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Saturday, Aug 16, 2003

Extreme Challenge 52 Results

Extreme Challenge 52 Results

  • Chris Griffen def. Brandon Adamson, 2:58 Rd. 1 armbar.
  • Frank Young def. Kaushik Sinn, Rd. 3 (9:00) Unanimous decision.
  • Derek Mason def. BJ Mahon, 2:09 Rd. 1 tap from strikes.
  • Nate Mohr def. Kain Rizzo, 2:15 Rd. 2 (5:15) tap from strikes.
  • Tagteam submission match: Nate Schroeder/Kory Markham (Miletich) def. Josh Rafferty/Chris Lynd (Meat Truck Inc.) 2 subs to 1.
  • Davy Conger def. Ryan Sickler, 1:01 Rd. 1 rear choke.
  • Mark Long def. Jordan Anderson, Rd 3 (9:00) unanimous decision.
  • Travis Fulton def. Jason Miller, :45 Rd 1 rear choke.
  • Jason Medina def. Karima Bennett, 1:48 Rd. 1 tap from strikes.
  • Jens Pulver def, Joe Jordon, 3:12 Rd. 2 (8:12) KO.

From the event’s promoter:

XCF Aug. 23

Becky Levi’s X-treme Championship Fighting is taking place Aug. 23 at 7pm. Wrigley Field Bar and Grill is the venue in Ft. Wayne, IN. This is Becky’s 11th show in Ft. Wayne, In. and the second as the sole promoter of XCF. This is an outdoor event in the beer garden. Tickets are $25 and $15 and can be purchased at the door as well as in advance. The Coors Lite girls will be on hand to walk the guys to the ring. I would like to thank Jim Baileys Harley Davidson, Signature Inn, and Immortal Fight Gear as event sponsors. Doors open at 6 pm. You may contact Becky Levi at dzmatchmaker@yahoo.com for more information.

Line up of this night of action packed fighting: (card is subject to change)

Main Event
Justin Villella vs. Jake Shelton

Kurt Illeman vs. Dan Lamping

Scott Elliiot vs. Rob Marvin

Marcelo Salinos vs. Kelly Rundle

150 lb. Tournament
Danny Gautier
Ronald Mann
Brandon Western
Ryan Kronwitter
Leo Barkley
Donnie Kaecher
David Sachs
Dilon Brown

165 lb. Tournament
Dan Forster
Dave Hayes
John Fraser
Wade Choate
Chris Higi
Narm Alexander

Robert Walker
Rich Weeks
Jimmie Harris
Luke Dunnick
Rich Mitchell

From the event’s promoter:

RITC 52 – Results
Melesio Perales and Pete Morales named Fighters of the Night

A capacity crowd enjoyed a sizzling night of action and the judges were not needed as every fight ended by KO, TKO or submission. All the fighters and fans displayed excellent sportsmanship as several cross town rivals were involved in intense match ups. Melesio Perales and Pete Morales both prevailed in fights against top competition and their impressive wins earned shared Fighter of the Night (FOTN) honors. Other candidates for FOTN were Brandon Roberts, Bill Ellineger, John Lansing, Victor Cruz, Jeremiah Shivers, Cory Timmerman, Brett Maddux, Andy Montana, Vince Lucero and Edwin Dewees.


Fight #1
Brandon Roberts (168 lbs), Ultima
won by submission (arm bar), 1:04 Rd 1
Klay Palomo (164 lbs), Freestyle

Fight #2
Bill Ellineger (183 lbs), Sui Ken
won by KO, :16 Rd 1
David Canvas (190 lbs), Freestyle

Fight #3
John Lansing (183 lbs), Team Brausa
won by submission (choke), :36 Rd 1
Mike Lightfoot (177 lbs), Wrestling/Grappling

Fight #4
Victor Cruz (154 lbs), Team Brausa
won by submission (choke), 2:48 Rd 1
Greg Rodriguez (148 lbs), Ghetto rapplers

Fight #5
Pete Morales (170 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by submission (arm bar), 2:35 Rd 2
Kelly Samson (166 lbs), Ghetto Grapplers

Fight #6
Jeremiah Shivers (168 lbs), Leininger Dojo / Boneyard
won by submission (choke), 1:41 Rd 1
Richie Reyes (170 lbs), Ghetto Grapplers

Fight #7
Cory Timmerman (313 lbs), Team Brausa
won by submission (arm bar), 1:14 Rd 1
Jack Austin (313 lbs), Leininger Dojo

Fight #8 (Super Fight)
Brett Maddux (262 lbs), Team Quest
won by submission (key lock), :27 Rd 1
Mike Lewis (254 lbs), USKO

Fight #9 (Super Fight)
Melesio Perales (182 lbs), Ghetto Grapplers
won by submission (choke), 1:12 Rd 2
RJ Gamez (180 lbs), Asher Combat Academy

Fight #10 (Super Fight)
Andy Montana (249 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by KO, :10 Rd 1
Howard Karge (227 lbs), Boxing / Hapkido

Fight #11 (Super Fight)
Vince Lucero (275 lbs), Ghetto Grapplers
won by TKO, 1:58 Rd 1
Herb Garcia (297 lbs), Asher Combat Academy

Fight #12 (Main Event)
Edwin Dewees (205 lbs), Team Brausa
won by submission (choke), :27 Rd 1
Chappo Montijo (200 lbs), Ghetto Grapplers

Upcoming events:

RITC 53 – The Beat Goes On
Saturday, Sept 20, 2003 (New Date)
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

Saturday, Oct 25, 2003 (New Date)
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

Saturday, Nov 15, 2003
Casa Grande

RITC 56 – Year # 6 Begins
Saturday, Dec 6, 2003
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

Saturday, Jan 31, 2004
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

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