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Thursday, Oct 30, 2003

European Vale Tudo Fight Card

From the event’s promoter:

EVT Logo
European Vale Tudo fight card

European Vale Tudo ‘Genesis’ takes place in Copenhagen Denmark on Saturday December 6th. This is the first vale tudo/no-holds-barred/mixed martial arts event in the Nordic countries that takes place in a cage. EVT proudly presents 10 high class fights with fighters from Denmark, Sweden, UK, Spain, Germany, Norway and USA. Complete fight card:

Sonny Malmkvist Nielsen, Advanced Gym Odense (Denmark) Vs.
Christian Graugart, Straight Blast Gym CPH (Denmark)

Ski Svirskis, Ski’s Kickboxing Club (UK) Vs.
Joakim Engberg, Lupus Shootfighting (Sweden)

Dersu Lerma, Alianza MMA (Spain) Vs.
Diego Gonzales, Pancrase Gym (Sweden)

Mario Stapel, Shoot Boxen (Germany) Vs.
Thomas Hytten, Ookami Shootfighting (Norway)

Per Eklund, Pancrase Gym (Sweden) Vs.
Kim Hovgaard, Submission Fighting Aalborg (Denmark)

Travis Lutter, Lion’s Den Dallas (USA) Vs.
John Oskar Hammer, Ookami Shootfighting (Norway)

Toni Vivas, Alianza MMA (Spain) Vs.
Martin Kampmann, Aarhus Shootfighting (Denmark)

Antonio Tello, Alianza MMA (Spain) Vs.
Richard Bohlenius, SBJJA Stockholm (Sweden)

Scott Ireland, Ronin Vale Tudo (UK) Vs.
Lars Besand, Skagen Fight Gym (Denmark)

Guy Mezger, Lion’s Den Dallas (USA) Vs.
Daniel Bergman, Shootfighting Stockholm (Sweden)

The fight card may be subject to change.

European Vale Tudo tickets release

The tickets for European Vale Tudo ‘Genes is’ are now released and can be bought at all post offices around Denmark. You can also order tickets online (payment with Visa, MasterCard etc) from within Denmark as well as from abroad. Follow the link below:

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