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Thursday, Dec 26, 2002

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From the event’s promoter:


It now appears that HOOKnSHOOT will be seen on DirecTV and many cable providers around the United States.

Following the success of their local show in Evansville, Indiana’s WTSN which does incredibly well in the ratings, HnS is ready to produce a program for the SUNSHINE NETWORK.

Sunshine Network will air a 30-minute episode of HnS this coming weekend which will include matches from Florida, Indiana and Massachusetts.

  • Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro vs. Takumi Nakayama.
  • Anthony Hamlett vs. Jeff Curran (filling the vacant HnS 145lbs title)
  • Anthony Hamlett defending later against Hermes Franca.
  • Steve Berger vs. Nuri Shakir for the USMMA (HnS North-Eastern) Ring of Fury.
  • Highlights from Florida featuring Matt Hume vs. Pain Peters, Aaron Riley vs. Alexandre Barros, Conan Silveira vs. Wes Simms, Hermes Franca vs. Ryan Diaz and many more.

While producer Jeff Osborne encountered "brutal production" problems he stresses that the content is great.

"I had an external drive holding the entire TV show that went caput. I was quoted a price of roughly $4,000 just to TRY to retrieve the drive so I just
decided to completely redo the show on two days notice" said Osborne.

"It was the most stressful few days of my life just before Christmas but I think it turned out decent. We hope to do more projects like this down the road" Osborne said.

Sunshine Network currently reaches 5.7 million homes throughout the state of Florida and via satellite across the U.S. The network achieved the three
million mark in just three years — making the basic network the fastest growing regional cable network in history.

Sunday 12/29 at 1:30pm Eastern.
Monday 12/30 at 1:00pm Eastern.

DIRECTV Channel 632

You can also verify dates and times at www.SUNSHINENETWORK.com.

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