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Tuesday, Dec 23, 2003

December 20th: Mma Frenzy In Brazil! Meca 10, Minotauro’s And Pele’s Shows Guaranteed Lots Of Action On A Single Day

By Eduardo Alonso

December 20th: MMA Frenzy in Brazil!
MECA 10, Minotauro’s and Pele’s shows guaranteed lots of action on a single day

      In what can be called a unique day in Brazilian MMA history, three good level shows took place on the very same day, last Saturday December 20th, in our country. Keep in mind on the very same week HEAT FC 2 took place, going to show the considerable growth our sport has been experiencing in Brazil during the course of 2003, like this report has been mentioning endless times in his articles. After a busy year for Mixed Martial Arts, December 20th brought a great style closure to the fighting calendar in a country that rarely saw a show some years ago. MECA 10 continued its tradition in the city of Curitiba, Conquista Fight saw Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira’s first venture as a promoter in his birth place of Vitoria da Conquista, and Pele took the second edition of his show to Maringa, a city located on the same state as Curitiba. MMA was set to please all tastes that Saturday.

      CONQUISTA FIGHT: In what started billed as a small event mixing up MMA and Muay Thai matches on its card, the 1st Conquista Fight saw Rodrigo Minotauro using his influence and prestige to attract bigger names to his card at the last minute, to have the likes of Anderson Silva, Evangelista Cyborg and Junior Buscape among others competing at the show. In the end, the show that took place at the small city of Vitoria da Conquista, where Minotauro was born, in the state of Bahia, saw Anderson Silva winning against Diamante Negro in his first outing after leaving Chute Boxe, in a match up he controlled the stand up action making Diamante quit between the 1st and the 2nd rounds. Junior Buscape, making his BTT debut, took quick work of Nova Uniao fighter Devanir Marques, needing less than 2 minutes to make his opponent give up due to strikes. The biggest surprise of the show was Claudio Godoi imposing his ground game against once feared Evangelista Cyborg and getting a TKO in the 3rd round adding a very important win to his career. Here are the results from the MMA matches:

  • Marcilio Marcio def. Johnny Eduardo by armbar in R1
  • Adriano Nasal def. Claudio Alcantara by rear-naked choke in R1
  • Will Ribeiro def. Gabriel Barros by tap out in R1
  • Cesar "Profeta" def. Averaldo by KO in R1
  • Marcelo Salazar def. Alexandre Lima by judges’ decision
  • Yuri Fernandes def. Aloisio Freitas by KO in R1
  • Junior Buscape def. Devanir Marques by tap out in R1
  • Claudio Godoi def. Evangelista Cyborg by TKO in R1
  • Anderson Silva def. Diamante Negro by forfeit after R1

      CHALLENGER ORIGINAL BRAZILIAN VALE TUDO 2: MMA legend Pele Landi brought the second edition of his own MMA show, that debuted in October in Curitiba, to the city of Maringa, also located in the state of Parana [where Curitiba is the capital]. The show saw some of the names that graced the ring in its first edition and continued with its trend of giving a chance to the newcomers of the sport. Stand outs of the first edition of the show like Sandro Reni, Leonardo Pelucio and Eliezer Ninja returned to action with the first two conquering important wins, while Eliezer Ninja, billed as the next great thing coming out of Curitiba, experienced a loss to Jiu-Jitsu fighter Pato. Here are the results:

  • Cristiano (Gracie Barra) def. Gelson by rear-naked choke in R1
  • Binzo (Pele Team) def. Gringo by rear-naked choke in R1
  • Pablo def. Flavio Menega by referee stoppage in R1
  • Fabio "Testa" def. Jeferson "Gaucho" (Pele Team) by doctor stoppage in R1
  • Parana def. Chileno by rear-naked choke in R1
  • Jaime def. Cabeleira (Gold Team) by tap out in R1
  • Regiglaucio def. Curio (Gold Team) by tap out in R1
  • Leonardo Pelucio (Gracie Barra) def. Junior by tap out in R1
  • Pato def. Eliezer Ninja (Pele Team) by judges’ decision
  • Sandro Reni def. Enrico by KO in R1

      MECA WORLD 10: The most traditional MMA show in Brazil also returned this past Saturday, bringing its action to the city of Curitiba once again after a edition at Terespolis, near Rio de Janeiro, at MECA 9. The difference this time was that MECA took place at the Parana Clube Arena, instead of the traditional Palacio de Cristal. The show featured mostly newcomers and fans criticized the lack of well known names in the show. In the end, those who watched the show live on Pay Per View in Brazil or insided the arena saw the first ever women fight at MECA with Vinicius Draculino student Ana Carolina defeating Carmen "Casca Grossa" by key lock in the first round. The stand outs of the show were Daniel Acacio making a winning debut as a Chute Boxe member and Jadson Costa continuing with his march also in the Chute Boxe camp and scoring his 3rd win after joining the group. In the most awaited fights of the evening veteran Jorge "Macaco" Patino won a controversial decision in a true war against former BTT player and also MECA veteran Luis Brito, and another former BTT player in Carlos Baruk won a judges’ decision over Chute Boxe own Nilson de Castro. Macaco dominated the first two rounds, imposing his rhythm against Brito who punished him badly in the last round. In the end, the all wounded Macaco got a split judges’ decision in his favor. Baruk controlled the fight getting numerous takedowns and controlling the action in the ground, not allowing Nilson to unleash his Muay Thai. Here are the results: