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Wednesday, Jun 01, 2005

Ecfa Encounters Hometown Trouble

ECFA Encounters Hometown Trouble
By Derek Callahan

The East Coast Fighting Alliance continued their fight today with a new opponent. The future of their second show, dubbed ‘The Colosseum,’ looks bleak. After being moved from Boston due to licensing troubles, the show was brought to Taunton where Mike Littlefield and Mike Varner, the show’s promoters, held their previous event. Taunton though has shown opposition to having the show.

Casey Medas, the manager of the Roseland Ballroom, where the fights were scheduled to take place, was informed by the Taunton Police Department that the City Council would be shutting down the show. According to Medas, there were several reasons given as to why the show could not take place. The first, was overdue taxes that the Ballroom owed.

"I told them I’d pay a check on the spot. That didn’t do anything," said Medas, who continued on with the given reasons.

"They said our entertainment license expired in 2004. I showed them the check I paid them for that; everything was up to date so that wasn’t the reason. Then they said we need a revised ordinance to hold an event like this [but] I did a show three weeks ago and had no trouble at all."

The roadblock of needing a revised ordinance was news to Medas and the show’s promoters. Medas maintained that he was, "confused on that issue."

Another reason given was that the town brass didn’t like the crowd that the show would produce. "They said the crowd [the show] brings, brings trouble," said Medas, who showed the Taunton authorities the records that indicate no arrests from the past nine MMA shows that he hosted.

Comments in Taunton echo those of Patricia Malone, the director of Boston’s Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing. Malone denied the show a permit in Boston based on the risk of the crowd, among other reasons.

Medas, Littlefield and Varner are awaiting official word from Taunton officials, but according to Varner, "they’re just trying to buy time. The show is probably over."

With everything seemingly in check legally, if the show isn’t allowed to continue unjustly, the opportunity for a lawsuit from both the ECFA and the Roseland Ballroom is possible. On that front, Medas commented that, "we’re looking at our options right now." Taunton officials could not be reached for comment.

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