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Thursday, Jun 06, 2002

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FCF Survey

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Chuck Liddell vs. Vitor Belfort
UFC 37.5: Chuck Liddell vs. Vitor Belfort

The battle for the UFC #1 light-heavyweight contender spot… Will Chuck stand and trade with the Phenom? Will Vitor let his hands go? How do you see this fight going? Who will win and why? Tell us your thoughts.

Some of the commentary we receive may appear in the June 2002 issue of FCF

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Warriors Quest 5:
New Blood Fight Card

Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
June 7, 2002 – Starts at 7:30pm
By Mike Onzuka

Jon Weidler vs. Dave Yueng
Everyone made weight comfortably and only one fighter was not present for the pictures and press conference. This is the first official Shooto sanctioned event for Warriors Quest so the veteran referee and probably the best referee in the business, Suzuki-San, is here in Hawaii to ref and officiate. Bozo Palling who is known as the hardest puncher in his division is going to face Mike Haltom, a relative unknown to Hawaii fight fans. Mike has told the promoter, Brennan Kamaka, that he will stand up and trade with Bozo. If he does, this fight will have the fans on their feet. Dave Yueng looked relaxed as usual as he faces a fit Jon Weidler.

Maloka Sasa vs. Malcolm Ahlo
Aiea Academy student and resident big man, Malcolm Ahlo, picked up a meal before coming to the weigh-ins since it did not matter what he weighed in at. He faces Haru Shimanishi and HMC’s Maloka Sasa. Both of these big boys are ready for war. Malcolm has been training like a madman and should have a lot of supporters backing him. Of course I’m biased for Malcolm, but he is an incredible athlete. Don’t let the belly fool you. It is very hard! He can do walking hand stands, has great balance, and incredible endurance for a man of his size (he weighed in at a slim trim 320 lbs). His ground game is solid and is comfortable in all positions. Chris and I will be cornering him for his first official pro fight and I know the fans will not be disappointed. Thre rest of the card has solid local fighters like Bob-O Ostovich from Jesus is Lord, Abe Rodrigues and Kolo Koka from Grappling Unlimited, and David Padilla from Gamebred facing a mix of local and mainland fighters. If you don’t have your tickets, get them now! Results and fight descriptions will follow in the next issue of Full Contact Fighter.

Fight Card
Main Event

Stephen Palling vs. Mike Haltom

Lightweight 65.0kg Class A
Stephen "Bozo" Palling (Jesus Is Lord) 64.45 kg
Warriors Quest Champion
Mike Haltom (Team Meyers) 64.45 kg 20-2 18 KOs

Welterweight 70.0kg Class B
Dave Yueng (HMC) 69.60 kg
Warriors Quest #2 Rank
Jon Weidler (Team Hybrid) 69.75 5-1

Super Heavyweight Class B
Malcolm Ahlo (Performance Training Center) 145.5 kg
Maloka Sasa (HMC) 111.5 kg

Light Heavyweight 83.0kg Class B
Bob Ostovich (Jesus Is Lord) 81.65 kg
Mark Mareno (Bulls Pin) 79.4 kg
Hawaii 3x Golden Glove Champion

Roland Fabre vs. Abe Rodrigues
Welterweight 70.0kg Class B
Abe Rodriques (Grappling Unlimited) 69.9 kg 5-1
Roland Fabre (Team Renzo) 69.5 kg

Welterweight 70.0kg Class B
Ed Newalu (KodenKan) 69.3 kg
David Padilla (Gamebred) 69.2 kg 1-1

Welterweight 70.0kg Class B
Jacob Vela (Koden Kan) Not present
Robert Ilae (Performance Training Center) 69.65 kg

Light Heavyweight 83.0kg Class B
Aki Tago (Team Assassin) 77.55 kg
Kolo Koka (Grappling Unlimited) 76.55 kg

Welterweight 70.0kg Class B
Jim Kikuchi (808 Fight Factory) 69.4 kg
Justin Mercado (Grappling Unlimited) 67.85 kg

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