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Tuesday, Jan 15, 2002

Fcf Caption Contest

FCF Caption Contest
Caption it

Shirt and hat
It’s No Holds Barred in the FCF Caption Contest, show off that sharp wit and come up with the best caption for the picture featured above and you will win a long-sleeve NHB shirt and FCF beanie hat.

It don’t get no better! You get a chance to be famous and also win a couple of pieces from the fabulous Full Contact Fighter Collection.

Entries must be in by 11:00 pm (Eastern Time) Monday, January 21, 2002. The winner will be announced here.

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Carlos Newton’s Pride 19 Opponent
Still Not Confirmed

Rodrigo Gracie

According to sources close to Carlos Newton, they are currently in negotiations with DSE to fight Rodrigo Gracie [pictured] at Pride 19. They say that although the match is not yet signed, one of the sticking points is an issue of the respective fighters’ weights.

We will keep you posted on future updates.

From Josh Hedges of Zuffa/UFC:

UFC 36 banner
UFC 36: Worlds Collide
Friday, March 22nd – MGM Grand in Las Vegas

LHW Title Fight – Tito Ortiz vs. Vitor Belfort
WW Title Fight – Matt Hughes vs. Hayato "Mach" Sakurai

Also, check out Ultimate Knockouts
Ultimate Knockouts banner
on PPV starting Febrary 9th

More UFC 35 Pictures!

Jens with the belt

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Keep checking back, plenty more to follow!

PS – If you like the sweatshirt,
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From the event’s promoter:

"Meat Truck" Headlines Extreme Fights 2 in Cincinnati

Extreme Fights 2
      MOUNT HEALTHY, Ohio — Kerry "Meat Truck" Schall hopes to continue his winning ways this Saturday when he faces Joe Campanella in the main event of Extreme Fights 2 at Spears Boxing School.
      Schall, from Cincinnati, will have the support of his hometown fans when he faces Campanella, a tough brawler from Boston who has fought the likes of UFC fighters Andre Roberts and Bobby Hoffman.
      "I just won a 4-man tournament in Minnesota, so I hope to keep heading in the right direction," said Schall, a 6-foot-3, 275-pounder. "My goal is to make it to UFC or Pride… but I’m taking it one step at a time… I want to keep improving my skills… I’m not in a hurry to get somewhere."
      Schall, who trains with undefeated Rich Franklin, has been making the 6-hour trip to train at the Miletich Martial Arts Center in Iowa in recent months. He was impressive in Minnesota where he finished both opponents in the first round.
      Promoter Monte Cox says there are still a couple openings to compete at 170 pounds. Interested fighters should call 563 332-2075 or email him at mailto:Fiteiowa@aol.com.

From Lee Coates:

Freestyle Fighting Championship
Quick Results

SportFightingUSA unveiled its newest promotion, the "Freestyle Fighting Championship" at the President Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi on January 12th. The FFC event literally played before a "Standing Room Only" crowd of over 1000 people. Joe Giardina the Marketing Director for the President Casino was quoted as saying "this is the biggest gate we have ever had here!" FFC President and matchmaker Rob Braniff added "Lee Coates and I have been developing relationships, building infrastructure and planning the birth of this organization for over a year. It was gratifying to see the community turn out to this extent." The card featured eleven bouts, here are the quick results.

Jason Wright vs. John David Shakleford – 184.9 lb division Shakleford by arm bar, round 1. Hats off to these guys for stepping up as both of their respective opponents pulled out. A great way to start off the night as both guys exhibited aggression, good stand-up skills and lots of heart.

Aaron Williams vs. Trey Desmuke – 154.9 lb division Williams by choke, round 1. Initially a slugfest until Williams gained control on the ground and sunk in a fast choke. Williams is a great amateur who looks ready to go pro.

Youth exhibition match
Anjun Singh vs. Nathan Loll – 45 lbs division Draw. Great exhibition by the two young men, went over very well with the crowd also. The crowd loved this one as the promoters had the kids come out in Gi’s and disrobe into fight shorts and t-shirts before entering the cage.

Female Bout
Andrea Grishman vs. Caroline Vanak – 140 lb division Vanak by key lock, 3rd round. Best fight of the night! Grishman and Vanek went toe to toe landing brutal combinations and incredible knees. The match was about dead even in the third round when Vanek was able to get side mount and the land a key lock.

Richardo Gonzales vs. Jeremiah O Neal – 169.9 lb division O’Neil by armbar, 1st round. O’Neal dropped weight to fight in the 170 lb. division and looked impressive early as he traded vicious leg kicks with Muay Thai fighter Gonzales. O’ Neal’s wrestling experience came into play with a great takedown and was able to secure the arm bar after a few minutes of furious action on the ground.

Exhibition Submission Match
Marco Macera vs. David Ferguson – 204.9 lb division Macera by guillotine choke 1st round. A quick win by Macera over a great grappler. Ferguson has impressed time and time again and was surprised that he got caught. Look for a rematch of this one.

Darryle Burkey vs. Grady Hurley – 184.9 lb division Hurley by key lock round 1. Burkey took the fight on short notice and nearly made short work of Hurley with a guillotine choke shortly after the bell rang. Hurley however remained calm and used excellent technique to escape the hold. A scramble ensued with Hurley securing the key lock late in the round.

John Miller vs. Jesse Ault – 204.9 division Ault by 1st round ref stoppage. Excellent fight. Miller pressed the advantage early and even had Ault down in the corner blasting leg kicks from the stand up position, but after a scramble Ault landed a flurry that forced ref Mike Gallo to intervene and halt the bout.

Exhibition Submission Match
Darren Desalvo vs. Mike Pyle – 184.9 lb division Pyle by 1 st round ankle lock. Two acrobatic grapplers provided the crowd with a BJJ clinic. Pyle secured a nifty ankle lock midway through the first round.

World Featherweight Championship Bout
Toney Canales vs. Antonio "Flea" Smith – 134.9 lb division Smith by Ref stoppage round 1. Canales the BJJ practitioner surprised everyone by taking it to Smith early on, landing several great strikes before trying for a jumping guillotine choke. Smith literally threw Canales off of him and then proceeded to put his "boxing skills" to good use. Smith finally snuck in a cross that dropped Canales. After landing several blows to Canales’ head from the back position referee Mike Gallo stepped in and halted the action.

World Middleweight Championship Bout
Anthony Macias vs. Anthony Barbier – 184.9 lb division Macias by guillotine choke round 1. Macias landed a very fast, jumping, guillotine chokehold after sprawling to avoid a Barbier shoot. Macias drug Barbier into his guard and held on till he felt Barbier go out. A quick end to what many thought would be a very competitive fight.

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