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Thursday, Dec 11, 2003

Fanning The Flames As The Heat Is Coming: “the Diesel” Is Fueled Up And Ready To Explode On Barreto In Brazil!

By Eduardo Alonso

Fanning the Flames as the HEAT is Coming:
"The Diesel" is fueled up and ready to explode on Barreto in Brazil!

      With an extensive MMA record of more than 20 wins, Travis Wiuff (pronounced View) has been one of the most active heavyweights in the game in recent years, performing in several medium and small shows throughout the USA and working hard to establish his name as a serious contender in the most prestigious division in most events. With wins over names like Travis Fulton and Jason Godsey, Wiuff got himself a gig in the UFC only to experience defeat to the hands of Vladdy Matyushenko. However, this didn’t phase the young fighter’s career as he has been training harder than ever, and has been on a 10 fights winning streak proving why he is nicknamed "The Diesel". Now, this next Thursday December 18th, Travis is going to face one of the most important challenges of his career, and a crucial fight for his intentions and plans for 2004, fighting against Brazilian Top Team PRIDE and UFC veteran Carlos Barreto at HEAT FC 2 Evolution. The headline of the premier Brazilian event can mean a lot to the American Wrestler, as a win over Barreto will help him to get the exposure he craves so much about, and Travis Wiuff is well aware of that. In this interview he shows his views on his latest outings, as well as the challenge that lies ahead of him this next week, as Full Contact Fighter keeps burning high for Heat FC 2 Evolution!

Travis Wiuff
FCF:   Your last fight was against Travis Fulton, little more than a month ago. You ended up winning by split decision, what are your thoughts on the fight and on the actual split decision?
Travis Wiuff:     I consider Travis Fulton a legend in this sport and a win over him is always a "good" win. It is the same old story with Travis Fulton Though, he does not train and is not in his "prime." Anybody who seen the fight knows that I won all three rounds. I guess one judge must have not seen it another way to get the split decision.

FCF:   By the way, you fought Fulton twice already in your career. What differences could you feel fighting him for the second time, more than one year after your first bout with him?
TW:     The first time I fought Travis I had no clue what I was doing. I was strictly a wrestler that had no real training in MMA. I look back at that fight now and wonder how I made it through that fight and did not get ko’d.

FCF:   You also recently fought in Mexico, and are about to fight in Brazil. How was the experience in Mexico, and how do you feel when fighting in other countries?
TW:     My fight was in Mexico was a disaster. I had to fly in the day of the show cause of a problem with the flight info. I arrived about a hour before the show began and was stranded at the airport waiting for a ride to the venue. I won the fight, but that was after they raised my opponents hand cause I refused to go a fourth round after I won all three rounds. I ended up winning the fight, but it was not a pretty situation!!!

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