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Wednesday, Nov 28, 2001

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From the event’s promoter:


UCC Poster
Montreal (Canada) – On January 25th, 2002 the UCC will host what will be its largest and most high profile event to date. In late October, the main event was signed between "UCC Bad Guy" Pain Peters and pro boxer Stephane Ouellet. This fight alone is guaranteed to once again sell out the Verdun Auditorium as the anticipation for this fight becomes higher with every passing day! On November 20th UCC President Stephane Patry completed the full fight card for UCC 7 thus launching the January 25th event into the history books as the most star studded combat sport event ever to hit Canadian soil.

The semi-main event of the night will see the return of Montreal’s Stephan Potvin. At UCC 6 Potvin stunned and silenced his critics as he totally dismantled top 10 ranked Joe Doerksen and instantly put himself on the map as a top player in this game. Potvin will battle for the UCC World LHW crown against none other than Jeremy Horn! Horn is on many peoples top-5 list and is one of the most experienced fighters in the world. Jeremy has competed with great success in the UFC, RINGS and Extreme Challenge to name a few. Now he will debut in the UNIVERSAL COMBAT CHALLENGE against Stephan Potvin with the winner going home the newly crowned UCC World LHW champion!

How could an event entitled BAD BOYS go down in history without the "Pimp Daddy" being on the card? Ever since Sean Pierson captured the UCC World Lightweight title at UCC 3, fans have anxiously awaited his return in the Ring of Fury. At UCC 7, he will return to make his first defence against UFC, KOTC and Superbrawl veteran John Alessio. Alessio is well known in the fight world and has big wins over such names as Ben Earwood, J.R Palmer and Thomas Denny. He also fought Pat Miletich for the UFC World Lightweight championship. Now he will enter the Ring of Fury against one of the most feared UCC warriors and UCC World Lightweight champion Sean Pierson. Both of these young athletes are strong on the ground as well as having dangerous striking abilities and on January 25th, 2002 they will meet in the UCC to determine who will go home the champ!

Also on the card:

Former UCC Canadian MW champion Jason "The Matrix" St-Louis will join the list of BAD BOYS when he battles "The Secret Weapon" Joel Leblanc in a lightweight superfight.

Former UCC Canadian LHW champion Jeromie Sills is hoping to get back to his winning ways when he faces UCC 3 veteran Yan Pellerin.

In a LW ranking bout Ivan Menjivar will face local phenom George St-Pierre.

In a SLW ranking bout UCC 4 and 6 veteran Yves "The Tiger" Jabouin will battle four time golden gloves winner Fredrick Poirier.

Stephane Vigneault made his debut at UCC 5 in what ended up being the only fight of the night (due to rain) he soundly defeated kickboxer Scott Clay. At UCC 7 he will fight one of Canada’s most experienced fighters and former Canadian LW champion J-F Bolduc.

Also look for a HUGE announcement regarding the fighter that will face "THE CROW" David Loiseau at UCC 7!!!!

Be sure to keep up on all the action on the official web site of the UNIVERSAL COMBAT CHALLENGE

From UCC promoter:


Pain Peters
What is your height and weight?
PAIN:   I’m 5’11, 176 POUNDS

What is your fighting style?
PAIN:   Fuck people up…

What is your martial art background?
PAIN:   Kidokan judo

What got you interested in MMA?
PAIN:   Fighting legally anything goes and getting paid for it

Tell us about your MMA debut.
PAIN:   I fucked a guy (Brian Dunn) up in 23 seconds.

Who was your toughest opponent so far?
PAIN:   Matt Hughes

Which pro fighters were your biggest influence?
PAIN:   Tank Abbott, Matt Hughes and Vanderlei Silva are my favorites. Sakuraba, Denis Hallman and Justin Bruckmann are a big influence in my life right now.

Tell us about your first three fights with the UCC.
PAIN:   UCC 3 was the most painful experience in my life as a fighter, nevermore is all I have to say about that fight. At UCC 4, for a fight I didn’t train for I sure had a lot of fun! Redemption was mine! In UCC 6 my quest for blood has began and getting bigger.

What is your motivation when stepping into the ring?
PAIN:   Pain, punishment, torture, blood lust, revenge and fucking people up. I will never run short on motivation, trust me!

Jeff Davis was honoured to fight Stephane Ouellet at UCC 6, are you?
PAIN:   I don’t know what the big deal is about Mr. Cheap shot. I’m not honored to fight him.

What are your thoughts on your opponent for UCC 7?
PAIN:   I hate him. He has no respect for MMA. Do you think he would do a cheap shot like that in boxing? His cornermans were jumping up and down like he really accomplished something… I don’t want to shake my opponents hand and I really enjoy watching them bleed and suffer. One thing’s for sure, I want them to know it’s coming, I wouldn’t want to win a fight the way he beat Davis. He has no heart for MMA and I also think he did that out of fear, so, if he was afraid of Jeff Davis, let me tell you he’s in allot of trouble!

Stephane Ouellet was a top-10 ranked pro boxer, does that concern you?
PAIN:   With all his skills I wouldn’t want to be the man to look across the ring at me and my sick intentions…

What will be your goal when entering the ring against Ouellet?
PAIN:   Stupid question. Jeff Davis was his 1st opponent in MMA and I will be his last… My goal is that he feels the pain forever more! I will not say “good fight” when it’s over, I will thank him for the extra 2,000 fans and keep them for me!

How will you train for this fight?
PAIN:   I will train my hardest only to ensure I give him a real beating. I will get help from my club: karma martial arts, Kidokan judo, Wendel Alexander and Sean Pierson. I will also train with Justin Bruckmann and some Shah Franco’s boys, mike kitchen, David Nicholls and team Tompkins.

Anything else you want to add?
PAIN:   Jeff Davis spoke a lot of shit about Ouellet before his fight. That’s not what I’m doing. I’m angry with his disrespect for MMA, and besides that, it’s just another opportunity for me to unleash hell.

Sportfighting Event Canceled
By Loretta Hunt

In an awful turn of events today for mixed martial arts, the much-anticipated Sportfighting event, to be held on December 7, 2001, has been canceled. Sportfighting was to take place at the newly constructed RexPlex facility in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The show’s promoter, Brian Cimins released this statement today regarding the cancellation:
"We are truly sorry to inform you that due to a ‘lease breach’ between RexPlex and their ‘landlord,’ RexPlex was forced to cancel our premier Sportfighting event. The event was not listed in their ‘Use of Premises Restrictive Covenant’. My apologies go out to all those who worked so hard to help me with this event, and especially the fighters and instructors who worked so hard to participate in it."
An avid fan and supporter of MMA, Brian Cimins has successfully hosted grappling events and tournaments in the past including New York’s Kimono Kombat and numerous Grapplers Quests in both New York and Las Vegas. This was to be his first venture into mixed martial arts, recently sanctioned in New Jersey.
Speaking to Brian briefly today, he did not wish to comment on the legal issues that will undoubtedly arise from this turn of events, but instead is focusing his energies on notifying the fighters, other participants, and those that had purchased tickets. According to Brian, almost 800 tickets had sold as of this morning. Brian has asked that anyone having purchased tickets may e-mail him at Director@Grapplers.com or call 973-831-4121 to request refunds and that every ticket will be refunded. Brian is hoping to reschedule Sportfighting in the future. In the meantime, he will turn his attention to the upcoming West Coast Grapplers Quest Championships to be held on February 23, 2002 in Las Vega, Nevada. Brian will also host the Grapplers Quest-Kimono Kombat U.S. National Championships to be held on March 23rd and 24th at Marist High School in Bayonne, New Jersey.
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