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Friday, Apr 05, 2002

Fcf Survey

FCF Survey

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With the next two UFCs fast approaching — #37 on May 10th in Louisiana &amp #38, the first to take place in Europe, will be held this summer in England, the UFC has quite a few matches to put together. One match the fans have been writing us about is Matt Serra vs. BJ Penn, with the winner possibly going on to fight for the lightweight title currently held by Jens Pulver [who is tentatively scheduled to fight Din Thomas in UFC 38 in England, but due to contract disputes between Pulver & Zuffa, the match is in question, along with Pulver’s future with the UFC]. Penn & Serra have been on a collision course from quite some time now. The two BJJ black belts swept through the Jiu-Jitsu world quickly and impressively, leaving a trail of tapped out and blacked out opponents. Although it seemed inevitable that the two would face each other in a Jiu-Jitsu world championship or in Abu Dhabi, it never materialized. Now that they’ve focused their energies on MMA, they seem to be heading towards each other once again. Serra’s style, using a non-stop flurry of submissions, and his exciting performance at the last UFC, along with BJ’s fast-paced take-no-prisoners style have resparked the flame of interest in seeing these two exciting young fighters face off. This is only one of the many great possibilities that are open to the UFC in selecting matches for the upcoming events. If you had the ear of UFC matchmaker Joe Silva, who would you suggest he pair off? Please give us one match (any weight class, any fighter that is realistically available) and give us your thoughts on why that match would be your favorite fight to see.

Some of the commentary we receive may appear in the April 2002 issue of FCF

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From Susumu’s Gallery:

Susumu’s Gallery Update

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We have added pictures from a Pancrase event held on March 25th and DEEP held on March 30th.

Please enjoy!

Susumu’s Gallery:

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