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Thursday, Jun 29, 2000

Fcf Survey

FCF Survey 


The UFC started it all and set the standard by which all others would be judged. With Pride showing success on Pay-Per-View in the Americas, and WEF on Pay-Per-View in Canada. We’d like to know what you think of the “Big Three”. How do you think they compare? What’s your favorite promotion and why? How do they match up in regards to matchmaking, rules, production quality, etc.? 

Some of the commentary we receive will appear in the July 2000 issue of FCF
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Tonight on Full Contact Fighter TV…

Kevin Randleman 

Tonight on FCF TV. Co-Host Kevin Randleman, extended highlights of Randleman/Rizzo. Recap of Mark Coleman’s fights at Pride.

Next week Kevin Randleman special. Randleman vs. Maurice Smith, Randleman vs. Bas Rutten, Randleman vs. Williams. Also never before seen backstage footage of Randleman celebrating.


FCF TV is broadcast on the Sunshine Network (available on DirecTV channel 632 as part of some of their programming packages) at 11 PM every Friday night.

Out partying Friday night and missed the early play? No problem, there is usually a replay. Check showtimes in your area at their website www.sunshinenetwork.com

On Saturday night, FCF TV can also be seen on AmericaOne network at 8 PM. AmericaOne also offers live Webcasts of their programming on their website. Check showtimes in your area by going to www.americaone.com.

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