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Monday, Sep 06, 2004

Fcf Survey

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FCF Survey

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Randy vs. Wanderlei? Frank Mir vs. Fedor/Minotauro/Cro Cop? How would the UFC champs do against the Pride boys? Give us you thoughts. Or, if you prefer, tell us your thoughts on the recent UFC and Pride events (UFC 49 & Pride Final Conflict 2004) or, feel free to discuss anything else on your mind that has to do with MMA … contoversies, potential match-ups … anything.

The survey results and some of the commentary we receive will appear in the September 2004 issue of FCF

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Mirko Cro Cop DVD

One of the most dangerous strikers on the planet finally reveals some of his training tips! Includes an exclusive video of real-time training footage of Mirko Cro Cop!

The DVD contains:

From the event’s promoter:

EVT ‘Gladiators’ Fight Card

The fight card is set for European Vale Tudo ‘Gladiators’

European Vale Tudo ‘Gladiators’ will be held on the 26th of September at Solnahallen in Stockholm, Sweden. The event consists of 11 exciting fights with fighters from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK, Germany, France, Czech Republic and Brazil. Teams like Brazilian Top Team, OC Fight Team and Shooters among others are represented.

Fight Card EVT ‘Gladiators’

Cengiz Dana, OC Fight Team (Germany) Vs.
Eirik Digre, Ookami (Norway)

Tim Vinther, Advanced Gym Copenhagen (Denmark) Vs.
Diego Gonzales, Pancrase Gym (Sweden)

Marcus Karallus, OC Fight Team (Germany) Vs.
Johan Antonsson, SBJJA

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