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Friday, May 26, 2006

David Subs Goliath:

David Subs Goliath:
"Mayhem" Arm-Triangles "Giant" in 46 at Icon 46
Report and photo by Chris Onzuka

May 26, 2006 — A "David vs. Goliath" headliner tonight from the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii set up number-one contender Jason "Mayhem" Miller getting back in line to take on current Icon Sport Middleweight champion Robbie Lawler.

So the saying goes "The best-laid plans of mice and men…" The broken hand that Robbie Lawler suffered in February 25 Icon 45 fight against FalinikoVitale and Miller’s legal problems stemming from a December arrest for alleged burglary and assault has thrown the Icon Sport Middleweight division into turmoil these past few months.

However, tonight changed all that. Mayhem was back in action, as Miller made his return to the ring following a suspension by the Icon Sport organization while his legal issues played out. It was quite a comeback – Miller, who now fights at 185 pounds, took on the 6’7", 370-pound Stephan Gamlin. Almost quicker than the biblical David could whip out his trusty slingshot, Mayhem submitted his Goliath with an arm-triangle choke in 46 seconds.

Miller choking Gamlin
Miller choking Gamlin

Other highlights on the card included the furious pace of the Derek Stadler-Ku Lee fight, with Lee coming after Stadler like a bat out of hell. Stadler hung tough and submitted the wildman.

Kaleo Kwon and up-and-comer Marshall Harvest each turned the tides numerous times in their three rounds together, while the fight of the night was Sydney Silva’s bout against Lawrence Shorter – a classic match-up of the jiu-jitsu fighter taking on the wrestler. Shorter lived up to his nickname with an incredible pre-fight vertical leap and proved overwhelmingly strong. Silva locked up submission attempt after submission attempt, which Shorter picked up and slammed his way out of. After about three minutes, the intensity finally slowed. In the second round, Silva landed a punch that stunned Shorter and Silva took control of the fight and finished him with an arm-triangle choke.

A blast from the past, Gary Meyers met a revitalized fighter in Ray Seraille. Seraille took some time off from the fight game to develop his skills and make a proper comeback. It looks like he is well on his way.

"The Ultimate Fighter" Season 2 contestant Anthony "The Crush" Torres had his first fight back since appearing on the show, defeating Jerry Hackney with a referee stoppage from strikes from the mount. After a heartfelt dedication in his entrance video to the brother he recently lost, Icon Sport’s newest superstar in the making Tyson Nam took on a tough Bill Dexter. Nam proved that not only does he have star potential, but the skills to back it up. Nam dominated the fight, but Dexter kept him on his toes with some active guard work.

Icon Sport 46 Results

  • 135 lbs (3 Rounds – 3 Minutes)
    Ikaika Silva (Animal House, Ewa Beach) def. Jared Santos (Bulls Pen, Honolulu) – Submission (Armbar) 0:34 R1

  • 210 lbs (3 Rounds – 3 Minutes)
    Ron Verdadero (Jesus Is Lord, Waipahu) def. Jack Richardson (Bulls Pen, Honolulu) – Unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

  • 165 lbs (3 Rounds – 3 Minutes) – Derek Stadler (Bulls Pen, Honolulu) def. Ku "The Prophecy" Lee (Federation Koko, Honolulu)
    Submission (Rear-naked choke) 2:07 R1

  • Heavyweight (3 Rounds – 3 Minutes)
    Pat Collins (Team Papakolea, Honolulu) def. Jarret "Baby Cabbage" Lindsey (Bulls Pen, Honolulu) – Unanimous decision (30-29, 30-27, 29-28)

  • 155 lbs (3 Rounds – 3 Minutes)
    Kaleo Kwon (Eastsidaz, Waimanalo) def. Marshall Harvest (Animal House, Ewa Beach)
    Majority decision (29-28, 28-28, 29-28)

  • MMA: 170 lbs (3 Rounds – 5 Minutes)
    Sydney Silva (HMC, Honolulu) def, Lawrence "Little Randleman" Shorter (St. Louis, MO) – Submission (Arm-triangle choke) 1:05 R2

  • Heavyweight (3 Rounds – 5 Minutes)
    Ray "The Big Easy" Seraille (Grappling Unlimited, Honolulu) def. Gary "Iron Bear" Myers (Muncie, IN) – TKO (Ref stoppage) 2:59 R1

  • 175 lbs (3 Rounds – 5 Minutes)
    Anthony Torres (Team MMAD, Kailua) def. Jerry Hackney (Advanced BKJ, Charleston, WV) – TKO (Ref stoppage – strikes) 4:12 R1

  • 135 lbs (3 Rounds – 3 Minutes)
    Tyson Nam (Grappling Unlimited, Honolulu) def. Bill "Spider" Dexter (Dean Lister/The Boxing Club, San Diego) – Unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

  • Open-Weight 3 Rounds – 5 Minutes
    Jason "Mayhem" Miller (Pig Hunters, Mt. Ka’ala) def. Stefan "Giant" Gamlin (Freelance, Peoria, AZ) – Submission (Arm-triangle choke) 0:46 R1

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