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Thursday, Dec 19, 2002

Extreme Brawlfinishes Stellar Year For Uk Mma

Extreme Brawl
Finishes Stellar Year for UK MMA

By Jim Burman

The last big show in a great year for UK MMA was held on Sunday when long-serving promoter Andy Jardine put on the first in a series of new shows. In a larger venue to previous Millennium Brawls, the show provided a lot of bang for your buck (or punch for your pound?), with 13 high action fights. The last of four promotions within three weeks of each other, each show bringing in approximately 1000+ fans, Extreme Brawl raised the rafters at the Bracknell Sports and Leisure Center and helped prove that the supply has not exceeded the demand in the ever more competitive MMA market place.

Tendez Tedoradze mounted on Jarred Speed
Tedoradze mounted on Speed

The event saw the UK debut of three young American fighters who went 2 and 1 against their British opponents. Roli Delgardo (USA), ignoring crowd jibes about his pink singlet, set to work on Neil McLeod (UK) in a technical Welterweight match up. Opening with a flying knee that got him taken down, Delgardo worked patiently from the guard to secure a triangle. Showing great control he slowly stalked the submission before tapping McLeod out. Kyle Jensen (USA) then took on Jeremy ‘Bad Boy’ Bailey (UK) and demonstrated real focus as he took Bailey down, and methodically worked to the mount where he rained strikes down to force the ref stoppage. Controversy raised its ugly head however as Bailey protested the decision vehemently and wanted to fight on appearing unhurt from the onslaught. Eventually the tension died down and Bailey accepted the decision, although he was obviously still unhappy. Unfortunately the crowd didn’t get a chance to see Bailey unload, but Jensen definitely did a good job of containing a tough competitor. The headline fight of the night saw Alex Evans (UK) take out Matt Shaw (USA) with an unfortunate outcome. Evans, known as a furious fighter, set out stalking Shaw immediately using kicks and punches to feel out his opponent. A high kick that glanced off of the face of Shaw seemed to jolt the American into action as he rushed for the takedown and settled in Evans’ guard. Just as he started to work to pass, blood could be seen coming from his face and he backed off from Evans signaling to the ref. It appears that the glancing high kick actually resulted in Evans’ toe going into Shaw’s eye rendering him unable to continue. A disappointment as this fight was shaping up to be a war, but accidents do happen. With a great undercard, Extreme Brawl can only build on this highly successful show.

Full Results

Super Cruiserweight
Luke Tamura vs. Nick Francino
Francino by sub (Rear naked) 1st rd

Rob Hannis vs. Adam Dicks
Hannis by sub (Arm bar) 1st rd

Scott Ireland vs. Barry Williams
TKO 1st rd

Ronaldo Campos on Robbie Oliver's back
Campos on Oliver’s back

Ronaldo Campos (Bra) vs. Robbie Oliver (UK)
Campos by sub (Choke) 2nd rd

Ricky Moore vs. John Waite
Moore by sub (Triangle) 1st rd

Super Lightweight
Chin Weakasingh vs. Kevin Capel

British Middleweight Title
Khris Hughes vs. Paul Ramsdale
Ramsdale by sub (Rear naked) 1st rd

British Light Cruiserweight Title
Matt Ewin vs. Alex Reid
Reid by sub (Triangle) 1st rd

Super Heavyweight
Jarred Speed (UK) vs. Tendez Tedoradze (Georgia)
Tedoradze by tapout (Punishment) 1st rd

Super Heavyweight Kickboxing
Craig Amer vs. Chris Ballard
Ballard by TKO 1st rd

Roli Delgardo (USA) vs. Neil McLeod (UK)
Delgado by sub (Triangle) 1st rd

Super Middleweight
Kyle Jensen (USA) vs. Jeremy ‘Bad boy’ Bailey (UK)
Jenson by TKO 1st rd

Super Lightheavyweight
Matt Shaw (USA) vs. Alex Evans (UK)
Evans (Shaw unable to continue)

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