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Tuesday, Nov 04, 2003

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FCF Survey

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With UFC 45 fast approaching, we’d like your opinions on who will win each of the scheduled fights. Also, we’d like to hear about anything you have on your mind … the reasons for your picks, the 10th anniversary of the UFC and MMA in the U.S., etc.

The results of the survey and some of the commentary we receive may appear in the upcoming issue of FCF.

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From Zuffa:


Both Legendary Fighters To Receive Special Recognition During Live Pay-Per-View Telecast of UFC 45: Revolution 10th Anniversary Show From Mohegan Sun Arena

Top 10 Most Popular Fighters As Voted By Fans To Win Viewer’s Choice Awards;
Legends To Sign Autographs For Fans, 3 p.m. To 6 p.m., Prior To Fight Show

      LAS VEGAS, November 5, 2003….The two legendary mixed martial arts fighters most closely associated with the popular history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock, will become the charter members of the new UFC Hall of Fame on Friday, November 21, in special ceremonies that will be telecast LIVE on pay-per-view during the international telecast of UFC 45: Revolution from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Ct. The induction ceremony and the creation of the Hall of Fame will be part of the celebration of the UFC’s 10th anniversary.
      Anniversary ceremonies also will include the recognition of the 10 most popular UFC fighters in its history as voted by fans. They will be the first winners of UFC Viewer’s Choice Awards. A special Legends autograph session will be open to the public from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., Friday, Nov. 21, in the entry foyer to Mohegan Sun Arena so fans can participate in UFC history.
      UFC President Dana White announced today that after Gracie and Shamrock establish the Hall of Fame, one UFC fighter will be inducted each year at its final fight event.
      "There are certainly many current and former UFC athletes who deserve and will receive this recognition. But, we feel that no two individuals are more deserving than Royce and Ken to be the charter members. Their contributions to our sport, both inside and outside the Octagon, may never be equaled," White said.
      White said that a physical location for the UFC Hall of Fame is being determined "but in the hearts and minds of our loyal fans, it already exists as far as Royce and Ken are concerned."
      Both Gracie and Shamrock have played major roles in the growth of the UFC since the beginning.
      Gracie, a member of the legendary Gracie family of martial arts in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, introduced Brazilian jiu jitsu to the UFC and was its first champion defeating Gerard Gordeau at UFC 1: The Beginning, November 12, 1993, at McNichols Arena in Denver, Colo., by tap out with a rear naked choke. He retained the championship at
UFC 2: No Way Out, March 11, 1994, at Mammoth Gardens in Denver, with a tap out victory by punches over Patrick Smith. Injured at UFC 3: The American Dream, September 9, 1994, in Charlotte, N.C., and unable to continue, Gracie returned to UFC 4: Revenge of the Warriors, December 16, 1994, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to re-capture the championship with a tap out victory over Dan Severn by triangle choke. But perhaps his most memorable fight was his last at UFC 5: Return of the Beast, April 7, 1995, at Independence Arena in Charlotte, N.C., when he met Shamrock in a super fight. They fought to a 36-minute draw, still the longest match in UFC history. Fans have called for a re-match between the two legends ever since.
      "I would like to thank Dana White and the UFC for honoring me and recognizing my accomplishments. The UFC has grown into an international mixed martial arts giant and I am honored to be part of it," Gracie said.
      Shamrock’s UFC career is just as storied. He also fought in UFC 1: The Beginning and won his first match by defeating Smith by tap out with a heel hook before he ran into Gracie in the semifinals. Following the historic draw with Gracie, Shamrock became the first super fight champion at UFC 6: Clash of the Titans, July 14, 1995, at the Casper Events Center in Casper, Wyo., when he defeated Severn by tap out with a guillotine choke. He kept the super fight title at UFC 7: The Brawl In Buffalo, September 8, 1995, at Memorial Auditorium, in a 33-minute draw with Oleg Taktarov that furthered the Shamrock legend. He defeated Kimo Leopoldo in the next super fight at UFC 8: David Vs. Goliath, February 16, 1996, at the Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico, by knee bar tap out.
      Shamrock defeated Brian Johnston by tap out with a forearm choke at Ultimate Ultimate 1996 on December 7 at the State Fair Arena in Birmingham, Ala. He then pursued a pro wrestling career but continued to train mixed martial arts fighters at his famous Lion’s Den in Chula Vista, Calif. That led to his return to the UFC on November 22, 2002, at UFC 40: Vendetta, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, where he fought then light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz in the most publicized fight in mixed martial arts history.
      "Until now, I felt I had a satisfying career in the UFC. But, being one of the first to be inducted in the Hall of Fame brings it altogether. I will never forget you and now I will not be forgotten. God bless," Shamrock said.
      The 10 most popular fighters, as selected by a vote of fans on the UFC website, www.ufc.tv, include Gracie and Shamrock along with current Light Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture, Tank Abbott, Don Frye, Mark Coleman, Severn, Marco Ruas, Pat Miletich and Taktarov. They will be introduced in the Octagon and be first-time recipients of Viewer’s Choice Awards before Gracie and Shamrock are inducted into the Hall of Fame. Fans can receive a commemorative set of 10 casino chips with a likeness of each fighter by mailing a copy of their cable bill showing the purchase of UFC 45: Revolution to Top UFC Fighters Casino Chips, P.O. Box 5661, Rockville Centre, N.Y. 11571-5661.

From the event’s promoter:

AFC #6 Returns to Ft Lauderdale, Florida December 6th!

AFC #6 – Saturday, December 6th, 2003
War Memorial Coliseum, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Doors Open: 6:30 pm- Fight Start: 7:30 pm

GOLD CIRCLE: $35.00 / RINGSIDE: $25.00 – $35.00 / GENERAL ADMISSION: $15.00

Tickets available at www.ticketmaster.com. Enter ‘ABSOLUTE’ for the event!

‘We are ready to close the year out in style’ states matchmaker Miguel Iturrate, regarding the AFC’s December return to Ft Lauderdale’s War Memorial Coliseum. ‘There are 2 main events, along with two feature fights and a solid undercard. This event will close the 6 show Florida run we had in 2003 out with a BANG!’

There will be a title defense for the AFC 145 LB Championship, currently held by Britian’s Leigh Remedios. His challenger will be Mike Brown, out of New England’s Team ELITE. ‘This has the makings of a great match. Leigh is a great champion, and he has become a crafty veteran – he looked great in taking the title home last March.’ describes the matchmaker. ‘As for Brown, he is very explosive, and he has been waiting for an opportunity at a title shot. If he gets thru this bout, Mike Brown should join teammates Jorge Rivera and Keith Rockel as feature fighters from New England’s Team Elite.’

The other main event features the return of American Top Team’s Dustin Denes, who takes on rugged veteran Adrian Serrano. ‘This is really Dustin’s first challenge since his match with Akira Shoji. Serrano has over 50 fights, at an international level, he is a winner, and he has known about this match since the summer – he will be ready, and his style will test Dustin, for sure’ comments the matchmaker. ‘As for Dustin, he is a man with a plan as well, and he is not looking beyond Adrian. He is very focused on this being the next step in his career. He is hungry for the win in order to get to where he wants to be!’

In the feature bouts, ATT’s Jeff Monson (American TOP TEAM, Ft Lauderdale, FL) takes on Ron Faircloth of Strasser’s Freestyle Academy in Kenosha, WI. and Monson’s teammate Jorge Santiago faces young up and comer Keith Wisniewski of Portage, IN. ‘With the American TOP TEAM based out of Florida, they have been forced to defend the home turf against a string of tough competition from the midwest and from abroad. These fights are no different, as Faircloth is 2-0 against ATT, and Wisniewski has taken it to the next level, with a 6 fight winning streak, and people still underestimate him.’

The entire card appears below…


3 RDS / 185 LBS: Dustin Denes (American TOP TEAM, Ft Lauderdale, FL) versus Adrian Serrano (Freelance, Milwaukee, WI)

Mike Brown (Challenger, Team ELITE, Portland, Maine) versus Leigh Remedios (AFC 145 lb Champion, SWS Vale Tudo, London, England)

3 RDS / 225 LBS: Jeff Monson (American TOP TEAM, Ft Lauderdale, FL) versus Ron Faircloth (Strasser’s Freestyle Academy, Kenosha, WI)

3 RDS / 170 LBS: Jorge Santiago (American TOP TEAM, Ft Lauderdale, FL) versus Keith Wisniewski (Duneland Vale Tudo, Portage, IN)

2 RDS / 185 LBS: Efrain Ruiz (Freestyle Fighting Academy, Miami, FL) versus Jason Veach (Duneland VT, Indianapolis, IN.)

2 RDS / 155 LBS: Julian Ortega (Gracie Miami, Miami, FL) versus Jorge Masvidal (Freestyle Fighting Academy, Miami, FL)

2 RDS / 170 LBS: Thiago ‘PITBULL’ Alves (American TOP TEAM, Ft Lauderdale, FL) versus Derrick Noble (Silverbacks, Canton, IL)

2 RDS / 205 LBS: Davion Peterson (Integrated Fighting, Indianpolis, IN) versus Anthony Rea (Freelance, Nice, France)

2 RDS / 185 LBS: Charles McCarthy (FFA Miami, FL/AFA Ga) versus Pat O’Malley (Strasser’s Freestyle Academy, Kenosha, WI)

2 RDS / 185 LBS: Robert Bailey (Freelance, Miami, FL,) versus Michael Quinlan (Ultimate Wolfpack, Miami, FL)

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