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Tuesday, Jul 19, 2011

Dana White’s mom calls him a “prick” and “tyrant,” who turned his back on his family

An unauthorized biography on the UFC president written by none other than his mother

June White writes tell-all book, detailing White’s controlling tendencies and how he allegedly neglected his 93-year-old grandmother who lived in a trailer park as he made millions.

By Joshua Molina

For the past six years, Dana White has been the undisputed king of mixed martial arts. Along with a bit of fortuitous timing, he helped take a struggling MMA company and turned it into a billion-dollar enterprise.

Today, largely because of White, the UFC is arguably the hottest brand in sports, and must-see-TV for young men all across the country.  Many a challenger has attempted to topple White during his fast rise, but White, through strategic finesse and brute force has knocked them all down.

But now comes a challenger to White’s reign like no other.  His mother.

June White, this month, released a blistering indictment of her son, painting him as an egotistical, self-centered control freak, who turned his back on his family when he made it big.

“It is difficult for me to see how, as the popularity of the UFC evolved, the person I once knew changed into someone who is egotistical, self-centered, arrogant, and cruel,” White said. “Dana went from being a true friend, a good son, and a truly nice person to being a vindictive tyrant who lacks any feelings for how he treats others.”

When she sent him an email saying that his personal behavior had gotten out of control, and that, “I felt like aliens had abducted my Dana and replaced him with this other person and that I wanted my old Dana back,” Dana White fired back, “Who the fuck do you think you are, talking to me like that? No one talks to me that way.”

June White’s book, titled Dana White, King of MMA, takes readers through White’s childhood all the way to his position now as one of the most feared businessmen in the world.

The book comes at a time when White is at the height of his career. Earlier this year the UFC bought its only remaining legitimate competitor, Strikeforce, and, at least for now, seems poised to dominate the world of MMA unchallenged.

June describes her son as being a problem child who cried a lot as a kid, wasn’t very good at baseball, didn’t do his chores and never had a job growing up.

She said that the idea that he was a tough kid who raised himself on the streets in Connecticut is a “myth.”

She describes him as being a neat freak as child and “not your typical little boy who was always getting dirty.”  She said when he was two years old, he would change his clothes three or four times a day.

“Dana from when he was a little toddler to now, a grown man, was always very fussy about his clothes and how he looked,” June White wrote.

But her most scathing comments center around White’s personality and demeanor as an adult and his pattern of abusing people in the MMA world.

“Dana has made it big, very big, and has turned his back on his family and friends who were there for him when he needed help and support through the lean, tough times before he became Mr. UFC, King of MMA,” June White said.

In one story, June White describes her disgust with Dana for his failure to help his 93-year-old grandmother. Even as he was making millions of dollars, his grandmother lived poor in a Florida trailer.

“With all the success and good fortune Dana has had, he should be very generous and want to help others,” she said. “His grandmother who lived with us in Las Vegas, drove him to school and fixed dinner for him is now 93 years old and lives in a trailer in Florida. She lives on her meager monthly retirement check, and has lived in a trailer for the last forty years of her life. Dana has done nothing to be sure that she is comfortable and that she doesn’t have to stress over having money for everyday living expenses at her age. She drives an older model car and when she travels to visit children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, she pays for her own tickets and flies coach.  So much for having a grandson who is a multi-millionaire with his own jet.”

June White said the most Dana ever did was send a check for $5,000 to her – eight years ago.

“Dana can lose a million dollars gambling in a few hours and just shrug it off, but he can’t help out his 93-year-old grandmother?”

June White also describes White’s willingness to crush anyone who crosses his path. She said that White fired his longtime secretary when she complained to Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, Dana’s partners who own the lion’s share of the company , about his alleged verbally abusive behavior.

That same secretary then went to work for the now-defunct International Fight League (IFL). White and the UFC then sued the company, for “illegally using proprietary information obtained by hiring executives from the UFC. The IFL eventually closed down and the UFC hired many of its stars.

“Dana has a reputation for being ruthless and going after anyone he feels has said or done anything he doesn’t like with a vengeance,” she wrote. “Anyone who has ever worked for Dana knows Dana is dangerous and vengeful and will take legal action in a heartbeat.”

Most of all, June White sounds like she has been hurt by her son and the multiple times he allegedly told her to “shut the fuck up” in public.

“I have no idea where Dana got his filthy mouth because when he was growing up I didn’t swear in front of Dana or his sister,” she wrote. “At times, I don’t know how he can possibly make a comprehensible sentence with the f-bombs used as every other word.”

“Dana’s fans love him and think he rocks for what he has done with the UFC and MMA,” she wrote “I’m sure that will not change for him, but I am tired of stories about his life that aren’t anywhere near the truth. Dana was very loved and cared for growing up, and he was a sweet, loving, and special little boy. When he got older, Dana was a good friend to many people and a good son for many years. What changed him, I can only wonder. I am just disappointed in my son, my only son, my oldest child, the President of the UFC, the King of MMA.”


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posted by FCF Staff @ 8:00 am
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4 responses to “Dana White’s mom calls him a “prick” and “tyrant,” who turned his back on his family”

  1. Voltron says:

    That’s so funny. I can’t even judge who’s right or wrong, its just hilarious that Dana White’s mother hates him so much she wrote a whole book about it. What’s great is that she digs up every bad thing about his childhood too which theoretically has nothing to do with why she’s pissed at him now, but she just wants to take any shot she can at him. I’m surprised she didn’t reveal he wet the bed until he was in college, or was born with male and female genitalia or something. Maybe she has some naked bathtub pictures she could put in the book to humiliate him even more! I’m not sure I’d go out and buy it, but I’m sure I’d be entertained reading it.

  2. mtwills says:

    Voltron should read the book before commenting on it. It’s getting 5 star revues on amazon, barnes & noble and smashwords.

  3. What the fuck is a 93yr old duck doing behind the wheel of a car. Dana’s smarts definatly didnt come down your side of the “gene pool” mom.Be proud of your boy. Y.S.F.B.= you sour face bitch .

    • John says:

      Dude!!! You called her a 93 yo duck !!!!that’s the funniest shit I ever heard ….where did you get that from ….? Lol