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Saturday, Mar 13, 2004


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From Russia, With (No) Love
American Team Goes 8 For 1 In Mixed Fighting Championships
By Loretta Hunt

Chatt Lavender
Atlantic City, New Jersey — Mixed Fighting Championships did something rather extraordinary tonight. For a first installment, the MFC managed to pull off an event that would rival numerous long-running mid-level shows across the country.

To a crowd of approximately 2,500 mainly Russian supporters, the Americans went on to grasp eight of the nine victories — spare a nasty 15-second knockout of Ron Faircloth at the hands of Sergey Kaznovski. The theme for the night quickly formulated into the Americans taking each of their foes to the mat with little ground defense or offense offered back by their Russian adversaries. It was obvious that the Russians came to stand, and many Americans answered the call, but to not assume the fight would hit the canvas eventually proved too detrimental to the opposing team.

Highlights for the event were many, including a Tank Abbott of old-inspired attack by Red Devil brawler Mikhail Bogdanov, who hunted down the knockout from the get go with some noticeably heavy hands. Miletich fighter Justin Eilers kept his cool though, even when Bogdanov managed to hurl Eilers through the ropes and into the crowd during a scramble. Taking a moment, Eilers eventually made his way back into the ring, giving and receiving a few healthy strikes till round’s end. Exhaustion and an injured right knee kept the Russian from continuing on.

Ron Faircloth is sent careening to the canvas by a right hand from Sergey Kaznovski

Faircloth is sent to the canvas by a right hand from Kaznovski

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