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Thursday, Jul 07, 2005

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Pride GP Finals, Ninja to the UFC?, Belfort and Assuerio team up, Rizzo looking to rebound, Barreto sidelined, Storm results, Meca 12 and more!

The Brazilian Beat:
      MMA history continues to be written, and the last phase of the Pride Middleweight GP certainly wrote one of its most exciting chapters as Mauricio Shogun and Rogerio Minotoro battled it out in what will surely be talked for years to come as a great bout. With this kind of enthusiasm, that only a great fight like that can bring, we decided that it was more than time to bring another Brazilian Beat and we await for the Pride GP finals in the best way we can, delivering news and reports to you all! With that in mind, and not forgetting other major happenings such as the UFC, Meca, Storm and others, we better jump straight to the news as this edition of the Beat is full of news and info! So, enjoy your reading as Full Contact Fighter sends the news all the way from Brazil, as the Beat keeps going in July!

  • Heavyweight Brazilian Top Team fighter, Pride and UFC veteran Carlos Barreto will be sidelined for quite a period of time after the injury he suffered at the last Jungle Fight, in the early moments of his bout against Vladimir Matyushenko. After waiting a period of rest, so the doctors would be able to determine a bit better the extent of the injury, Carlos found out that he had really breached his left knee ligaments, and would need surgery as soon as possible. Barreto’s surgery will likely take place next week, at a date to be set, and only during surgery the doctors will be able to find the exact extent of the damage. Depending on that the recovery process can take from 6 months or longer, but the BTT fighter is motivated and focused to overtake yet this one more obstacle and his career and get back to the MMA scene as soon as possible. FCF wishes him a speedy recovery and will keep you posted.
  • Chute Boxe stand out Murilo Ninja is training hard with a new venture in his sight! Although nothing is official yet, it looks very likely that Ninja is going to be making his UFC debut in October, as a part of a cooperative agreement between Pride and the UFC. After some UFC fighters, such as Chuck Liddell, Vitor Belfort and Phil Baroni have performed in the Japanese promotion, it seems Pride will also send some guys over to compete inside the Octagon, and Murilo could very likely be one of them. As mentioned before, this isn’t official and sure yet, however the Brazilian is very excited and declined a trip to the next Pride Bushido as a cornerman to keep training hard in a new physical preparation program for the bout.
  • Speaking of Ninja, before a possible UFC bout becomes reality, the Chute Boxe light heavyweight will be doing his fourth ever European seminar tour, in late August and early September. Because of training, of course, the trip will be smaller than usual, and among the likely destinations of the Pride veteran are Sweden, Germany, Italy, Northern Ireland and England. FCF will keep you posted as always.
  • On the other hand, Ninja’s brother Mauricio Shogun is taking his well deserved rest, after winning a epic battle against Rogerio "Minotoro" Nogueira. However, this small vacation won’t be long, as in one week and a half Shogun will be back in training full time, preparing for the Pride GP finals. In the meantime, Mauricio is reported to be going to Los Angeles, to join his teammate Nino "Elvis" Schembri at the NOGI Submission Grappling tournament, where Nino will face Ricco Rodriguez.
  • Still talking about Shogun, it looks very likely, and I mean it, that Shogun will be facing BTT representative Ricardo Arona in yet on more chapter of the Brazilian Top Team against Chute Boxe rivalry, at the Pride GP semi-final match up. The bout that has what it takes to be another epic battle, leaves of course the other semi-final as Wanderlei Silva against Alistair Overeem. As always with Pride, nothing is still official and it can still change at any minute, but those bouts are very likely to take place, and as a matter of fact "The Axe Murderer" already challenged Overeem while in Japan. Time will tell and FCF will keep aware.
  • Speaking of Chute Boxe, the already intense training that goes down in the famous academy from Curitiba may get even better for a while, as talks are going on for Heavyweight striker Pedro Rizzo to spend a couple of weeks, or a bit more, training there with the likes of Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio Shogun and Murilo Ninja. Word has it that Chute Boxe and the Ruas Vale Tudo team have been talking about cooperating with each other in training, and that could be the first step into this trend. Rizzo told the Brazilian press and friends, that he may ask his long time friend Peter Aerts to join him in that training period!

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Platinum Limousine and Platinum Public presents
Extreme Wars X-1: Hawaii’s Top Team vs. Next Generation’s Top Team

Held July 2, 2005
Neal Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
By Chris Onzuka

Hawaii once again proves to be a hotbed for MMA in the country with yet another new MMA event called Extreme Wars X-1. The promoters wanted to make a statement with their first event by bringing in some UFC and Pride veterans coupled with some of Hawaii’s best up and comers. The theme of the show was Hawaii’s Top Team vs. Next Generation’s Top Team. Basically a "team" of Hawaii fighters from different gyms were brought together to fight Chris Brennan and the fighters from his gym. In the end, Next Generation team captain and head instructor, Chris Brennan’s victory over Mark Moreno was the deciding fight and earned Next Generation’s Top Team a 3-2 match victory over Hawaii’s Top Team.

Ring girl Ring girl

Hawaii’s state government has taken its first steps to regulate MMA by recently enacting a law stating some vague regulations concerning rules, medical checks and the physical status of MMA fighters. One of the newly enacted regulations directly affected this event when Duke Saragoza and Kaipo Gonzalez’s match had to be changed from a MMA bout to a Pro-X division bout to be legal. Gonzalez is 17 years old and the law states that only adults (18 years or older) are allowed to engage in a MMA matches. There were also three Super Fights that featured 3 UFC veterans. The first match featured the newly crowned 2005 Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling World Champion, Jeff Monson, who used his ever growing grappling skills to easily take out Rich Wilson. Wilson could have been a very difficult opponent due to being a national Greco-roman wrestling champion. The second Super Fight was a rematch of two of the busiest men in MMA, Dan Severn and Shannon Ritch. Severn got Ritch in the pummel position and did a swing around suplex, letting him go and Ritch flew across the ring. Ritch got up in bad WWE style and "shook it off" Severn also did a lumberingly slow shot that he fell flat on his face only for Ritch to miss his queue and notice seconds afterwards that Severn was giving him an opportunity to jump on him. The coup de gras was in the second round where a head kick by Ritch hit Severn in the arm and Severn went down like it hit squarely in the face (the embarrassing replay on the monitors and jumbotron clearly showed it). Ritch jumped on Severn, Severn pulled him off his back and slipped in an easy arm triangle which Ritch tapped quickly to.

Dan Severn pulling Shannon Ritch off his back
Severn pulling Ritch off his back

The final match pitted Ricco Rodriguez, who is trying to work his way back up to his former greatness, taking on KOTC’s Native American Heavyweight Champion, Reuben "Warpath" Villarreal. With a quick win, Ricco proved that he is on a different level. After a sweet half guard sweep, Ricco took a text book armbar from the mount.

There were some bumps in this inaugural event, but who doesn’t experience those. The main issue that upset the crowd and fighters the most was the referee. From not stopping the fighters after the bell sounded to stopping a fight prematurely and then allowing it to continue, the referee brought forth a lot of jeers from the crowd. The referee was purportedly from the IFC. Other than that issue, which can be easily remedied, Extreme Wars X-1 brought in some fresh new blood, but unfortunately made its debut in probably the busiest month for MMA in Hawaii ever. In the month of July, there are six events on three different islands, hopefully this will not impact a second event.

Fernando Gonzalez kicking Sidney Silva
Gonzalez kicking Silva

MMA Bout: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Kaleo Wolf (Eastsidaz) def. Shawn Castro (Mixbreed)
TKO via referee stoppage due to strikes at 2:09 into R1.

Pro-X Bout (Modified Kickboxing with MMA gloves)
Kaipo Gonzalez (Team MMAD) def. Duke Saragoza (808 Fight Factory)
TKO via referee stoppage at 0:54 into R1.

MMA Bout: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Johnny "Gun" Sampaio (Nova Uniao/Young Guns de Luta) def. Brian Garaghty (Strasser Freestyle Academy)
Unanimous decision after 3 rounds.

MMA Bout: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Josh Hinger (Next Generation) def. Kaleo Kwan (Eastsidaz)
Submission via arm bar from the triangle at 2:24 into R1.

MMA Bout: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Fernando "Heavy Hands" Gonzalez (Next Generation) def. Sidney Silva (HMC/Brazilian Freestyle Jiu-Jitsu)
Unanimous decision after 3 rounds.

MMA Bout: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Harris "The Hitman" Sarmiento (808 Fight Factory) def. Josh "Submit" Smith (Next Generation)
Submission via toe hold at 2:58 into R1.

MMA Bout: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Adam "Bam Bam Banger" Lynn (Next Generation) vs. Kaleo Padilla (Kona Boxing)
No contest due to a accidental thumb in the eye at 1:35 into R1.

MMA Bout: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Chris "The Westside Stranger" Brennan (Next Generation) def. Mark Moreno (Bulls Pen)
Submission via arm bar at 1:14 into R1.

Super Fight:
MMA Bout: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Jeff "Snowman" Monson (American Top Team) def. Rich Wilson (Team Severn, National Greco Roman Wrestling Champion)
Submission via arm bar at 1:56 into R1.

Super Fight:
MMA Bout: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Dan "The Beast" Severn def. Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch (Team Cannon)
Submission via arm triangle at 1:05 into R2.

Super Fight:
MMA Bout: 3 Rounds – 5 Minutes
Ricco "Suave" Rodriguez def. Reuben "Warpath" Villarreal
Submission via arm bar from the mount at 2:38 into R1.

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