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Monday, Mar 18, 2002

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From Josh Hedges of Zuffa/UFC:


Letter from attorney cites allergy, general weakness

      LAS VEGAS, March 19, 2002….Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight contender Vitor Belfort of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has bowed out of UFC: High Impact, May 10, in Bossier City, La., and will not meet top contender Chuck Liddell of San Luis Obispo, Calif., as originally planned.
      Belfort had signed and sent a bout agreement to UFC management in Las Vegas. But in a letter received by the UFC from his attorney, John F. McNaughton, Belfort’s mother, Jovita, cites an allergy as the reason he has stopped training and will not honor the agreement.
      McNaughton’s letter, dated March 15, states:
      "Jovita Belfort called me yesterday to tell me that Vitor required medical attention last Friday evening. She said he had complained that he felt weak and his blood pressure was high during his recent training periods. She was concerned because as you may not be aware, Rio de Janeiro has been undergoing an epidemic of ‘dengue,’ a mosquito transmitted disease similar to malaria or yellow fever which symptoms include general weakness and lassitude. He was examined by his private doctor, who, according to Jovita, stated that he was suffering from an allergy and treated him with cortisone and other medication. She also prescribed a special diet and rest. It was the doctor’s opinion that Vitor was not well enough to continue training. More specifically, that he should not engage in the upcoming bout set for 10 May, since the prescribed diet and the medication would leave him physically debilitated and unfit for participation in the same. I have asked her to provide me with a medical certification of the doctor’s diagnosis and recommendations which I shall forward to your and UFC’s attention together with a sworn translation into English.
      Therefore, Jovita decided over the weekend that Vitor should not engage in the 10 May bout with Chuck Liddell and has requested that I formally notify you and UFC of the same. After he has completely recovered he will then begin to train for the Ortiz bout in September or at such time when it has been decided to be held.
      With regard to Vitor’s participation in a popular Brazilian television show, Jovita stated that they had contacted her on Sunday in this regard, since there are occasional openings and new participants are introduced as the turnover demands. Since she decided that Vitor would not engage in the 10 May bout, she accepted for Vitor to participate in the show, provided that a doctor is on hand to treat him and his prescribed diet is followed, to which the program agreed. She personally purchased the medication here in Sao Paulo yesterday. They had previously asked Vitor to participate in the show when it went on the air last month but he declined in view of the upcoming March 22 Ortiz bout. He is looking a little bloated from the cortizone treatments, but one can observe from the aired television program that he is convalescing. I will provide you with more details as soon as they are made available."

      The UFC’s next fight will be Friday, March 22, when Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture of Gresham, Ore., defends his title against top contender Josh Barnett of Seattle, Wash., at UFC: Worlds Collide at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.
      Tickets, $300, $200, $100, $60 and $30, are available at the MGM Grand Garden Arena box office, at all Ticket Master outlets, by calling 702-474-4000, or at www.ticketmaster.com. UFC: Worlds Collide also will be available at 10 p.m. EST/7 p.m. PST on iN DEMAND, DIRECTV, Dish Network, Bell ExpressVu and Viewers Choice Canada pay-per-view. The suggested retail price is $29.95.

Sean Sherk Returns
To The Octagon
To Dish Out Some More

By Loretta Hunt

Sean Sherk
Native Minnesotan Sean Sherk makes his return to UFC36 this coming Friday, after a year’s absence from the Octagon. A wrestler known for an aggressive "ground and pound" game that has been compared to the likes of Mark Coleman, Sherk hopes to shutdown the savvy submissions of his opponent Jutaro Nakao of Japan. In the past year, Sherk has tallied up wins in King of the Cage, Ultimate Wrestling Minnesota and Canada’s UCC. He also fought to a draw with Kiuma Kinioku in Pancrase. I caught up with Sean at this weekend’s UWM, where he came to lend support to a friend who was competing. Sean graciously gave me a little bit of his time to talk about his upcoming bout.

FCF:   Hey Sean. It’s nice to see you out here supporting the local shows.
SS:    Thanks. I’m here to cheer on a friend of mine, Nathan Vanderveen.

FCF:   That’s great. What about you? You had a decisive win over Team Punishment’s Tiki Ghosen in UFC 30, yet we haven’t seen you in the Octagon since. Was it your choice to go down to the smaller shows for your last few fights?
SS:    Actually, the UFC never contacted me after my fight, so I guess it was their decision. Basically, my angle was to fight almost every month and keep winning till they took notice and got me back in- which took a year. So now I’m back and I have a three-fight deal, so hopefully I’ll be around for a little while.

FCF:   Both you and your upcoming opponent Jutaro Nakao are making your second appearances in the UFC. Do you have any specific strategy going into this fight?
SS:    I’m going to be real aggressive with him and use my wrestling ability to dominate the fight. My conditioning is really good right now, so I shouldn’t get tired at any point. That’s my plan.

FCF:   And his submissions?
SS:    He’s got some good submissions but I don’t think he has anything that I’ve never seen before. I train with some good submission guys, so I should be able to counter whatever he throws at me I hope. We’ve watched all the videos on Nakao and they have been trying to mimic him as much as possible. He’s got a good push-thru triangle. Everybody knows that. So, I can’t let him control my hands and then I should be okay. We’ll see.

FCF:   Where have you been training and what has your training been like for this next match-up?
SS:    I’m training with Minnesota Martial Arts Academy. That’s where I’ve pretty much been since 1994. I train six days a week. I train anywhere from three to four hours a day. I lift, grapple, and spar everyday. I hit the pads six days a week with muay thai and boxing. I don’t have another job. I train full-time. For this specific fight I haven’t done anything special in particular but I have been doing a lot more cardio, a lot more running and circuit-type training. I’ve been hitting the "ground and pound bag" because my goal is to go out there and basically not get tired. I want to go for fifteen minutes and not be tired at all- just go full blur the whole time. I’m gonna train real hard right up until Wednesday. Then I’ll ease it down and take Thursday off. I like to keep it going right up till the fight. I feel ready.

FCF:   At one time you were being managed by Monte Cox and his Team Extreme. What happened with that?
SS:    I’m now being managed by Duane Zinken with Team Fresno. He also manages Mike Van Arsdale. I like Monte. He’s good manager. He’s been around for a long time, so he definitely got me into some good fights and shows. But I wanted to fight in the UFC. I didn’t want to fight in the smaller venues and they have the "one fighter [per weight class], one manager" rule so that pretty much stopped me from getting in. I had to leave. That’s just what it came down to.

FCF:   What are your predictions for the fight?
SS:    My prediction is that I’m going to win. Hopefully, it won’t go the distance. I want to stop the fight as soon as possible because my fight’s a preliminary and I want to get on the pay-per-view. I’m gonna try and wear him out, get him on the ground, and pound on him till he doesn’t want to fight anymore. If he gives me a submission, then I’ll take it.

FCF:   What are your goals in MMA?
SS:    I would like to win my three fights here with the UFC and possibly fight for the title as soon as possible against whoever has it- right now it’s Matt Hughes. Whoever has the title, I want to fight them.

FCF:   Sean, thank you for your time and I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say I look forward to seeing you in action again.
SS:    Thank you.

From the event’s promoter:

Quick Results of
Extreme Challenge 47:
Return of the Heavyweights

Saturday night, McKay Events Center, Orem, Utah

8-man heavyweight tourney
First round

  • Tim Sylvia def. Ernest Henderson, 29 seconds (Henderson fell over ropes and on to the floor and was taken to hospital and released).
  • Rocky Batastini def. Vino Delacruz, 1:45 (ref stoppage from punches).
  • Brad Anderson def. Ray Harris, 48 seconds (tap from punches)
  • Matt Frembling def. Victor Burtsev, 3:15 (rear choke)


  • Sylvia def. Delacruz, 43 seconds (ref stoppage from punches… Delacruz replaced Batastini, who suffered a broken right hand)
  • Frembling def. Anderson, 2:48 (TKO knee to body)


  • Sylvia def. Frembling, 10:00 (unanimous decision)

Other bouts:

  • Jennifer Howe def. Angela Restad, 15:00 (unanimous dec.)
  • Chris Kiever def. Phil Henderson, 5:00 (Cannot answer bell for second round).

From the event’s promoter:

Ring Of Fire/K-1 Results
Sven Bean and the boys

March 15 was a night to remember. Leonard Garcia became ROF’s new Light Weight Champion when he armbared Steve Horton in the first round. Lil’ Joe Stevenson became the new ROF Rocky Mountain Champion when he kneebared Cruz Chacon in the first round. The highlight of the night was the featured K-1 tourney. Duane "BANG!" Ludwig defeated Melvin Murray and Ole Laursen to become the first ever K-1 Middleweight North American Champion. BANG! will advance to the finals in Tokyo on May 3rd, where he will compete for $100,000 and the chance to become the first ever K-1 Middleweight Grand Prix Champion.

Fight 1 – Kickboxing 150 lbs
Chrisanne Roselip (CO) Defeats Valerie Anthonson (CO)
by 3R Decision

Fight 2 – MMA 155-170 lbs
Danny Jung (CO) Defeats Sam McFarlin (CO)
by 3R Decision

Fight 3 – Kickboxing 205 lbs
Mark Baier (CO) vs Aaron Williams (CO)
by exhibition draw

Fight 4 – MMA 155-170 lbs
Thomas Shulte (NM) Defeats TonyKent (CO)
by 1R armbar

Fight 5 – MMA 185-205 lbs
Bobby Johnson (OK) Defeats Mario Horta (CO)
by 1R rear naked choke

Fight 6 – K-1 RULES 154 lbs
Duane Ludwig (USA) Defeats Melvin Murray (CAN)
by 2R KO (knee)

Fight 7 – K-1 RULES 154 lbs
Ole Larson Defeats (USA) Jason Jillain (CAN)
by 1R KO (punch)

Fight 8 – MMA 170-185 lbs
John Cronk (CO) Defeats Jeff Lindsey (OK)
by 1R submission (punches from mount)

Fight 9 – MMA 140-155 lbs
Leonard Garcia (TX) Defeats Steve Horton (IL)
by 1R armbar

Fight 10 – MMA 170-185 lbs
Joe Stevenson (CA) Defeats Cruz Chacon (CO)
by 1R kneebar

Fight 11 – K-1 RULES 154 lbs
Duane Ludwig Defeats Ole Laurson
by 4R decision

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