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Tuesday, Aug 30, 2005

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FCF NHB Extreme Fight Shorts
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PRIDE Modifications Denied by Cali Commission;
Regs Back on Track for November Approval

By Loretta Hunt

The pendulum swung back yesterday in downtown Los Angeles, as the California State Athletic Commission voted not to adopt three PRIDE-requested modifications they had previously decided to add to the Golden state’s yet-to-approved mixed martial arts regulations at an August 2nd meeting.

With a vote of 4-1, proposed Section 512 allowing for a 10-5-5 minute round format was denied; while Section 513, which would allow for optional fighter equipment such as wrestling shoes and gis, fell with a vote of 3-2. Of the five members to vote at the proceedings (two of which were new to the Commission and were absent from past informational meetings relevant to the proposals), none would make a motion to either support or reject proposed Section 523, which would have allowed for the use of a PRIDE-designed ring in MMA events conducted in California. With no motion introduced, this third proposal was also shot down.

The Commission’s August 2nd ruling to allow for these three alternative additions had essentially "pulled back" already (Commission) passed regulations from the Office of Administrative Law (OAL), its final step in getting final approval within the state government. Now that the modifications have been dropped, MMA regulations will begin their trek again through the lawmaking process, leaving the Commission unaltered on route back to the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA).

"Director Zettel has already signed the regulations, so there’s no reason to suspect there will be any delay," DCA Deputy Director told FCF following the proceedings. "Once the regulations are signed-off by the State Secretary, who also approved them on their last trip through, Hall says she has no indication of foreseeable problems once they reach the OAL for review. With this new timeline, the regulations could achieve final approval with the State in an estimated 30 to 45 days. Following a requisite 30-day wait period, the first sanctioned MMA event in California could take place as early as November.

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