   Do you prefer the hard sell or the soft sell?
ML:     My goal is to find my customers a quality pre-owned vehicle at a fair price that fits their budget. If needed, I am also determined to help secure financing for all my customers — even those with bad credit. Anyone who might be in the market for a pre-owned vehicle can visit us online at www.usaautowholesale.com.

FCF:   Do you plan to retire from amateur wrestling after the World Championships and focus 100% on MMA?
ML:     I wouldn’t say retire, but take some I do plan to train MMA full time and make this my career

FCF:   Who wins in practice — you or Dan? He says your best-of-three victory over him at the World Team Trials was a fluke — something about you cheating and biting.
ML:     I kick his ass. He begged me not to hurt him in those matches. Good luck, Dan — beat somebody up in Japan.

Fighters at Pride-17 press contest
Closing In On Championship Chaos
By Aaron Crecy

Tokyo — There is a chill in the Tokyo air, but the temperature at the Shinjuku Hilton is almost at a boiling point as Pride 17 approaches. All the fighters gathered today for a press conference, where they were introduced to the media, shook hands and posed for photos. All but Vanderlei Silva, that is, who chose to stare icily at Kazushi Sakuraba rather than shake his opponent’s outstretched hand. Nobuhiko Takada was not present at the press conference.

  • Dream Stage Entertainment announced the launch of a new Pride video game for PlayStation 2 in May 2002. Stay tuned for details on the new game in tomorrow’s report.
  • A rules meeting followed the press conference, where several a new rule and revised scoring system were announced. In the middleweight division — below 93 kilos — the new rules states that if there is a weight difference of 10 or more kilos, the lighter fighter has the choice to allow kicks and knees to the face and head when the fighters are in the four points position. If the lighter fighter approves, both fighters will be allowed to do so. If the lighter fighter does not give approval, neither fighter will be allowed such attacks.
  • In the heavyweight division — 93 kilos and above — this rule applies when there is a weight difference of fifteen or more kilos. And when fighters from both divisions face one anther, the middleweight rule is enforced.
  • After the penalty-shrouded fight between Don Frye and Gilbert Yvel in Pride 16, Dream Stage officials took a strong stance against fouls, stating that yellow cards would have a severe impact upon scoring. When asked for clarification on how the scoring would specifically be impacted, it was said that each judge would make that determination individually. In addition, it was announced that the judges will not use a round-by-round scoring system or keep a running point total — two previous tactics — but will instead determine a winner based upon the entire 20 minute fight. The criteria is as follows:
    1. Attitude — willingness to go for a knockout
    2. Damaging attacks via strikes and submissions
    3. Techniques in the standup and ground control
    4. Takedowns and takedown defense
    5. Aggressiveness
    6. Weight differential (when applicable)


  • Special rules will be implemented in the bouts involving K-1 fighters Mirko Filopovic and Matt Skelton. The fights will consist of five three-minute rounds and inactivity when on the ground will be penalized with a yellow card for the fighter on top and a restart. If the fighters become tangled in the ropes when on the ground, the fight will be restarted with both fighters in the standup.
  • Bas Boon reports that Golden Glory fighters Valentijn and Alistair Overeem are both out of jail and back in training after serving time for a road rage incident. Although the brothers were attacked, the beat the other motorists quite severely and were incarcerated. Alistair spent six month behind bars while Valentijn was able to split his time into two visits, serving several month earlier in the year and then another two months following Pride 15.
  • Heath Herring professes to have been spending more time in the weight room and the extra work clearly paid off, as he is more muscled than ever before. While Rodrigo Nogueira would have preferred to have more time to prepare and hit the weights himself, Pride offered him a deal that he couldn’t refuse.
  • Sakuraba weighed in at 83 kilos today while Silva was 91 kilos — a 17.6-pound discrepancy.

Official Bout Order

  1. Renzo Gracie vs. Michiyoshi Ohara
  2. Quinton Jackson vs. Yuki Ishikawa
  3. Dan Henderson vs. Murilo "Ninja" Rua
  4. Semmy Schilt vs. Masaaki Satake
  5. Igor Vovchanchyn vs. Mario Sperry
  6. Tom Erikson vs. Matt Skelton
  7. Nobuhiko Takada vs. Mirko "Cro Cop" Filopovic
  8. Heath Herring vs. Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira
  9. Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Vanderlei Silva

Click here to order UFC 34 tickets
UFC 34: High Voltage
Tickets available from:
Ticket Master: 702-474-4000

MGM Grand: 877-880-0880

Main card:

  • Randy Couture vs. Pedro Rizzo
  • Carlos Newton vs. Matt Hughes
  • B.J. Penn vs. Caol Uno
  • Josh Barnett vs. Bobby Hoffman
  • Ricco Rodriguez vs. Pete Williams
  • Evan Tanner vs. Homer Moore


  • Roberto Traven vs. Frank Mir
  • Phil Baroni vs. Matt Lindland

    *Card subject to change

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    • Interview with Carlos Newton
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    Vanderlei Silva:
    Ready to do it again!

    By Eduardo Alonso

    Kazushi Sakuraba and Vanderlei Silva
          When Vanderlei Silva fought Japanese superstar and Pride posterboy Kazushi Sakuraba for the first time on March 25th, few people believed in his chances to win. However it took Vanderlei less than two minutes to finish the fight, stun the Japanese audience, and become the first fighter to defeat Sakuraba at Pride. Not only that but with this victory the popularity of the "Axe Murderer" grew all over the world, and after lots of speculation and expectations, the awaited rematch is finally going to happen! The Tokyo Dome will hold a crowd of more than 50,000 fans to witness who will prevail this time! In this short conversation with FCF, right before Vanderlei got to his plane to fly to Japan, the Chute Boxe star shows that he is more than ready to do it all over again, and become the first ever Pride Middleweight champion!

    FCF:   After your overwhelming victory over Kazushi Sakuraba at Pride 13, you are going to fight him again a very anticipated rematch. How are you feeling about this fight?
    VS:     I have a very good expectation about this fight, I have been preparing hard from a long time, and I expect to knock him out again!

    FCF:   At the first time you two fought, Sakuraba accepted to trade punches with you to most people’s surprise. Do you expect him to fight as open as he did last time, or do you believe he may present some kind of surprises?
    VS:     I believe that for me there’s no such thing as fighting one way or another! A fight is a fight! I’m the same, he is the same, and it doesn’t matter! I’ll go right at him! There’s no secret, so I believe nothing changes! We’ll both fight to win!

    FCF:   Are you concerned with the rule that Pride uses about the weight difference? Do you believe that rule (That when a fighter weighs 10kg or more than his opponent he can’t use knees and kicks to an opponent on all fours) will hinder you in any way?
    VS:     No, I don’t think so. I fight under the rules, but I believe that maybe this fight won’t even go to the ground. Maybe I’ll even knock him out standing.

    FCF:   You always enter every event very well prepared. How was your preparation for this fight against Sakuraba?
    VS:     I have been training a lot of cardio, taking care of my stamina. To tell you the truth I have been preparing for a longer fight you know. Maybe it can last more than 2 rounds, I don’t know! I believe everything can happen. If for any reason the fight goes longer than expected he will be surprised because I’m in great condition!

    FCF:   Pride will now finally have its belt, and you can be the first Pride middleweight champion if you beat Sakuraba. What does this means to you?
    VS:     I believe this is a unique chance. Pride is for sure the biggest NHB event in the world, and I believe that becoming the first Pride Middleweight champion will be great for my career! I think that every fighter dreams to be the champion of such an event, to have the belt, etc. This is really very important for every fighter! This is like a dream!

    FCF:   Your teammate Murilo "Ninja" Rua will also be fighting at the event, doing probably the toughest fight of his career, against the experienced Dan Henderson, whom you already fought at Pride 12. What can we expect from Ninja this time?
    VS:     You can expect a very aggressive Ninja in this fight, and I believe he is going to run over Dan Henderson! If I could bet on this fight I would bet a lot of money on Ninja. I believe Murilo is going to rock the house!

    FCF:   Any final message to your fans?
    VS:     Watch out for Chute Boxe, Vanderlei, Ninja, because Chute Boxe is all about brawling! We are going to do what you want to see! Who watches NHB wants to see real fights, hard fights, knockouts, and that’s what we are going to give to you! There’ll be lots of action! Every time that there’s a Chute Boxe athlete fighting, check it out because it’ll be a good fight!

    FCF:   Thanks once again Vanderlei! The best of luck in your fight!
    VS:     Thanks a lot! Don’t miss it!

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