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Saturday, Dec 15, 2001

December 16, 2001

Shogun logo
Honolulu Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
December 15, 2001
By Chris Onzuka – Chris@onzuka.com

Martin Armendarez has Tony Fryklund up against the fence
The inaugural Shogun event was a production extravaganza featuring laser light shows, two video screens on the sides of the cage, and one giant screen by the fighter’s entrance. The fighters came to the ring with their own individualized intro videos which included the fighters’ statistics. In between rounds, the video screens replayed the high points of each round of every fight. It seemed to get off to a rocky start, but basically that was because the promoters were taping the event for Pay-Per-View. The crowd did not understand that was the reason behind the periodic delays.

The underdogs had their day at this event as many of the fighters that were not favored to win, surprised their opponents by finding a way to pull out a win. Some of the highlights were the Fryklund-Armendarez war — these guys took and unloaded a ton of bombs; an unknown gave Yves Edwards the fight of his life; Cabbage destroyed Brink (everyone I spoke with before the fight thought the exact opposite); Baret Yoshida, after nearly being submitted with a guillotine choke, turned around and choked out Mitchell with the same technique; And finally, another war of attrition between Hallman and Bitetti. It was a very close fight, with Bitetti squeezing it out on the judges’ cards. Fight descriptions and pictures will be in the next issue of Full Contact Fighter. Don’t forget to subscribe now!

Welterweight Fight (155-169.9lbs)
Cruz Gomez (SLO Kickboxing) def. Abe Rodriguez (Grappling Unlimited)
Submission via arm bar from the guard at 1:47 into round 1

Christian Wellisch pounding on Dennis Tadio from the back mount
Heavyweight Fight (205-259.9lbs)
Christian Wellisch (AKA) def. Dennis "the Menace" Tadio (Grappling Unlimited)
TKO, referee stoppage due to punches from the back mount at 1:23 into round 1

Welterweight Contender Fight (155-169.9lbs)
Robbie Lawler (Miletich Fighting Systems) def "Shogun" Kawakatsu (Pure Bred Omiya)
TKO, referee stoppage due to punches from the side at 4:49 into round 1

Featherweight Fight (135-144.9lbs)
Makoto Ishikawa (Pure Bred Omiya) def. Dave Velasquez (AKA)
Submission via arm bar from the cross-side position at 4:36 into round 1

Middleweight Fight (170-184.9lbs)
Tony Fryklund (Miletich Fighting Systems) def. Martin Armendarez (Cesar Gracie)
Submission via standing guillotine choke at 0:47 into round 2

Featherweight Contender Fight (135-144.9lbs)
Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto (Pure Bred Omiya) vs. Josh Thompson (AKA)
Technical Draw – No contest because of groin kick by Thompson at 2:00 into round 2

Welterweight Fight (155-169.9lbs)
Duane "Bang" Ludwig (3rd Dimension) def. Thomas "Wildman" Denny (Team Wildman, rAw)
Submission via knee to the side of the stomach at 4:18 into round 1

Lightweight Fight (145-154.9lbs)
Yves Edwards (The 3rd Column) def. Kultar Gill (Team Gibson Pankration)
Submission via heel hook at 2:49 into round 2

Heavyweight Fight (205-264.9lbs)
Wesley "Cabbage" Coreirra (Grappling Unlimited) def. Aaron Brink (LA Boxing)
TKO, referee stoppage due to punches at 1:08 into round 1

Dennis Hallman in Amuary Bitetti's guard
World Featherweight Title (125-134.9lbs)
Baret "The Finisher" Yoshida (Grappling Unlimited) def. Caleb Mitchell (Cesar Gracie)
Submission via guillotine choke (Mitchell was choked unconscious) from the guard at 1:53 into round 1

Main Event Fight (170-184.9lbs)
Amaury Bitetti (Oswaldo Alves) def. Dennis "Superman" Hallman (Victory Athletics)
Majority Decision [2-1] after 3 rounds.

From RITC Writer/Statistician John Petrilli:

RITC 32 – Results
Ambriz defeats "A-Dawg"
Foland wins with 20-second KO

First things first. The Homer Moore versus Joseph Riggs fight did not take place. Both fighters were at Celebrity Theatre for the 4PM weigh-in ready to go. An administrative "glitch" prevented this fight from happening. The Arizona Commission would not accept transferability of Homer’s Nevada fighter’s license necessitating cancellation of this match. Hopefully this matchup will be scheduled for a future RITC show.

An enthusiastic and boisterous crowd of 1,500 enjoyed Rage in the Cage 32. In the Main Event, a trimmed down Jimmy Ambriz (at 295 lbs) defeated Allan "A-Dawg" Sullivan by injury stoppage in round 3.

Mike Foland, an absolutely "ripped " wrestler/weightlifter traveled all the way from Palm Beach, Florida just to compete in RITC. He won his match with a devastating 20-second knockout that had the entire crowd on their feet. This impressive victory earned Fighter of the Night honors for Mike. Other candidates for Fighter of the Night honors were Jimmy Ambriz and Steve Sayegh.


Fight #1
Farrell Frisby (143 lbs), Brausa Academy
defeated by submission (choke), 1:39 Rd 1
Adam Alvarez (134 lbs), Wolverine Submission Fighting

Fight #2
Alan Dougherty (154 lbs), Brausa Academy
Draw (1-1-1)
Brad Pole (153 lbs), Team Bad Boy (San Diego)

Fight #3
Thomas Stadler (182 lbs), Brausa Academy
defeated by decision (3 – 0)
Cecil Tudor (180 lbs), MKT Kick Boxing

Fight #4
Andy Montana (244 lbs), Muay Thai/Jiu-Jitsu
defeated by submission (key lock), :56 Rd 1
Heath Perry (222 lbs), Brausa Academy

Fight #5
Michael Chavez (165 lbs), Savage Te Dawg Pound
defeated by decision (2 – 1)
Santino Defranco (155 lbs), Brausa Academy

Fight #6
Robert Maldonado (186 lbs), Mixed Martial Arts
defeated by DQ, 1:29 Rd 2
Emmett Olvera (183 lbs), Todd Medina Freestyle Fight Team

Fight #7
Shane Schartzer (190 lbs), DeLuca Combat Academy
defeated by DQ, 2:44 Rd 1
DeeJay Hollingsworth (188 lbs), School of Martial Arts

Fight #8
Mike Rainieri (202 lbs), Brausa Academy
def. by ref stoppage (strikes), 2:29 Rd 1
Steve Castillo (216 lbs), Asher Toughman Academy

Fight #9 (Super Fight)
Steve Sayegh (236 lbs), Leininger Dojo
def. by submission (choke), :54 Rd 1
Wayland Berry (254 lbs), Brausa Academy

Fight #10 (Super Fight)
Mike Foland (201 lbs), Palm Beach Wrestling
def. by KO, :20 Rd 1
Brad Reynolds (202 lbs), Warrior’s Spirit Submission Fighting

Fight #11 (Main Event)
Jimmy Ambriz (295 lbs), Todd Medina Freestyle Fight Team
def. by injury stoppage (ankle), :14 Rd 3
Allan "A-Dawg" Sullivan (234 lbs), Savage Te Dawg Pound

The new and improved Rage in the Cage will return in CY2002 with even bigger and better shows. Please visit www.rageinthecage.com regularly for information on future events.

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