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Tuesday, Feb 04, 2003

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From the event’s promoter:

Seattle Bound on March 1st and MUCH MORE!

March 1, 2003
Lucky Eagle Casino – 12888 188th Ave SW, Rochester, WA

Tickets Available at http://www.ticketmaster.com! Enter ‘LUCKY EAGLE CASINO’ for the venue, or CLICK HERE. The UFCF, one of the oldest, most established MMA sanctioning bodies has OFFICIALLY announced that they have joined forces with HOOKnSHOOT. HnS continues developing their ‘regional’ scene for 2003.

‘This marks our first appearance on the West Coast with HOOKnSHOOT’ starts matchmaker Miguel Iturrate. ‘We have known that the area has TONS of great fighters, and the UFCF has been doing successful shows in Washington for years. Now we get to add to that, and we have another regional show, another piece to the puzzle’.

‘For the March 1st event, we are leaning on the AMC Pankration guys, a staple of the UFCF! We are planning to headline with the 2nd comeback bout for Matt Hume. His opponent will be Rick McCoy, who has an 8-0 record in smaller events. McCoy, from Richmond, VA is very highly motivated for the bout. ‘He wanted to be Hume’s first fight in Florida. McCoy has a lot of promise and he has been looking for a breakthrough match.’ states Iturrate. ‘This match is not set in stone yet, I will confirm it when I can.’

‘We are also honoring the UFCF’s existing champions as the regional title holders. They have a very nicely developed system, we want to work with what we have! So, Charlie Pearson will defend his US title against Darrell Smith. They had a 2 round draw in December’s HnS, and both thought a rematch would answer some questions.’ describes the matchmaker.

‘Plus, HnS will crown a 135 lb champion, with Ryan Diaz taking on Matt Hamilton. This is a feature bout, I think the little guys always are!’ concludes Iturrate.

The rest of the card will feature kickboxing, part os the UFCF’s winning formula, and something new for HOOKnSHOOT.

Card Subject To Change:
March 1st, 2003 – Lucky Eagle Casino – Rochester, WA

  • Superfight: Matt Hume (AMC Pankration, Seattle, WA.) v. Rick McCoy (Prodigy MA, Richmond, VA.)
  • 155 LB US Title Bout: Charles Pearson (US Champion, AMC Pankration, Seattle, WA.) v. Darrell ‘Bulldog’ Smith (ISCF Champion, Noblesville, IN.)
  • For the Vacant 135 LB US Title Bout: Ryan Diaz (Gibson Pankration, Vancouver, BC.) v. Matt Hamilton (Living Defense, Little Rock, AR.)
  • 170 lb MMA: Brad Blackburn (Victory Athletics, Olympia, WA.) v. Landon Showalter (AMC Pankration, Seattle, WA.)
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing: Tristin Wit (AMC Pankration, Seattle, WA.) v. Matt May
  • Kickboxing: Freddy Medellin (AMC Pankration, Seattle, WA.) v. TBD
  • Ladies Kickboxing: Chris Van Fleet (Rogue Power Militia, Medford, OR.) v. TBD

Along with shows in Massachusetts and Florida, HnS has their ‘homebase’ in Evansville, Indiana. ‘With Washington and Nevada coming up, HOOKnSHOOT is in all 4 corners – northwest, southwest, southeast and northeast. Plus our homebase is in the midwest, and we have 2 more potential venues we are adding. Boston, Seattle, Vegas, Miami – our regional shows are all in major markets – 2003 is about developing our regional scenes.

Look for more details from HOOKnSHOOT. Below is the current HOOKnSHOOT Event Calendar:

  • March 8th, 2003 – HOOKnSHOOT BOOT CAMP 1.1
    (Memorial Coliseum, Evansville, IN.)

  • March 28th, 2003 – HOOKnSHOOT Absolute Fighting Championships 2

    (War Memorial, Ft Lauderdale, FL.)

  • April 26th, 2003 – HOOKnSHOOT TRAILBLAZERS (Women’s MMA) –

    (With TUFF-N-UFF Promotions – Mahoney’s Silver Nugget, Las Vegas, NV)**

  • May 2003 – HOOKnSHOOT Absolute Fighting Championships 3

    (War Memorial, Ft Lauderdale, FL.)

**Pending Final Date Approval From Vegas

Check out the Nevada Boxing Commission Website at Event Calendar! HnS is on the calendar, with final approval scheduled for consideration on February 11th.

Ring of Combat 2 DVD

Ring of Combat 2 Anshelewitz vs. Kadri

Sell vs. Govola
December 7th 2002 @ the Meadowlands Exposition center Secaucus, New Jersey.
New York’s own Matt Serra will guide you through as he commentates the hard-hitting action. Watch as the East Coast’s most promising up-and-comers fight it out in an all out battle in "Ring of Combat"

  • Muay Thai – 178lb Limit – 4 Rounds
    William Hamilton (Team Tiger Schulmann) vs. Derek Riddick (Ultimate Gym)

  • Mixed Martial Arts – 181-189lb
    Steve Anshelewitz (Martin’s Jiu Jitsu/Team Renzo Gracie) vs. Kadir Kadri (Shaolin Kempo)

  • Mixed Martial Arts – 250lb
    Erick Shaver (Bellmore Kickboxing) vs. John Rotendella (Pitts Penn)

  • Mixed Martial Arts – 185lb
    Peter "Drago" Sell (Serra Jiu Jitsu) vs. Ted Govola (Dog Pound)

  • Mixed Martial Arts – 165lb
    Elvis Garcia (Team Tiger Schulmann) vs. Themi Papadimitriou (Combined Martial Arts)

  • Mixed Martial Arts – 195lb

    Andy Ruggiero (Martin’s Jiu Jitsu/Team Renzo Gracie) vs. Erik Certo Nhb (Ultimate Sambo)

  • Kickboxing – 189-205lb – 5 Rounds
    Mike Ryan (Ryan Fight Academy) vs. Kadir Kadri Kickboxing (Shaolin Kempo)

  • Muay Thai – 139lb Limit – 4 Rounds
    Shennen Maceo (Team Tiger Schulmann) vs. Miguel Araoz Thai (Thai Boxing Academy)

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MMA Goes Underground in New York City with "Ground Zero"
by Jim Genia

      The time: Sunday evening, February 2nd. The place: a ramshackle boxing gym reeking of old sweat and dedication, somewhere in the South Bronx. The scene: a kickboxer, a wrestler, a Tae Kwon Do specialist, a judoka, and a few "freestyle" fighters take turns mixing it up in the ring, showcasing their skills for the 60 or so spectators who have come to watch the latest grassroots manifestation of mixed martial arts. The event is called "Ground Zero", and it manages to go off despite a few organizational glitches — proof that, in a state that has banned almost all combative endeavors, you just can’t keep a growing sport down.

Ellington on top of Stone
Ellington on top of Stone

      Kaream Ellington, a Combined Martial Arts representative who had just come to watch, ended up getting into the ring to help the promoter out. Ellington, a Bronx local, used none of his stand-up skills, but instead pitted his grappling against a judo black belt in the finals. Credit should also go to the ref, who did an excellent job of keeping the integrity of the sport intact. Of course, the real stars of the night were the young competitors stepping into the ring for the first time — they fought their hearts out, and hopefully planted the seeds for future MMA fans and enthusiasts alike.



  • Tony Haul (wrestling) vs. Tommy Diaz (freestyle)
    Diaz via guillotine choke at 6:05.

  • Kevin Torres (freestyle) vs. Mohammed Ibraham (Tae Kwon Do)

    Torres via side choke at :55.


  • Peter Stone (judo) vs. Ricardo Lopez (kickboxing)
    Stone via front choke from the mount 1:26.

  • Kaream Ellington (freestyle) vs. Felix Rodriguez (freestyle)
    Ellington via opponent’s corner throwing in the towel at 1:48.


  • Peter Stone (judo) vs. Kaream Ellington (freestyle)
    Ellington via armlock at 3:40.

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